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New EBOLA Outbreak In Africa?
Many CDC Secret Flights

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - There are two more flight plans submitted since we spoke yesterday and I strongly suspect Ebola has broken out in Guinea and/or  Liberia.

The CDC has been making a lot of flights into Dakar - the airport used for all evacuations during the outbreak of two years ago.  They began the flights on October 1 and they are continuing.  

As usual, we are getting zero information from the CDC and WHO but we, the American taxpayers, do get to pay for each quarter million dollar flight.  

The flights use the same Dakar airport and refuel in Bermuda just as they did a couple of years ago.  I strongly suspect they are flying Africans with Ebola to various isolation wards in Hospitals in the US.  Some of the secret CDC flights made the first US landings at Ft. Lauderdale.  I suspect they have already filled the NIH facility in Washington DC and at Emory in Atlanta to capacity.  I also suspect that the patients are African and not American citizens.

What worries me is the quarter million Africans sitting in ships paid for by George Soros and en route to Europe.  If any of those Africans have Ebola, they can easily spread it to the other black 'refugees'.  Then, when they reach Europe, they will gift it to their European 'hosts'.

Europe was well-equipped to manage and contain Ebola before the kmuslim 'refugee' invasions virtually crippled the European health care system.  However, due to the influx of so many very ill Africans and illegals, the health care system of Europe has been crushed and I doubt European countries would be able to contain a major outbreak of Ebola-infected Africans and then European natives.

Two or more years ago Europeans were pretty well prevented from being exposed to Ebola that had made it to Europe. Currently, all one need do is look at Paris and it is obvious from the hordes of black Africans living ON the sidewalks and streets of Paris, urinating and defecating IN the streets, that Ebola or any other infectious disease will spread through Europe like 1347 Black Plague.  Hospitals will be unable to cope with the patient flow of both Africans and Europeans.  First responders and health care workers will die like flies.

I doubt very much that Europe is screening for Ebola or any other contagious disease.  We know they aren't screening for HIV-AIDS and are doing no background vetting of any of these dregs.

Another huge risk factor is rape.  We know that Europeans are getting raped by 'refugees', especially by sub-human African 'refugees' ...the very people who would likely be bringing in Ebola.  How many innocent European women and girls have already been infected with AIDS by these monsters?  No one is talking and the EU press is covering everything up.  Just a couple of short years ago Europe and the US dodged the Ebola bullet but this time I do not see that happening, should Ebola arrive in the West.

When going to the polls in just a few short weeks away think about how our health care system will be impacted by Hillary's announced 700% INCREASE of the beasts from Africa and the Midldle East.

Add to that number the tens of thousands of new illegals coming into the US through our nearly non-existent borders.  In addition to these numbers, think about how Ebola could impact the US with Hillary's new 'citizens'.  If Ebola breaks out here, we are doomed.

Europe has also been impacted by the droves of doctors and nurses who have fled Europe for other countries like Iceland,  Think about a third world country and think about Hillary and her wanting to 'level the playing field.'   It's called 'treason.'

In summary, is there a renewed Ebola outbreak in West Africa?   The numbers of secret CDC flights speak for themselves.  

Check out this report on a renewed Ebola outbreak in West Africa.



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