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Newtown School Boss Can't
Recall Sandy Hook At Super Bowl


From Wolfgang Halbig

Governor Malloy and Lance Barrow and Keith Alexander...

The Chairman of the Newtown School Board - under oath at the CT Freedom of Information Commission hearing - does not remember the Sandy Hook Elememtary School Choir going to the Super Bowl under his and other school board members authority.

The biggest day in the life of 26 children and their parents and the school board cannot remember them going and it is not ever to be found on the School Board Consent Agenda in being approved.

How is that possible?

Why have these children not performed at any other event since returning to Sandy Hook and Newtown like the children who sang Over the Rainbow with Sabrina Post group?

I will find these 26 children and then someone is going to jail and lawsuits will be filed for Inflicting Emotional Distress on millions and millions of people worldwide.

Please watch your children perform at the Feb 3, 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans since you forgot them.




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