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No Borders, No Laws
By Jim Kirwan

Hieronymus Bosch
In the Garden of Earthly Delights

No Proof Anywhere of Anything!

This has all happened before. It led the world directly to the Dark Ages then, but people have forgotten the history so we’re going to repeat the worst eras where the Black Plague and mass-death led directly to the end of a full third of the people of the world.

Then it happened again, behind the scenes at the end of WWII, but

very few noticed because it was far too dark for the public to be exposed to the raw violence which that war was supposed to have ended.

When there is no longer any law nor any higher authority or sanity left to appeal to: Then societies collapse. This is where the world is now. Unless we cut off the global-head of the Hydra that is directing this charade, there will be an end to everything which all these “fake-wars” are supposedly being waged to prevent.

If the world had a grasp of what the NAZI Occupation actually brought to the backwaters of Europe, then there would not be any of the resurgent NAZI movements all over Europe today.

Jerzy Kosinski wrote about it all in his NY Times bestseller book that was first published in 1965. Find a copy and read it, because while this is technically non-fiction, it was drawn from a reality that far too many shared during and after the war.

There have always been many levels beneath, above and behind what goes on in the world. What USI and Israel are doing to the planet now is no different from what happened to the characters in “The Painted Bird”.

The difference is that today the world has allowed US Incorporated and Zionist Israel to Genocide the entire planet, one country at a time—while the transfixed public refuses to scream about the lawless behavior of both USI & Israel, everywhere these barbaric outlaws have chosen to invade, target and destroy with total impunity from every law of nature and mankind.

Reading through the headlines around the world, daily, becomes as Macabre as this short novel is: But none of what’s happening now needs to happen because if the public gets serious, then all of this can be ended, while we turn this entire nightmare on its head.

Tens of thousands of words daily are scribbled by experts and commentators every hour. Complexity upon confusion and all of it is told through the Looking Glass Darkly.

This is a single tale that bears no relationship to the garbage that hundreds of corrupted “leaders” have been feeding us. To confront this we must employ the Parallax View (the view that explains what’s really happening by studying each act through the wider circumstance, behind every act or event in the headlines today).

When “leaders” used to make pronouncements, they had to depend on the evidence of the facts on the ground inside whichever topic was being cited. Without laws, evidence, or the right to defend oneself (whether the accused is an individual or a state); it’s no longer possible to discern the truth from the lies. Since even before 911, the public has been totally deprived of any of the facts, in any confrontation regardless of where it takes place in the world. We just passed the Thirteenth Anniversary of 911 ­ and still there has been no official explanation, that included the facts that have been uncovered, from that major act of public murder.

9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open

No one was charged and no one went to jail, despite the fact that everyone in authority on that day all failed. There were some promotions, but no one took any responsibility for the crime itself. And beyond that almost no one with a microphone has used the media to ask any of the questions that must be asked!

That was then, but today’s crimes have expanded the death tolls around the world which begin with about the same number of those who died on 911. Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and of course Iraq, again and again: Now the planet is being told blatant lies about “a mythical force” that is just a number on a piece of paper, with no proof whatsoever concerning who makes up the forces, or who will be attacked in any number of different war-zones. The lies are so deep and so totally conflicting that there is simply no way to make any sense out of any of this—without the basic requirements of facts, backed up by evidence and enough transparency to convince the world of anything that is being heralded as “facts” amid the ever growing cyclone of deceptions that keep the world from knowing what must be understood before millions more will die and billions more in treasure will go up smoke!

This continues just because no one asks those questions or demands the answers, that could clear the air; end the false-flags and the global-threats that are multiplying by the hour worldwide…

Assad, Moscow and Tehran condemn Obama's plan for air strikes against Isis 11 Sept 2014 The Syrian government and its close allies in Moscow and Tehran warned Barack Obama that an offensive against Islamic State (Isis) within Syria would violate international law yesterday, hours after the US president announced that he was authorizing an open-ended campaign of air strikes against militants on both sides of the border with Iraq. Russia said it would not support any military action without a UN resolution authorizing it...In Damascus, the Assad government warned against US raids.

Apparently everyone has forgotten what happened when Nixon decided to secretly bomb Cambodia, under the same kind of criminal violations of the borders with Vietnam? Syria and Russia have both said that no airstrikes can be carried out in Syria without the permission of the Syrian government. Obama and the US congress don’t give a damn what Syria says: They’re both claiming that US National Security is being threatened—so the rights of Syria are meaningless—when the truth is Obama wants to commit massive and illegal American air-strikes against Assad in order to finally get the “victory” that Assad and Russia have denied them over the last three years.

Under International law when and if those American fighters or missiles cross the Syrian border they can be shot out of the skies, according to International Law: But Obama has been doing this in dozens of countries since he took office: Hell just Google what he did to Libya and see for yourself what was “right” in that obscenity.

And that was only one of the dozens that we’ve done without being charged by any of the “international-organizations” that are supposed to enforce International laws.

If you really want to get in touch with either Rage or Outrage then just Google the number of wars that Israel has committed over the last 67 years: All of which broke every international convention there is—yet no one does anything to even interrupt their genocide of Gaza and the Palestinians…

Rage & Outrage are Waiting:

Today the colossal slaughter of innocent civilians is about to continue again in Ukraine. It matters not that Russia just sent in another 210 trucks filled with Humanitarian Assistance, to go with the first 285 trucks, or that there is a very shaky ceasefire still tenuously in-place.

Nor does it matter that Russia has opened its borders to millions of refugees fleeing from this illegal slaughter of Russian speaking people inside Ukraine. Even though the current cease fire was built on Russia’s 7 point Ceasefire agreement, that’s behind the current lull in the fighting. According to the lying would-be owners of the world: Everything is “Russia’s fault”, or “Putin’s fault”—which is the sole reason for all the totally illegal sanctions being placed against both Putin and Russia.

The obvious goal is to use Russia to start another global war.

And none of the facts matter at all.

The sanctions will hurt the EU and Russia. Russia has options, but the EU ran out of options months ago and in the end the entire economy of Europe will be disintegrated—which is of course the point behind the US and Israeli war plans.

Just as the same idea, with variations on the lies being used against EU, are behind the colossal lies that underpin what is supposedly going on with ISIS, ISIL, CIA, Al Qaeda and mercenaries worldwide to shred Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and any other nation that Israel might want to destabilize and then add to The Greater State of Israel, along with the massive additional deaths of the American troops that will be murdered to “make this Israeli conquest so”!

All we have to do as the surviving people on the planet is to cut off the money in these bogus “conflicts” ­ just turn off the spigots that are feeding all these barbaric wars: Then the planet can revert to the RESET program that could free the planet from that 220 Trillion dollars that can never be repaid!

Here’s their real plan:

NATO Declares WAR on the World!

NATO has reached consensus. They have declared that NATO and only NATO will have dominance over all the nations in the world. Which is why NATO will create new and very expensive forces to deal with violence anywhere on the planet today. They’re calling it

Rasmussen’s “lightening spearhead force”!

NATO has become a global-cancer that must expand or die!

This is part of the head of the Hydra that must be stopped.


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