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By Jim Kirwan


'Caravan' in the Computer Age


The Caravan continues its advance from 1980 into 1996, as it moved thru the beginnings of the now all-powerful computer-age. Unfortunately, technology has shown us the lack of real imagination, creativity and innovation when it comes to all things human, or even remotely friendly to the real problems that face us all today.

This is part of a two-part work that appeared as puzzles. They were both dropped by the American publishing houses when they were taken over by Bertelsmann, in Germany. Israel took over the global-publishing world, very quietly, in the late nineteen-nineties.

This criminal and secret purchase completed the global censorship that ended the voices of many writers, artists and activists worldwide.

The public may have missed the significance of the censorship but the global Barbarians did not. The other half of this two part image is called “Turning Point”. Together these two images form a continuous horizontal loop as they directly connect with each other, on both ends of both images…

A detail from Turning Point



Accidentally on Purpose': The Whackamo World of 2015

There is not a single ‘competent person’ in USI, Britain France or Germany or for that matter in the EU, or the UN: Yet all these ‘powers’ simply continue the lies and betrayals with which the planet races toward the chaos that will lead us all into the flames of global collapse ­ or at least that was the plan ­ until 2004, when the BRICKS nations began to form their own consensus to offer the world a sane way out of this nightmare.

It’s against these facts that Russia and China have risen to physically reset the current financial quagmire that will put us all on a very different financial, military and political course: A course that will build upon responsibility and sanity to literally create a solution that has the capacity to pull us all back from the brink of nuclear annihilation.

The ancient and corrupted Barbarians, that have been running this farce, have been responsible for the continuing failures of worldwide ‘everything’. This is ‘WHY’ the world must come together now, to put an end to the influence and the pathetic lives of the tiny and exclusive few who are still claiming ownership of every person on the face of the earth ­ today.

Some of those responsible obviously include the Kissinger’s the Brzezinski’s the Rockefeller’s and of course the Federal Reserve that’s owned by the Rothschild’s with all of their obsolete chess-boards and all their toys of the preceding age that was made almost entirely of war, disease and global death in all its forms. Such a total change of course must include the elimination of the entire gang of global-war-criminals in every government on the planet.

That task is too big to tackle for most of us: But if we begin the process, nature will end this colossal disaster that must be ended, before any of us can have “a future” that anyone alive today can live in.

Rebalancing Reality: http://www.rense.com/general96/rebalance.html

It’s time for the younger generations to bring their ideas to the fore. To come and celebrate with us as we dance upon the graves of those who spent their criminal lives trying to end the world that was never theirs to own or direct in the first place.

Here’s an example of why the youth of today must take over from antiques, like the now retired British official Oliver Miles, whose views of Libya in particular make crystal clear the total failure of the entire governing powers that have brought on the current global nightmare...

British Diplomatic Services are incompetent http://rt.com/shows/sophieco/242493-violence-uk-diplomatic-services/

Many would like to see an end to United States Inc. and some have suggested terminating their Corporate Charter which they illegally set-up in 1913. Just as many others are yearning for the opportunity to create a RESET for the old USA. Still others want to wipe-out all the legislation from 1913 until now; almost all of which is probably impossible to do. Personally I’d love to see any of that happen: But the only thing that we can and must do now is to know-for-certain that the global-tar-baby of self-delusion must come to an immediate and complete end.

The only thing I know for certain is that we cannot continue to “do nothing” ­ not if we expect to pull back from the ‘edge of oblivion’ on which the whole planet is now standing.

It’s past time for all of us to understand the naked truth that’s been staring at us now for over fifteen years. There are no longer any options left, as the choice is now between unconditional surrender to lifelong slavery, or death, versus taking back the freedoms that every person on this earth was born with: Whether that involves the freedom to choose a government, a religion or a way of life: We must all reject anything and everything that demands our total surrender ­ first.



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