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When There Is No Law



By Jim Kirwan


There's Still Justice!

Who killed LaVoy Finicum? Lawmakers weigh bill to protect officer's identity

1min 52 sec VIDEO

Laws were made to be strong and dependable. They were not meant to be broken. That's part of why people who break the law know that they could suffer, which is why many choose not to break laws, in the first place.

But when “the illegally contracted protectors of the Constitution and the laws of the United States” decide that they can break the laws that they find too restrictive, then it's time to end them and those that put them into official-uniforms or their positions of authority ­ forever. That's why the creatures in the Oregon legislature need to be charged with complicity in the cold-blooded murder of LaVoy Finicum - if they or anyone else in the government of Oregon goes along with “protecting” the identity of the officers that put nine bullets into LaVoy.

The people who did the work and figured out who killed him, did so because they were determined to find out who did what and then to see to it that those individuals will pay, and pay dearly, for what they did to a man that was so important to so many people in life, and to the life of this nation. Make no mistake, people have already found the murderer's and they will pay.

This is no longer a matter of time or official legalese ­

NO, this has become a MATTER OF NATURAL LAW and mankind

cannot live without natural laws.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of criminals, in every state that have all laid their plans to end this nation. Their plans are all connected by the crimes they all commit routinely—with the full expectation that in the end they won't suffer; because their fellow outlaws will keep them from having to pay for anything that they continue to do.

In this case Governor Kate Brown, and her Attorney-General of Oregon, along with a number of fake judges, filthy cops and political operatives, spearheaded in Harney County by “Judge Grasty” and Sheriff Dave, who all must be charged with felony conspiracy to murder ­ along with the upper-crust of law enforcement at every level, in Oregon, Nevada and the Federal outlaws, because that' s exactly what has happened in this case.

The above would be the case if we still had any laws at all—but no law exists any longer—anywhere inside this place.

Consequently what the legislative body in Oregon wants to do now, almost three weeks after the murder, is to “legally” cover up the identity of those who fired the bullets- because “they have received death threats” - what a shame. What they will receive next, with or without Oregon's protection of their blood spattered names, will be what they have so richly deserved from the beginning of this entire series of crimes.

What everyone needs to know about this is that LaVoy's killers are already dead, and anyone in the Oregon government who wants to come to their defense now, after the facts are in, are equally guilty along with those who fired the fatal shots.

What it all comes down to now is - this is WAR.

This is “Us or Them” and there is no longer any room for 'them'

Because we're taking back this country

with or without the broken formal laws.

We're not waiting for Trump, This is our nation

and we're going to take it all back!

American's are about to re-implement natural law back into their own hands. The beauty of this is that in the end 'everyone' involved in criminality is going to pay and pay dearly for what has brought us all to this point. These Outlaws know who they are. What they fail to realize is that they might as well buy the coffin and make the arrangements now, because they too are already dead.

The literal point of no return has finally been reached ­ and there will not be any negotiations or anymore of the fake-paper-world that has kept us all in prison for centuries: Those days are also gone. From here on in it's only a matter of time until what these creatures have done finally catches up with them.

Who actually distributes the payback and holds these uncharged felons to the fires they so richly deserve, does not really matter. The point is that this will be finished, no matter what the Oregon criminal committee members try to do to prevent this. And this will spread to eventually include the members of the media that have steadfastly refused to cover the stories that could have ended these creatures fifty years ago. There's a huge amount of guilt that has been accumulated over the last half-century that has seen all these thieves and outlaws become billionaires and more ­ but in the end almost all of this will finally begin to directly affect the seriously filthy murderer's wherever they currently reside in government or business, or anywhere else that has taken huge chunks out of American life for themselves: Or for the benefit of other pretend-nations that have also cost America and Americcan's so deeply...

That will happened because once American's began to return to living their own lives and making their own decisions', once again, they'll soon become comfortable with putting a quick and final end to the remainder of these international-outlaws that have screwed up the world and turned our lives into the living hell that has robbed us all of any future that we might have ever had.

We've been asleep for half a century. It would seem fitting if LaVoy Finicum were to become the light that helped millions to turn all this around ­ because of this latest outrage in which the STATE wants to add to his murder, by LETTING HIS MURDER'S GET OFF SCOTT-FREE, which is what will happen if we allow the state to protect his killers while failing to prosecute everyone involved in this whole affair—in Oregon and Nevada, as well as throughout the entire United States—which has been going on since the BLM was illegally created...




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