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Rense Analysis Of Newly-Released Photos From The
Paddock, Suite Crime Scene In The New LVMPD Report


New Metro photo of the small sledge hammer in Paddock’s suite
allegedly used to bash the hurricane-proof window OUT…not IN.
So, why is there a pile of glass well inside the window location?

It is also said that these windows are constructed so they will
not disintegrate into countless little pieces.

Notice also there are not ‘over 1,100 rounds’ of casings on the carpet.

Here, next, are the original two ‘leaked’ photos of the suite showing the billowing curtain hiding the broken OUT window behind it.
Notice also the hammer used to allegedly break OUT the hurricane-proof glass. It is right next to the large, round structural column to its left.
Meanwhile the right side of the steel hammer head is resting up against something that is dark gray compared to the beige drapes
and is clearly presenting a rounded side…probably a ‘black out’ drape behind the primary orange-accented curtains.

Another view showing the hammer still up against the round dark gray object to its right.

Here now are two enlargements from the original ‘leaked photos’
of Paddocks suite showing the same basic area of the room.

Where are the two shell casings that were laid out horizontally right of the hammer head?

The entrance to the Paddock suite. Authorities have removed the left side door as evidence.
That is the door Paddock allegedly fired over ‘200 rounds’ through trying to hit Campos.
Look closely at the color of the door that remains.

Here is the top half of the door that was removed. What color is it? Note the automatic door closer
mechanism at the top right of the door. Now, take a minute and count the number of bullet holes
In the door. Do you see ‘over 200’? (One of which was supposed to have resulted in three piece
of shrapnel hitting the ‘hero’ Campos in the leg). And what an amazingly tight shot group considering
Paddock was allegedly using a ‘bump stock’ AR-15 which are notoriously hard to control and inaccurate.

One more time, does the color of the ‘evidence’ door panel match up with the door
In the phone below? Note the micro cam in the peephole of the door.

A reverse view of the same scene showing the laptop on the counter and the two sitting
chairs pushed together and a number of rifles posed on them.

Looks a little staged, wouldn’t you agree?

Perhaps even more staged, if that’s possible..

Perhaps even more staged, if that’s possible..

And the infamous room service cart in the hallway with the ‘cleverly-hidden’ cam tucked
under an upside-down dinner plate.

One more look at the small sledge hammer which was somehow able to break out
a hurricane-proof window from inside-OUT while having the glass fall back into the
hotel suite. Remarkable physics...