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There Are No Secrets

By Jim Kirwan


In the universe of life there are billions of stars that have the capacity to support life as we know it.

Contrary to what the current global-belief is trying to force-feed to the rest of the planet: People are born with the knowledge needed to take each of us through life. What that means is that we were born knowing what we need to know. In the living of our lives we simply remember what we have always known which is the truth about everything.

What’s been twisted decade after decade is the layer upon layer of conditioning, which begins with birth. This twists people, from birth, and changes them as they grow: To become what their parents want them to be, which in most cases has nothing to do with who we were born to be. Our individual freedoms are intrinsically bound within this early direction of our lives that were meant for far different purposes, than those that most of us end up living.

Today’s pre-conditioning from the cradle to the grave uses total-control over every person, as time passes, and turns promising-lives into literal-nightmares by the billions every year. With the fall of Israel and the takeover of the Federal Reserve, the global-edifice-of-artificiality will start to crumble. Life and the truths we’ve been denied for decades will experience a valid new-beginning, if we see this threat through - all the way to its total-collapse.

Some of us escaped the honey-trap of dominant-control and went on to seek and find for ourselves - some of the various meanings which this life was meant to confer on most of us. For those few the truth is out there and it’s clear. But for those who remain trapped, the truth has always appeared to be something desperately-hidden, despite their every attempt to find it for themselves.

Once people discover

That “Life is not a problem to be solved,

But rather,

Is a Mystery to be lived”

Then it’s clear that the truth has not been hidden from us ­

But rather

It is we who have been hiding from the truth.


Once you hear or see what has been done to us as a people and as individuals ­ it becomes almost impossible not to speak, not to resist and not to challenge every poison-filled tentacle of this corrupted society that has replaced the country we once knew to be alive and full of possibilities. This short article should have been written years ago ­ but it’s message is still valid even though it seems to have arrived almost too late to act upon. (1)


The money-changers gave me the image above as far back as 1973, 40 years ago this year.

In the wider image there are golden coins being blown from a volcanic-explosion behind the image of Corruption Inc. The enraged figure is covered by those who seek to join him but only end up falling back into the sea that’s about to be contaminated ­ as the pacific now has been thanks to Fukushima and the US-Israeli Stuxnet project that brought the world the death of the entire Pacific Ocean, and perhaps soon, the evacuation of the entire western shore of North America…

This is how the population in the triptych deals with coins ­ trying to use them to make it back to shore. What they find instead is what appears to be a kind of huge ladder to some kind of security—except that it turns out to be a series of open-top-prison cells, which is a bit like what’s happening today, with all the programs being pushed forward by the billionaires in congress and the traitor in the White House, who were unknown when this triptych was painted.

To the right is Prometheus the Greek God who brought Fire to mankind, for which ‘his gods’ punished him daily’ ­ in an ancient imitation of the global-would-be-gods of today who would like nothing better than to punish humanity; for trying to escape their total-domination - by destroying their soul-less institutions all over this planet. That may have been “the plan” but the evil-bastards are losing everywhere now, and their end is already taking shape on the near horizons of our lives today.

Most people today don’t seem to understand what life is really all about. But it matters how each of us chooses to live for whatever time we have, in what is becoming a ruined world. This desolation did not have to be this way at all—had we had the testosterone needed to take it back, long before now!

All of us will die; it’s the final chapter in every life, regardless of how it was lived. Why not leave something better behind than what you found when you arrived on this tiny blue ball in the vastness of space?

Do something that matters now and you’ll sleep better - regardless of whatever tomorrow might bring.

1) Not Everything’s For Sale



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