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New Rights For The Third Sex


By Jim Kirwan



New York City just passed new laws for anyone using bathroom facilities in NYC. This breakthrough legislation actually creates a new category among the population in that city that would require this new category that's supposedly intended to serve what New York is claiming amounts to 25% of the population.

The story is contained @ 13min 35sec to 16min 35sec on RT today

Why wasn't this mainstream US news?

The U.S. public already has a category for 'the handicapped or disabled' which caused public restrooms nationwide to be altered to make all public restrooms “ACCESSIBLE” for the handicapped. This cost businesses huge sums just to be in compliance. Given this 'new category 'of persons' and the $250,000.00 fine for violators of this new category: Apparently we'll need to force all public places to build a third public restroom for LGBTQ users; so that everyone can be able to use a properly identified restroom according to the new compliance 'laws' as passed by the idiot Mayor of the City of New York.

In addition, perhaps all members of the new LGBTQ society might need to wear identifying badges, everywhere they go, such as the time honored three monkeys above with their LGBTQ identifying label, to clearly mark those individuals as members of the LGBTQ society. That way no one can knowingly discriminate against them at any time: Of course failure to identify yourself as a member of LGBTQ, when that is the case, should also be punishable by a $250,000.00 fine as well.

This would seem to be the only 'fair way' to deal with this new “right”

Of course this new set-of-rights will cost the public and the businesses huge sums of money, along with the major inconvenience of being forced to provide separate facilities for all who will be forced to identify themselves as members of the new LGBTQ sex.

Ironically, adding this third category of sex and individuals that subscribe to this - is the only way to protect 'the rights' of the other 75% of the population that are not members of the LGBTQ society.

In San Francisco, for instance, on BART there are only single commode's for passengers, one male and one female, in all underground stations. BART supposedly serves almost 400,000 people, daily, but due to “National Security Bomb-Threats” none of the underground stations have restroom facilities that are open to the public, since 911.

Given this new requirement to 'serve' the LGBTQ population, this will mean that BART and all other public facilities should probably add another restroom to 'their services for the riding public' ­ in order to be compliant with the newly approved example that's just been set by the mindless voters in New York City—Remember San Francisco has always been America's leading LGBTQ population.

If these 'New Rules' are forced to be fair for the people of New York, then they must be a requirement for all people throughout the entire United States—in order not to discriminate against the LGBTQ community anywhere they might want to exist, within the officially-fragmented borders of the old USA...

Of course we could just have a National Referendum on this, but maybe that might become too problematic for this very sensitive group that has decided to create their own sex and their own language within our society—which they want to force the general public to accept—whether we like it or not!


This New Law must be applied to every  member of the government at every level:
Federal, State and Local, uniformed or civilian, must display their membership in
LGBTQ, or be summarily fined and fired.

This way the public will be able to see how many of the Supreme Court , the administration,
the congress the cops and everyone else who subscribes to LGBTQ. are actually active in every
department of government, and society nationwide...


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