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No Hell No 

By Jim Kirwan


This is what is happening now in Oregon and other states where people

are blocking the attempted take-down of the American people

using illegally hired forces to murder everything

that's left of America.

Serour Strikes Back! Episode# 4 Oregon Updates & Open Call Line

Begin about a quarter of the way in, find the images & scroll back from there.

Committee of Public Safety's statement of conditions here & now.

Welcome to Agenda 21

inside the video above ­ incredible facts are exposed.

This information is being taken from a live feed,

Scroll and find “Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater.”

This goes back to 1900

It's all been done before, in the late 1800's which is the equivalent to today's activities in Burns Oregon.

Obama just broke the on-the-books laws against the Pinkertons

The Anti-Pinkerton laws of 1871

were designed to prevent exactly what's going on now in Burns.

The American's fought the Pinkerton's then, all the way,

Obama just broke those laws that were passed to protect us now.

And that's what's happening all over again by Mercenaries,

Private armies, and private merc's, it's all come back again!

The Americans fought back, against all of it then

And that is what Finicum did, when they shot him down

in the naked-snow of Oregon.

The mercenaries are now protecting Hillary, not Americans

Jury nullification is the way to win this evil-charade!

The following link corroborates the

information above.

Is there really French Mercs posing as FBI in Burns

Much is about to happen in this case. Tomorrow is the funeral for LaVoy Finicum, in Utah, Between now and then the four people still at the Wilderness Refuse are about to be confronted by fake-officers, who actually are there to represent a foreign corporation and not the US Government. They are armed to the teeth, and they have closed the road to the Refuge so that no one can get to the Refuge, without being immediately arrested ­ at least not yet: Things might be different if large crowds of the people that care about the outcome of this actually appear.

For now this is still America, but only so long as Americans will say to the creatures that have isolated the four inside the Refuge:


You are not allowed to interfere with our lawful

attempt to defend our lands and this nation from private corporate thugs.

This is all coming to a boil

And everyone that can be in Oregon tomorrow should already be on the way.

Time will tell ­ whether sanity or blood-lust will prevail,

Tomorrow Robert LaVoy Finicum will be buried.



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