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No Substitute for Diplomacy

By Jim Kirwan

Throughout history Blackmail has been used repeatedly as a substitute for actual polices, whenever any power lacks what is required to negotiate, by legitimate means, in order to govern or project-power, in theory. Blackmail is a short term fix that can only be used infrequently to accomplish specific results. When extortion is the only policy, as it is today for Israel and the Jewnited States, then real-power no longer exists, inside any nation that must resort to blatant blackmail, just to maintain an illegitimate position in the world.

The United States has no allies!

We have only the victims that we blackmail and extort.

We’re failed pirates & robber-barons

Trying desperately to hang on to a power we no longer have.

The ‘United States’ continually speaks about “our allies” which is a lie.

Neither England, France, Germany nor any other nation is any longer a true-ally of the US Shadow Government. There are victim-states that we have blackmailed into publicly “supporting-us” yet beyond the fig-leaf; those nations will dump us in a New-York-second, the minute it becomes advantageous to do so. We have reached that point as of last Sunday, because of conditions throughout the Middle East.

In this interview from Tel-Aviv in the black-heart of Israel, you can listen to John Bolton who was appointed to the U. N. by Bush Jr. in an illegal absentee-appointment: Bolton replaced John Negroponte who came to the UN from his role in the Death-Squads in Latin America. Bush appointed Negroponte as U.S. Ambassador to Iraq which created the vacancy at the U.N. A truly sterling pair ­ which colors everything Bolton says in the video.

Israel does not have much time to make a “fateful decision” about whether to strike Iran’s nuclear sites, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said Sunday in a radio interview.

Israel, I think, now faces the fateful decision whether it will allow Iran to get nuclear weapons, thus constituting a true existential threat to Israel,” he said.”

k) Nuclear weapons are and have been available on the world-arms-markets since they became major-factor’s in the cold war. Anyone with half-a-brain knows that you don’t need to build nuclear weapons in order to have them—they can be purchased for a price—and Iran already has what it needs to arm its missiles and to protect its nation.

Or whether they will strike as the Israelis have done twice before against nuclear programs in the hands of hostile states,” (1)

Here’s Bolton bragging again about Israel breaking a variety of International Laws, repeatedly, to supposedly protect Israel the only undeclared nuclear power in the Middle-East who has used nuclear weapons repeatedly: Supposedly to protect that warmongering Apartheid “democracy” which openly-hates the rest of the planet.

It’s one thing to use these ‘tactics’ in real wars. But we aren’t “fighting” real wars. Real “wars” only happen when both sides are armed. The Shadow-Government & Israel only fight against nations that are not protected by nuclear weapons. We kill men women and children that are basically unarmed—then we claim victories over dead-civilians in places we have stolen from people that could not defend themselves well enough from us or from Israel to continue to live!

Sanctions” play a huge role in Iran just as they did in Iraq where we slaughtered 500,000 children to “Keep the pressure on Saddam”. In Iran we’re using sanctions to prohibit Iran from receiving payment for their own oil in the currency of their choice. In addition we have frozen Iran’s bank accounts because those accounts are not in a Rothschilds bank. Beyond this we have forced the Iranian people to need three-jobs just to get by. We’re well aware that his has no effect upon the Iranian leadership—because we only hurt and kill civilians with these trogledian polices.

The global situation has reached the point where the world has finally seen-the-light on the other side of our official policy of ‘Blackmailing’ every-state with which we supposedly have “relations”. Thanks to Snowden: The world is now aware of our routine-practice of spying on every other nation on the planet and on the leaders and officials in the governments of every other country ­ including all of those who were supposed to be our “allies”.

Blackmail is Extortion:

While these have always been part of black-ops in every war and every foreign-policy throughout the world—they have never been used in the way that the Shadow-Government of the US now uses these globally-deceptive tools to spy and plot against those nations that were supposedly our allies.

These are some of the reasons that our supposed “policies” aren’t working. This is what’s responsible for what Bolton and his motley crew are claiming; which is that there are major shifts going on throughout the region in the Middle-East—which is finally becoming true!

No real power in the world can exist without allies. And no supposed super-power can exist without a workable foreign-policy. The US now has no real allies and no foreign-policy beyond claiming the right to turn the entire planet into a FREE-FIRE ZONE, whenever our very own Nero decides to start killing people or nations that he thinks might be interfering with “U.S. National In-Security”.

While the world was sleeping god died ­ and Obama has now appointed himself to be the only god in this universe. However this “idea” is not going down well with the other major powers in the world today—those powers that actually have real foreign policies and real allies…

This week we should all begin to see the outer shell of our bogus policies begin to melt. “SANCTIONS” have always been the shell that conceals our real threats against the planet. That threat has always been Blackmail.

Ironically it is also BLACKMAIL which is at the core of our enslavement to Israel as well. Israel is finished precisely because they can’t just shut-up and exist. In each and every global situation Israel makes clear to the entire planet that they and only they have any rights at all whether it’s in self-defense or retaliation for any imagined slight from any country, anywhere on earth. Israel is the only country in the world that is seeking to legislate their alleged status around the planet by trying to punish anyone that dares to look into the shadows of the real and criminal-past of that unfinished state. All of this has led to videos like this one.

What happens when you condense 500 years of colonial expansion into 65 years, possess the latest high-tech weaponry, sprinkle a little bit of Imperialist patronage of the United States to the tune of 30 billion dollars a year of “military-aid” ­ possess a vast nuclear arsenal and then gift-wrap it all in a nationalist-ideology that would make any fascist, dictatorial regime in history, proud. Well you get the state of Israel.

Priding itself on being the only “Democracy in the Middle-East” it is one of the most intricate and technologically advanced Apartheid-systems ever conceived by humanity. Taking lessons learned from South Africa and the United States Jim Crow South ­ modernizing them and applying them to the Palestinian territories and its interior. Everything from restricted access to territories, torture, extra-judicial-killing to bulldozing homes for its Israeli settlement-expansion and pretty much everything you can expect from a racist-apartheid regime is employed here…” (2)

The world must come to grips with the massive crimes that have allowed Israel to continue to exist and quite literally to perennially Wag the Dogs of the World, on behalf of global-slavery, torture, murder, and massive crimes against humanity—all that is just what Israel considers the minimum-required, of everyone else, for being “allowed” to remain alive as permanent slaves to “the Chosen­Race” that must be dethroned, imprisoned and shot for what they’ve been doing “TO the WORLD for the past 65 years…(3)

The world knows we have no allies,

So it’s the perfect time to decouple ourselves from Israel,

And begin to heal the world

That Israel’s been trying to end for centuries.

(1) Bolton: Israel must make 'fateful decision' on Iran strike ­ 11min 40 Sec -VIDEO

2) VIDEO Israel is a Racist State ­ 6min 24 sec VIDEO

3) After 65 Years of War



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