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Next up, Aum subway cult boss Shinzo Abe must hang

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

The executions by hanging of Aum Shinrikyo leaders, including cult figurehead Shoko Asahara, chief arms dealer Kiyohide Hayakawa and five others implicated in a murder spree including the 1995 Tokyo subway gassing, were a perversion of justice. The closed trials and long-delayed silencing of their voices through capital punishment are similar in essence to the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal for failing to prosecute the higher-up political planners and organizers who captured and abused state authority to produce weapons of mass destruction, launch aggression against other nations in a world war, and organize an anti-democratic coup against the Diet (parliament).

The major difference between today and 1946 is that the Allied Powers exonerated those pro-militarist Imperial Family members of war responsibility, whereas the Aum sponsors in the Liberal Democratic Party plotted to assassinate Emperor Akihito for this pro-democratic sympathies. Their objective of the Tokyo subway gassing was to kill more than a tenth of the 200,000 commuters heading toward the Diet buildings and government district in order to prompt the evacuation of the city center via the emergency transport system.

The urban evacuation would have left the Imperial Palace grounds in the heart of Tokyo vulnerable to Aum’s Spetznaz-type assault team (trained in Russia) positioned in rented apartments and offices overlooking the two main roads out of the Imperial quarters. The planned coup would have installed an executive committee of politicians who created and ran Aum Shinrikyo.

The clandestine ops by the Aum Shinrikyo were conceived as the spearhead for their political sponsors’ wider objective of reviving the Japanese militarist system to complete the unfinished task started at Pearl Harbor and Nanking, nothing short of the annihilation of the American people, the Chinese and any democratic allies in Asia and Europe who refuse an unconditional surrender. The glitch that saved the world from a global genocide and conquest was the disruption (due to Kim Il-Sung slipping into coma) in Aum’s web of nerve-gas smuggling from a former Soviet chemical-weapons plant in Volvograd via Pyongyang into Japan.

Mustard gas fail

According to the Ground Self-Defense Force chemical-warfare team that entered the underground stations on the morning of March 20, 1995, the toxic agent affecting the vast majority of commuters was “mustard gas” or chlorine and not sarin as falsely reported by the press club of the politicized Tokyo Police and a bribed mainstream media (CNN, BBC and NBC received illicit funds through an NHK World front in Hong Kong). A weaker organophosphate pesticide was substituted in one of the Metro cars to mimic sarin with dilated-eye symptoms. By contrast most of the subway victims suffered profuse nose bleeds and vomited blood, sure signs of chlorine poisoning.

Had sarin been actually used, the death toll (as planned) would have been higher than 20,000 instead of the eleven reported dead. Nearly everything you know about the Tokyo subway gassing derives from an official cover story to protect the Liberal Democratic Party’s neo-fascist insiders, especially Shinzo Abe, who created the cult to perpetrate a worldwide genocide of unprecedented scale. The fact that he is still alive and free to walk the corridors of power is a travesty of every known standard of justice.

Architects of Aum

The high judges of Japan have, therefore, betrayed the Constitution, parliamentary democracy, the Emperor and Japanese people with their failure to prosecute, much less name the guiltier individuals who looted banks to create the Aum Shinrinkyo, including:

- the late Shintaro Abe, former foreign minister who created the cult;

- his son, prime minister Shinzo Abe, as head of Aum’s WMD research

- conservative icon Shintaro Ishihara, author of “The Japan that can say No”;

- their collaborator in the Komeito Party (a Soka Gakkai front) Shozo Kusakawa;

- LDP Research Bureau (clandestine ops center) chief Toshio Yamaguchi;

- senior conservative politician Yasuhiro Nakasone; and

their foreign co-conspirators including

- Russian national security adviser Oleg Lobov, head of Aum’s Russia-Japan University

- President of Russia Boris Yeltsin and

- Supreme Leader of the Korean Workers Party Kim Il-Sung.

All of these high-ranking individuals should have been arrested or tried in absentia, for their role in WMD smuggling with the objective of global genocide, and condemned to the gallows for plotting most heinous crimes against humanity. A second attempt at an abortive coup against the Diet and the Imperial Family involved the attempted murder by four gunshots in the back of National Police Agency chief Takaji Kunimatsu, whose portfolio included the Imperial Household security force. (The Japan Times Weekly was the only press that dared to correctly pin the blame on high-level politicians and their yakuza allies rather than Aum member Niimi, who subsequently proved to be nowhere near the crime scene.)

A Coward’s Escape

Co-conspirator Shinzo Abe supervised the high-tech weapons research of Aum’s science minister Hideo Murai and led the cult’s hacking of the Pentagon-DARPA computers from the JETRO trade office in New York. It should be noted here, that Abe’s escape from justice in those dark days of daily city-wide terror incidents was aided by politicized Tokyo Police, which “encouraged” and likelier carried out a post-subway murder spree to sabotage independent investigations by the Japan Times Weekly and its Japanese-language counterpart Takarajima-30 magazine. The silent slaughter that include the head-bashing death of my supervising editor, a respected veteran of the postwar press corps.

Abe’s escape from justice was made possible by the knife assassination of his former employee, Aum science minister Hideo Murai. During an outdoor street televised interview, a Korean gangster brandishing a large knife strode past Tokyo police officers, who nothing to stop him from repeatedly stabbing Murai in the gut. Just as week before, Murai had promised my foreign freelance reporters that he would soon “reveal everything” about the clandestine weapons research and an artificial “earthquake machine” that he claimed had triggered the January 1995 Kobe-Hanshin earthquake, which killed more than 6,000 residents. In the mid-1980s, Shinzo Abe had been the manager at Kobe Steel of Murai’s research on Soviet metal-vaporizing electromagnetic technology (see my article on the Tianjin blast/Norwegian ship affair at In short, The yellow-bellied coward Shinzo Abe resumed his political career by murdering his former employee. For that alone, Abe deserves to hang.

