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Jim Kirwan

By the Back Door

Understanding * Confusion

Since Harry Truman totally reshuffled the constitutional government in the 1950’s, all the back-doors to both government and this society were left open to every kind of sanctioned deception known to man.

That was long before today’s back-doors in every computer manufactured for Amerikan’s. Many worry today about their privacy and security in ‘the technical-age’ but back in the horse and buggy days of Harry S. Truman, the damage done to the United States was far more advanced than even what is still being done to all of us today. Dirty-Harry was simply following the template established by the creation of the privately owned Fed: That stole our right to print our own money in 1913 with the passage of the bill that had not been ratified for passage, but which proceeded anyhow, thanks to Windrow Wilson who sold us out to the bankers of international Jewry.

Truman, for his part in complying with the establishment of Israel, at the UN, rammed through everything from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), to the creation of the CIA and all of that was done to supposedly “protect America and American’s from the dangerous world outside our shores. In fact the exact reverse was true.

The CFR took over the duties given to the congress by the Constitution, not to protect us but to involve us in global-affairs that begin and end with treason, torture, and mass murder in the name of ‘national-security’. Under the Constitution the CIA is totally illegal because it gives authority to that agency, outside the government, whose mandate supersedes the rights and protections granted to us all by the Constitution. This is how and why we have been routinely torpedoed at virtually every turn, by every spy agency in the world: Beginning with Mossad, MI-5 & 6, the Knights Templar and literally thousands of fake agencies whose agenda’s involve perverting the efforts of the USA to protect or further this nation in their world of criminal espionage, treason, deception and lies unending, which is still the case, mostly through ‘the back-doors’ of today’s tech-nightmare.

James Corbett created a fantastically-complete video, just 15min, 48 seconds long which catalogs the historical record of our false-flag wars that goes as far back as The Spanish American War. It’s called:

Pretexts for War: How the public is deceived into fighting”.



Obviously the more of this history you know about, the more interesting the video is. But even if you have only heard about a few of the latest “false-flag-wars” it’s easy to understand exactly how we’ve all been played time after time.

Look carefully at the disinformation agents themselves that are always used in every case— would you buy a used-car or anything else from any of these obvious-liars.

Of course after while it has to occur to people that there must be reasons why this government uses so many obvious and blatant liars? And more to the point why the hell would anyone continue to believe anything they continue to say—ever?

They have used almost exactly the same scripts, the same themes the same lies and the same denials: Over and over and over and over again! But with the information clearly delineated in the video at the link; and easily checked by anyone who still has any doubts as to the totality of the lies and deceit—anyone can see exactly why this motto for the Israeli Mossad (above) so perfectly describes the oxymoron contained in this phrase:


Send the video to everyone you know and do whatever you can to insure that this goes viral ­ because it delineates the evils that have been driving us all straight into hell, for over the last hundred years!

1) James Corbett: Pretexts for War: How the public is deceived into fighting 15min 48sec VIDEO



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