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There Are No Laws Anymore

By Jim Kirwan


When Reagan spit on Immigration laws to give his friends dirt-cheap workers, we
began this down-bound spiral that has now reached
it's final stages.

Many people around the world enjoy iced coffee and other cool drinks from baristas employed by Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and Costa Coffee. However, they may want to think twice before ordering again. The BBC’s “Watchdog” program performs consumer affairs checks on popular businesses. Their latest discovery found fecal bacteria in samples from the three popular coffee chains.

Yes, that’s right, bacteria that is present in feces is now included with customer’s ice at Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and Costa Coffee..Samples taken from various stores found changeable levels of contamination. Head of policy at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Tony Lewis said that the amounts were “concerning.” He added that the bacteria “should not be present at any level ­ never mind the significant numbers found.”

'The investigation tested the cleanliness of tables, trays, and ice at 30 different branches. Not surprisingly, the discovery comes right on the heels of Starbucks’ announcement to employ refugees from third-world countries.

Last week, Starbucks renewed the pledge it made on January 29, 2017 to hire 10,000 refugees, after President Trump announced his temporary travel ban. The former liberal CEO Howard Schultz wrote an open letter to employees that stated, “We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question....”

Starbucks Crumbles As Investigator Finds 30% Of Coffee Tests Positive

But this does not stop there.

This disease ridden violation of all the immigration laws, the health department, CDC and the FDA, have all been ignored or crushed, in Trumps rush to poison the public. Any of these 'workers' can contaminate the food supply, groceries, restaurants of all kinds, the entire medical profession, not to mention the schools any business with cheap help, or anywhere people gather or interact. In the case of the airlines, the same planes that are being used to smuggle the diseased illegals into the US by night, nationwide, the seats they use are doubtfully maintained since they are being used 24-7, and it would seem doubtful that the seats would be cleaned between loads of illegals, on their way to invade the United States.

The contamination of the food supply began with Bill Clinton when he paved the way for the poultry industry in Arkansas, and the problems with mad-Cow disease, and other less well known problems, most of which have been kept under control, to some extent.

All of this was designed way back to even before Israel became known for their Ashkenazi past—coupled with Israel's hatred of America, despite the fact that without us that shitty little place could never have survived. We fight their wars, arm them to the hilt and in exchange just ask yourself what the hell has Israel ever done for any Americans, except to try to kill us all that began in earnest with 911, followed by the USS Liberty and the slaughter in Beirut of several hundred unarmed American Troops.

And don't forget Israel has nuclear weapons, lots of them, and they have refused to join the list of most nations, including Iran, that have been forced to stand for IAEA inspections.

Who knows maybe this dire new affliction might finally awaken even some of the snow-flakes to what awaits the unwary here in America.

The article continues...

The original pledge cost the company significantly in the States. Not only did social media make much of the un-American stance, the backlash plummeted brand sentiment and sales. Trump supporters boycotted the coffee giant, and according to YouGov BrandIndex, consumer participation levels fell by over 60 percent.

The problem with hiring and accepting refugees is the cultural hygienic difficulties it creates. In Germany and France, the situation is so dire that a company has invented a “multicultural toilet.”Despite pictogram instructions, third world invaders don’t understand how to use Western facilities.

Many migrants will have never seen toilet paper before,” writes one Deutsche Welle journalist. He added, “refugees nationwide have squatted on toilet rims or the floor of the bathroom… others have relieved themselves in the shower stalls, leaving behind human excrement on the floors.”

Islam instructs followers concerning rules and practices “to be followed when answering the call of nature.” One stipulates that people use their fingers to clean themselves, and “if there are still traces,” of excrement people are told to wash them with water. Genital cleaning “with stones and similar materials” is also considered an “acceptable substitute for cleaning them with water.”

The bathroom facilities of Westerners confuse Muslim refugees who use their hands as toilet paper.

The bathroom facilities of Westerners confuse Muslim refugees who use their hands as toilet paper.

Naturally, those type of cleansing techniques are not compatible with Western cultures that use toilet paper, soap, and water. After reading the rules of hygiene, it’s little wonder that “fecal coliforms” were found in places where refugees frequently touch.”

The investigation discovered that Starbucks and Caffe Nero tested positive for the bacteria in three out of 10 samples taken. Costa Coffee had the worst contamination. Seven out of 10 samples tested positive for fecal bacteria in drinks...”

Restaurants are having real trouble obtaining customers as it is, but with this new wrinkle—maybe the public will decide to formally charge Trump with endangering the public, because he refuses to enforce the immigration laws which would end this very quickly: Because it is his total failure to protect the lives and health of all Americans that is at the core of this obscenity throughout the nation.

And don't forget the TSA and their pedophiles and where exactly they put their hands on how many passengers each and every day ­ without changing their filthy gloves between passengers?