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The New Tower Of Babel


By Jim Kirwan


The Vatican - Spiritual

The literal history of the planet was rewritten back around 1066, which is part of how we all came to be manipulated into believing the so-called global scarcities on which all our fake-bubbles are currently based.

The Vatican above is supported by The City of London & D.C.








Financial Control

Washington D.C. Military

These three flags represent the global Triad

Which changed everything about how the people of the world

Have been governed

And how our lands have been stolen from us all, over a thousand years ago.

The Supreme Creator has never sold the Earth to anyone, thus by natural law and simple logic no-one can claim exclusive ownership of the land. However, it also follows that all humans and creatures, may, by birthright and wise management utilize it within the limits of their authentic needs, and without encroaching upon others.


This concept is known as Allodial Earth wherein land may be held, managed and utilized, and that individuals may rightfully claim full ownership of the fruits of their labor upon that land, but not of the land itself.

To fully understand the extent of our enslavement we should understand the history we were NOT taught in school.


The Britannic Isles, (what we know today as England, Wales, Scotland and Eire) prior to the Anglo Saxon and Norman invasions was known as Albien. Albien, simply meant “the surface of the Earth”, and in those days it was inhabited by tribal communities, there were no borders, religious or political boundaries or divisions, no kings or, no landowners or serfs. The society was following an allodial system, each family held rights to a sufficient area of land to be able to cultivate and feed their families and trade or barter the excess.

Communities were governed by a “Rex” system, a rex being a strong man of the tribe who “put right” or solved conflicts, protected the weak, and gathered men to protect the tribe in case of danger. The Rex owned no special claim to his own land, but played a “legal” role in managing the affairs of the tribe according to their legal systems based on common law, rather than a kingship.


Over a period of 500 or so years, the waves of Anglo-Saxon invasions started which were to permanently alter the face of Albien. The invaders raped, mass-murdered and pillaged their way through the villages and settlements of the South, stealing whatever they could find and killing whoever could not flee for their lives. The installed their kings on the seized land, (since land is not likely to remain seized without an “owner” and force of arms to control it). Albien became Angle-land (England).

However the greatest transformation occurred in 1066 with the arrival of William the Bastard, (Guillaume Le Batard) sent by the Vatican papacy (Pope Alexander II) of Rome, with the express purpose of laying claim to the lands of Albien. It appears that William was chosen for his brutal enforcement of a Feudal System in Normandy…”


Control of Land is Power, and if that control is consolidated through violence, treachery and monopoly, that power is concentrated. If that monopoly is sustained through violence or threat of violence then it can be exploited through the many forms of usury, such as ownership, debt economics and slavery, administrated through the construction of legal fictions codified as positive law. If you can govern the minds of those enslaved never to rebut those constructed fictions, then you can own the Earth, all life it contains and all souls”.

Abdun Nur

To grasp the depths of depravity that have come to govern everything that now controls the world we live in, we need to grasp the way the world was altered from the beginnings of human existence and how that was forcefully stolen to make the nightmare that we’re all still living in today: That’s the reason that there is this “new” Tower of Babel, that very few know about, much less how this came to be governed by these three centers of evil-incarnate in Rome, London and Washington D.C.

Who Owns the Land Part 2

Who Owns the Land? Part 1

* * *

The current day live-form of “global-control”, or lack thereof, can be seen in what I called “a preemptive military strike on China”. The spinoff from the controllers of the triad is being played out in the damage or the absence of damage surrounding the recent explosions in Tianjin, China.

Crucial to the entire event is what the site looked like before and after the ‘explosions’. Some say that there were no buildings at the site where the supposed ‘storage’ was located. But China is still censoring as much as they can, about what actually happened to their facilities in Tianjin.

Play with the before & after images, using the vertical cursor and decide, if you can, about the existence of the building that supposedly held the chemicals and the cyanide in the hundreds of tons previously announced.

Satellite Images show China explosions before & after

High-res aerial images of China's Tianjin blast crater’481174/photos-high-res-aerial-images-of-the-tianjin-blast-crater-show-devastation-that-words-cant-explain/

The current Tower of Babel has been using the global population like herds of dumb-animals that can only serve them: We have never been allowed to question anything they continue to do to us all: And the result is that our world has been reduced to a very minute portion of the actual lands and resources that are supposedly “owned” by the Vatican and the Zionist Supremacy worldwide.

In addition the same kinds of disproportionate “fraudulent-ownerships” have also been applied to all the resources of the planet, as well as the way people live in every one of the former nations of the world today—given that the corporations have never paid for any of the raw materials, or any of nature’s bounty in whatever they continue to steal from nature across the planet today.

Nature Is Speaking ­ Julia Roberts

The Ocean - Harrison Ford

The Rainforest ­ Kevin Spacey

The Soil - Edward Norton

Water - Penelope Cruz

The Redwoods - Robert Redford

The Coral Reef - Ian Somerhalder

The Flower - Pita Nyong’o

And on and on it goes. If we care about life, then we need

To go back to what is outlined in the beginning two articles

From Zen Gardner,

At the beginning of this comment above

Which all too clearly outlines for us, where humanity went wrong…

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