Korean-Moonie Connection

Abe’s deep connections with the Korean yakuza underworld and the Unification Church (Moonies) originate with his maternal Sato-Kishi family origins in the Korean-immigrant Tabuse township in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Those obscure roots led to his grandfather’s role in Changchun, Jilin, the Korean-dominated capital of the Manchukuo puppet state, from where Nobusuke Kishi financed the Unit 731 chemical and biological weapons group and the Japanese atomic weapons project on Konan (Hungnam) Island in northern Korea. Kishi’s agenda was not purely Japanese colonialism but a revived Turanian Empire uniting Altaic language speakers, including Mongols, Manchus, Koreans and Japanese in alliance with Hungarians and Finns, an empire of “horse riders” destined to lord over lesser races of peasants and slaves. In short, Kishi hoped to become a world conqueror like his idol Genghis Khan. Like a despot, Kishi had sexual relations with a vast harem of predominantly Korean women to spawn a “blood circle” clan, which continues via the Unification Church to support his grandson Shinzo Abe.

Aum’s weapons smuggling operation out of Russia, Ukraine and North Korea was led by one of the recently executed, Kiyohide Hayakawa. As a contractor for government projects, he led a 50-member team of covert operatives from Abe’s Kobe chapter of the Unification Church to create Aum Shinrikyo in cooperation with other split-offs from postwar new religions including Sukyo Mahikari (see Garry Greenwood), Soka Gakkai and Agon Shu, a fire-walking Tantric Buddhist sect.

US nuclear robbery triggered Fukushima disaster

The compromised Tokyo Police enabled the fascist scion Abe to worm his way out of his responsibility for the monstrous Aum project and into the Liberal Democrat hierarchy descended from the Kishi-Nakasone years. During his first term as prime minister, he met with President George W. Bush at the April 2077 Camp David summit, where the traitorous president organized the theft of tons of weapons-grade plutonium from the Department of Energy weapons plant in Amarillo, Texas. The heist resulted in the Houston murder of counter-proliferation port inspector Roland Barnaby. The stolen plutonium from the US strategic stockpile was transferred to the Fukushima nuclear facility, where much of it was diverted to secret underground nuclear-warhead production plants in nearby Haramachi and Hirono.

During the March 11, 2011 quake-and-tsunami disaster, a powerful release of gamma radiation from the destroyed Hirono site hastened the meltdown at less than 6 kilometers distance of Reactor 2 and triggered the Reactor 3 explosion, in what then prime minister Naoto Kan has since described as a “chain reaction” by massive gamma-ray releases between separate nuclear plants.

Japan’s secret nuclear-weapons project, begun by Shinzo Abe’s Class-A war-criminal grandfather Kishi, has caused an irreversible ecocide in the Pacific Ocean and the rain of death over North America, the Arctic region and northern Europe. Genocide is being perpetrated now, completing what Abe began with Aum The Aum Shinrikyo affair was astoundingly complicated, exposing the murderous character of the Dalai Lama among other shocking revelations, which require further examination, but for now one hidden aspect of the Aum affair needs to be discussed. .

Looting Japan’s banks for global genocide

Toward their purpose of financing illegal arms dealing by Aum, the neo-fascist circle under LDP spy boss Toshio Yamaguchi diverted funds from the quasi-governmental Long Term Credit Bank into the Kyowa and Anzen credit unions, which were then looted through front businesses in Australia’s Gold Coast and the Perth region (where Aum would conduct advanced-tech weapons-testing research). The Kyowa-Anzen bad-loan debacle was the trigger that unleashed Japan’s financial and economic crisis, which the Abe regime continues to paper over with worthless yen, false optimism and rigged data, ensuring the misery of millions of lower-income Japanese citizens, especially the Fukushima nuclear evacuees.

The fundamental illegality that has subverted Japan’s judicial system has enabled and abetted a reign of terror, criminality, nepotism and incompetence by the Japanese political class. Is it any wonder that the Emperor as head of state has finally decided to break with this murderous cesspool of corruption and resign? The Aum affair sheds a new and different light on World War II, that modern Japan’s ills arise from a retrogressive longing not for emperor-worship but for a class-privileged warlord system, which ruled Japan ruthlessly under the Shogunate, as depicted in the Scorsese movie “Silence”. In hindsight, the Allied Powers were perspicacious in defining “Japan’s problem” to be one of militarism, the sword of the Shoguns rather than the chrysanthemum of the emperors.

Extraordinary methods are now desperately required before these madmen reconstituted as Nippon Kaigi, led by Shinzo Abe, follow up the worldwide Fukushima contamination with another genocidal subway-style attempt against a negligent world lulled to sleep by a complicit news media. Therefore, one logical step toward preventing Pearl Harbor version 2 by these murderous neo-fascists is to support an international boycott of the genocidal plot to destroy the DNA of the world’s healthiest young people at the radioactive 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Refuse to swallow the pill of media lies, and instead wake up and fight back.

Yoichi Shimatsu was lead editor for The Japan Times Weekly investigative reporting team in the wake of the subway attack and English-language consultant to Takarajima-30 magazine, only other investigative press that linked the Aum role in the subway attack to powerful politicians in the LDP and Komeito parties. His forensic journalism work included 12 research visits into the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone, where he identified three secret sites related nuclear-warhead production. See his article on the Abe-Bush summit and the Armarillo plutonium heist at archives.