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The Next Debate

By Jim Kirwan


Freedom & Responsibility

in the Race for 2017

The first debate got most of the trivia out of the way, in the race between Trump & Hillary. The coming Second and Third Political-Debate must look a lot more like what the public needs to know about, than did the initial 'contest'.

What we have, the next time, will be a contest between all the polices & national issues over the last thirty-five years vs. an entirely new approach to the real problems which this war-torn nation has failed to face, so far.

The character of the contestants, blended with the acceptance of responsibility, at every step, that must include the voices of the people that have been paying for every single failure ­ in every area of life in the United States of yesterday & today.

America has been taken advantage of, in every way possible, with a few hundred new ways to steal from our dreams each and every month. The only solution to this circumstance will involve the massive and difficult changes that must be raised, and met, If there is to be a society in the United States in 2017.

This is why we can no longer afford to ask or even ponder the meaningless questions any longer ­ this has to be about the real questions that must be asked and the qualifications of each candidate as compared to what has been going on for the past 35 years. Hillary has become embedded in every crime known to mankind over the entire time she has spent in and around the now tarnished house: While Trump has been busy with his life.

The“moderator” must be someone up to the job and not just a token representative from the puppet-masters who of course control the planet.

This next time the public must be given real-life experiences in daily life that have been imprisoning the public while the government and the corporations have been raping and torturing us all in every way possible as they extort us with illegal invasions of our lives which they claim are necessary in order to “Take-care-of everyone of us”.

Government was created to work to protect us from foreign invaders, keep the streets clean and to stay out of our daily lives.

What we have instead is a totally out-of-control illegal monster

that seeks to monitor every word or thought or deed

that any American might dare to contemplate.

Some examples: The U.S. created insurance company's as a hedge to protect people from catastrophic accidents. The companies then paid the government to force the public to buy their insurance, under penalty of laws designed to criminalized people for not buying the supposedly voluntary insurance that most of us cannot afford, and it's not just car insurance any more.

We went from mandating car-insurance, to mandatory seat belts, and now we have mandatory Medical Insurance that's a proven failure on every front ­ on top of the fact that because there is no choice to buy these things, along with hundreds of licenses, permits, taxes and fees that are attached to everything that used to be just part of everyday life ­ and all of this was free to those that chose to use whatever has now been federalized or state-controlled: All of which was created to be voluntary.

In California Moon-beam Jerry Brown just signed “a new law” that mandates the need to buy a permit, issued by the State of California to buy a gun ­ which interferes with the 2nd Amendment and should be treated as an illegal attempt to contravene the U.S. Constitution: For which Brown, the three time loser of a governor, of this state, should be impeached!


Then there was this today:

CDC Aims for Unprecedented Expansion of Policing Powers

You need to read this one to believe it!

Just remember this:



Or, when I was an internationally published artist, I was taxed on my work 27 times between the time I created a thought to when I finished the work for international publication. All of these things and millions more represent what Hillary Clinton thrives upon: She's never created anything, the Clinton's have no product - they pay NO TAXES, and since the Clinton's created the Clinton Foundation ­ she and Bill have milked the talent of every man, woman and child she's ever come across.

Hillary must explain everything to do with her E-mail, and her interactions with the head of the FBI, along with her mysterious absence during the murder of the Ambassador and three others ­ was she sleeping? Everything she has done while in office has always been suspect ­ yet she is on the podium running for the presidency when she should be in federal prison for everything she's done in Libya and Iraq ­ and if she was so successful as our Secretary of State why did she resign early?

This Presidential Election Must Be Interrupted


Clinton Cash

A One Hour 04min VIDEO -


Hang the Clintons

3mim 33 sec VIDEO by the Snordster

Scan the videos and expand your search, get to know this creature that has directly impacted every principle involved in either “LAW” or“Justice”

since she first cast her evil shadow on this earth.

And today she got caught again
wearing an illegal ear-piece during the first debate!
Killary Caught Cheating with Earpiece in Debate ­ VIDEO

Moreover if Hillary was so successful in government service why did everything she touched go down in flames?

These questions go straight to the heart of her supposed qualifications for the office she's running for. And all of her performance speaks directly to her total lack of any credibility, not to mention that her word is changed as often as she changes clothes.

The presidency of the nation is based on loyalty to the country, to the nation and the U.S. Constitution ­ and she clearly hates all three ­ along with all the men and everyone that's white? She has sold out this nation hundreds of times, in order to keep feeding the coffers of the Clinton Foundation ­ a totally illegal construct if ever there was one.

This ever-spreading lie that calls its self Hillary Rodham Clinton has become a plague that has refused every opportunity to clarify any of the millions of questions about herself, her policies, or her plans that would differ in any regard with all the crap she's been selling to the world since Arkansas.

She needs to name anything she ever did that worked ­ we know how many of the things she got tangled up in that all failed miserably ­ so what were her major accomplishments in her 35 plus years?

The reason this so difficult for her, is because Hillary can't “HANDLE” THE TRUTH IN ANY FORM, and this time she must be stopped and sent to federal prison to await the outcome of the full investigation of her totally criminal life. If anyone remembers Watergate, which forced Nixon out of the White House ­ then what makes Killary so special?




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