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No One Talks Of The Diseases
Muslims & Hispanics Have

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - Trump is trying to stop this influx of refugees into the US...many carrying infectious diseases.  Where are the news media on the amount of AIDS-infected Somalians who admit that they find raping women and children to be perfectly fine. It's a crime they commit at home all the time and it's something they will continue to do in Europe...and in your town USA as well.  

Why not put a health stop on all incoming refugees?  Syrians have Leishmaniasis and other diseases and Yemen and Haiti have Cholera.  Is a nation not allowed to protect itself from infectious diseases?  Since when do refugees take preference over American citizens in America?

Jeff, you have to check out the Promed health map and note the clusters of diseases in Europe and elsewhere in heavily muslim-invaded areas.

Brazil has Yellow Fever now spreading and Africa now has several countries with active Cholera outbreaks.  And let us not forget Chagas spreading locally in Texas and Louisiana due to influx of illegal Latinos from Mexico and Central and South America.  Florida now has Leprosy spreading there due to refugees and illegals

Insanity?  No, it's not Donald Trump…it is insanity on the part of the elitist bankers and media.





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