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Who Callled Who To Call Off This Farce?
In Politics There Are No Coincidences

By Jim Kirwan


How long has the US military been preparing to station three U.S. Aircraft Carrier Groups just off North Korea? How many personnel did we commit to the now failed US policy? How many US personnel and combat aircraft. Including Tomahawk missiles from the three carrier groups, were committed, to what was suddenly canceled on June 6, 2017?

This failed policy represents a cost of billions, yet there has been no news, no national or international reporting about this massive slap in the face which this 180 degree turn of military events so clearly was?

Personally I'm glad they pulled out, but why they pulled out and who was involved cannot be kept secret. This is not a political campaign. Which political-force on the planet was capable of shutting down this potentially nuclear event, in a TOTAL NEWS BLACKOUT while the whole world was supposedly being threatened ­ with no explanation whatsoever!

Did China or Russia make a phone call? Or was this something that came directly from the Deep-State. All the pieces were about to be in place, yet the American public, whose troops would have been in the crosshairs were apparently not part of any of this: Did our navy, and air force regardless of cost just need some exercise? Or was the exercise canceled because we figured out that we had too few planes that were combat ready?

What was literally accomplished by this Exercise from the Deep State? Were we testing our allies to see how ready they were “to come to the Aid of this Exceptional Nation”: Or were we testing the resolve of our repeatedly declared “Enemies from “The Axis of Evil” which we created?

Who could have been so powerful that they could wait until the virtual last minute before they slammed the political-door right in the face of the largest commitment of US Aircraft Carriers assembled since WWII?


How did this come about? Was this just a supra-grand distraction? With live bodies instead of just fake-news actors?

When was this planned? Was this just another shoot-from-the-hip use of troops instead of tweets, to make another limp point in global-affairs

And Who Called Who to call this global bluff?

This is reminiscent of something from The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

The 'Good-Guy' emptied the 'Ugly-Guys' weapon,

so that he knew that he had the advantage of only one option.

The 'Bad-Guy' was at an unseen disadvantage

thinking that he had two opponents, instead of only one.


Could it be that this Axis of Evil was so intent on one target, that they didn't see the other players coming up from behind?