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The New Atlantis That Died


By Jim Kirwan


I was born in Oklahoma, a state that was already a third-generation welfare state with no way out of its own limitations because too few of its people chose to seek their own path. That was a complacent world that was already bound by this criminal empire that had not yet declared itself as the empire in waiting, which had already signed off as the province of “Only the Filthy-Rich”. They were proud of that fact by 1953 when I graduated from Jr. High School.

There was a lot wrong with us already, but there was still a chance for the planet to make a rebound, back to the basics because of the GI Bill that gave freedom and imagination a second chance, to save the world from this terminal-corruption—but that opportunity was frittered away with the birth of the men in their Gray-Flannel Suits. This was the birth of the two-car garages in the burbs (two chickens in every pot and two cars in every household) and unlimited expense accounts that destroyed the ‘families’ they were supposedly going to create through the power of the newly minted private corporations that they were all so instrumental in helping to create. (That was called the Grand Experiment)

By the time the 60’s arrived the children of those who had traded their families for the corporate-ladder were no longer convinced that corporatism was the path to glory and endless profits: Because the price for that “impossible dream” was the soul of everyone that swore allegiance to the corporation, at the expense of everything else that actually mattered, to those who wanted to live a real life.

What happened was that far too many ‘people’ just became footnotes in the dreams of other people’s schemes. That left employees nothing but empty promises at that point in their lives when they should have been ready to retire in ease and comfort. Instead far too many got fired just before they’d finished earning that promised “retirement” after a lifetime of labor only to discover that when they got to the top there was nothing there worth having. And of course by then they had no soul at all in the end. That’s where the serious end of our lives began, in all those broken corporate and government promises that for the most part were kept secret by those men and women who were ashamed of their failures - instead of getting justifiably angry at what had been stolen from them in the hours that should have marked their lifelong-success.

When I was getting discharged there were a whole lot of “military lifers” that were being booted out of the military, just before they completed the requirements for retirement. The same thing was simultaneously happening to civilians who had worked their whole lives for GE, or any of the major national corporations ­ it was “just good-business” as it saved the corporation billions, but it screwed all those lifelong employees, just as the corporations had promised they would never do. It happened, and it was not compensated for ­ ever.

Most of the college graduates who succeeded beyond their dreams with the G.I. Bill failed to force their families to live as they had lived, before they got that second chance at ‘fortune’. In too many cases the money (earned or found) ended up being thrown away by unloved children and spouses, who not surprisingly ended up despising the privileged classes that many felt marooned or deserted by. Once this pattern began these ‘undeserved-cycles’ became that self-preserving disconnect that led each new generation ever deeper into a world where the walls of everyday life continued to close in, once the corporations replaced the real dreams that most people had begun with.

Meanwhile “the future” became an unknowable distant dream that could never be attained ­ for far too many ­ which is how we came to be where we are today with five failed generations behind us all and nothing but other-people’s nightmares ahead: Unless we finally get ANGRY and do something, about some of what we can no longer stop seeing in every moment of our empty lives.

The world beyond ourselves was once a fantastically creative place, filled with opportunities and personal-challenges; intuition, intelligence and personal desires that could have taken the people of this earth into entirely new concepts and a rebirth that this world has barely only dreamed of, since the Italian Renaissance died in the 1400’s.

It’s as if we have now frozen this planet into an antiquated age of Guns, Oil, and Drugs (GOD), that’s as antiquated as kerosene lamps the horse and buggy and bows and arrows: Yet we continue to refer to ourselves as ‘modern’.

We’ve become a bunch of cave-men with totally subjugated women trying to live with nuclear weapons and no dreams to call our own.

We’ve gone so deeply into this self-created cul-de-sac that we can’t see any way out of any of this self-created prison. We call ourselves adults when in fact the children in “Lord of the Flies” were light years ahead of most of those alive today. Even the fictitious characters in George Orwell’s “1984” had it easy, compared to those of us living in Full Spectrum Dominance that rules the world today.

Hence every “CHALLENGE” has become nothing but

A long and disappointing series of LIFE-ENDING COMPROMISES.

We have attacked nature at every turn and at this moment we seem to have become enchanted with going back to the beheadings and the abject re-enslavement of all women and children into the most primitive methods of dealing with anyone not immediately part of our particular brand of servitude or religious belief ­ and ironically these ‘religions’ that are supposedly our key to survival, are the same gate-keepers that keep the world imprisoned in this self-created hell-hole we call ‘the world of 2015’.

Even the arrival of Nibiru isn’t credited with being able to change anything

Despite the fact that it will soon pass between the earth and our sun

Sometime ­ but at least we’ll know more about that soon.

With Israel’s direction we specialize in stealing human body parts from living people as well as from the dead, but in addition we’ve converted millions of ordinary people into drug-addicts for fun and profit, while we sell our own children into torture, serfdom or prostitution. In fact nothing we do today is ‘as advertised’ ­ because quite literally everything we do or have done is based on nothing but lies. Basically Amerika has sold its soul to the company store, so long ago that almost no one remembers that criminal failure of so very long ago. The corporate ladders to the top still take the worshipful acolytes to the top and without fail they all come to the same conclusion, they have sold their lives for pennies that no longer have any value at all ­ and since their ridiculous choices can’t be undone, most of them have to face the failure and the lies they spent a lifetime building into absolutely nothing at all ­ in the end.

