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New Mexico Terrorist Compound Mysteriously
Destroyed By Authorities - Evidence Coverup

By Gary Holland
Exclusive To

This story looks like there's CIA/Mossad involvement...

1. The Zionist Judge released most of the muslims involved without legal cause and with the FBI, Sheriff and DA deeply opposed to it.

2. One of the muslim women was an illegal alien who was in the US for 20 years being protected.

3. Authorities mysteriously destroy the compound which means destroying and covering up all the evidence. Obstruction of justice.

4. Neighbors and property owners had been reporting the muslims in the compound for months and authorities ingnored their pleas.

This story looks like a Gladio type operation that went astray or this compound temporarily housed covert ops agents and intel players involved in a possible planned False Flag operation. Authorities were only allowed to ‘raid' the compound after the key players who had been staying there were long gone.

Here is the NBC News report...

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