It’s no wonder that millions are standing on the edge of sheer oblivion

This couldn’t have ended any other way.

I was one of those people that just couldn’t wait to see how much further we could move into that promised future that never managed to arrive. I’ve watched while time after time fantastic carburetors were created ­ the last one I knew of got 95 miles to the gallon, before it was pulled and the factories that made them were seized and destroyed. Now it’s rumored that Germany has created a car that gets 300 miles to the gallon ­ but it won’t be manufactured here. Russia is making private helicopters at affordable prices for individuals. But largely speaking almost all inventions get transformed into weapons, one way or another, while we’re drowning in wars and blood and death around the world wherein only money seems to matter even though even gold is having trouble being reclaimed.

When I was younger the world’s oceans needed exploration, along with the rain-forests of the planet. Today we’re murdering the sea-creatures as fast as we can and killing all the life in the seas: Simultaneously we’ve ended the rain-forests even though we only managed to study or use less than 10% of the wonders that we managed to discover before we allowed the corporations to put an end to the lungs of the earth forever.

And just to insure that we don’t bother further with the oceans of the planet we’ve radioactively poisoned the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific with radiation, that’s spreading into the Atlantic and the Mediterranean ­ and that came about after we allowed BP to contaminate the Gulf-Stream to Europe while we destroyed the fishing industry throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

At the moment the extinction list for the death of species globally

Is moving ahead at 100 times the speed that it ever reached before.

Now NASA has decided to finally figure out how we can get beyond the Van Allen Belt around the earth’s atmosphere, so we can finally do some of the things we already claimed to have done ­ like visit the moon for instance, which we did not do, because if we had tried then no one would have survived the journey thru the totally contaminated Van Allen Belt ­ something that we just finally admitted with the building of the Orion spacecraft, which is still being tested.

What have we achieved globally?

Well we’ve been at war in Syria for over five years now and we’ve still not been able to dislodge Assad, no matter that the whole world has been making war on him, with the exception of China and Russia. Ironically because Russia and China did not object, Libya is no more. Those two nations could have stopped the West from what we did to Libya ­ but both Russia and China were silent and Kaddafi died.

Damn but we are pathetic: Syria is nothing but a ruin now, yet still his people will not surrender while we attempt time and time again to come up with some combination of outlaws that might be able to kill him.

While that’s going on Saudi Arabia is bombing the hell out of Yemen and now Russia is going to sell nuclear plants to the Saudi’s which they will use to make nuclear weapons. It’s interesting that only Iran is not allowed to have nuclear energy, while the nuclear power in the Middle East is still Israel who has said that not only will they use the nuclear weapons they claim that they don’t have, but they’ve been blackmailing the entire planet with them since they stole those weapons from the old USA, under Kennedy. Israel is using mini-nukes against the Palestinians, and the world doesn’t care. Maybe if Israel were to threaten to bomb the UN in New York something might be done to put an end to that nuclear nightmare forever?

Probably not because all the global-government agencies are all cowards when it comes to Israel or United States Inc. That’s probably why the entire planet is so screwed up at this moment in time, when real human beings need to surface to stop this madness that’s being fed by NATO and the UN in service to Israel’s directions, as that is being carried out by the mercenary armies of U.S.I.

The end of this weekend promises to bring some hot-topic answers to this massively damaged world. Monday promises some answers on Greece who must default on whatever they have with the IMF. Greece should then appeal directly to Russia to back them as they implement the Icelandic solution by jailing the bankers and executing the leaders, while they begin to rebuild the nation state of Greece in the ugly face of the fake EU and it’s obsessions with “AUSTERITY” followed by higher taxes ­ which has never worked in any country that has “tried it”.

With that kind of a massive shift, the world might just get enough oxygen to avoid WWIII, and people everywhere else could begin to follow that example which would put a permanent end to the pretend “DOMINANCE” of the EU which has never been anything but an illegal banking scheme to bankrupt every nation in the EU for the criminal banks of Europe.

Such a move just might put some kinks in NATO’s pretend war-games and the billions that are being wasted to try and impress the dying world with their military might that won’t last ten days against any real nation with real power instead of hot-air and empty chambers (Ukraine comes to mind). That international train-wreck has got to be dealt with next, if sanity is ever to have any chance to call-off that nightmare before it too goes nuclear…Something that US has been salivating over since the US first engineered the illegal takeover of Ukraine while claiming that Russia invaded it.

If NATO funding gets blocked, anywhere then the world just might have a chance to survive. If Greece sticks to its determination to save Greece from the Criminal Banks and the fake association of the EU before the next week ends ­ then just maybe there might be some breathing room for the world to begin to put an end to all this garbage that’s been going on for over fifteen years already ­ if not then we all will need to bend over and kiss our asses goodbye, because if the world allows a real global war to start, then most of us won’t be here to see how that ends…



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