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Never Believe What Washington DC Says 

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

There is an old saying that desperate people do desperate things. Nothing could be more accurate or clarifying as to why DC does the stupid, duplicitous and even contradictory things they do.

Until Washington DC re-learns that power has to speak the truth, do not trust them for even a nanosecond.

There are too many secrets; too many agendas; too many lies; too many competing issues, teams and factions to even remotely coordinate into a coherent domestic or foreign policy.

Something very similar to what is related in the following RT article happened prior to 9-11-2001. Someone was tampering with the system of air traffic control over the EU this week. My bet is it was not Russia, it was not China.

The tide is turning in the EU against this US / NATO / Wars based on Lies approach. When Obama was in Europe making sure Poland, Romania and Ukraine were staying on the game plan to put a New Iron Curtain along the entire border of the Russian Federation, both the Czech Republic and Slovakia told the US that NATO, USA troops, bases, missiles, etc. are not welcome in their nation.

The weapons systems that Bush and then Obama are trying to push to the borders of the Russian Federation are both defensive and nuclear offensive capabilities.

Then the US tries to beat up on Bulgaria and Serbia to block the Russian owned South Stream natural gas pipeline. If you missed my article on that, this is the link to it:

France has stunned the world in elevating the Front National party of Marine Le Pen into power. Where current President Hollande did control France the entire political machinery he controls is now just 2 province districts of the entire of France. Madame Le Pen has made it clear that in the future there may well be NO TO EU, NO TO EURO, and NO TO NATO.

There is a lot of talk about how Germany can make or break the EU, but France can, too.

These desperate clowns might be planning something to punish France, Slovakia or Czech Republic for disobeying the fascist Zionist orders, since they are now losing on all fronts.

Even the recent defeat of Republican Eric Cantor, #2 in the US House, is a clear warning that Americans have had their fill of Washington DC. There are a lot of theories about why Cantor lost, but in my mind the biggest reason was his jumping to the head of the Tea Party parade to try to silence it to block real change.

The information at the following link is additional proof to what I sent to Bush in November 2004. See this link and the next one below that.

My book ‘One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas’ came out in January 2004. These are excerpts from my book, specifically Chapter 9 starting at page 346:


Chapter 9 - Hey, Bush, the WMD are Hidden in Al FUBAR, Iraq

The Nearest Clue Store is at 1300 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA; i.e. American Conservative Magazine headquarters.

I just love to debunk liars. I was mostly influenced by a first generation German grandfather after the age of 9 that had little regards for liars and always referred to them as “truth averse” or he would simply say that he did not like them “because they are not hemmed in by the truth”.


Figure : Department of Defense, MSNBC, Current US Troop deployments


Of course, we can now add in Romania and Ukraine since the US agenda will not stop until Americans stop Washington DC.

When you hear about IED explosives, rocket attacks on our bases in Iraq, and mortar attacks, remember this. We are running “Bombs R Us”, not the Iraqi insurgents.1 Since we have not bothered to get control over those sites and the Iraqis are free to pick up bombs as they please at unguarded sites, plant them and set them off to kill Americans, the next time you hear Rumsfeld talking about having “all the troops needed” or “all that needs to be done is being done” understand that he is lying to you.”

Many Americans saw the Demand Letter to Bush citing 30 specific things that Americans demand to know the truth about. He of course did not respond, but the written record is made and is specifically clear.

I also sent a Demand #31 to Bush regarding something that came up and proved that his entire WMD was a lie. Even when Bush claimed that they found tons of WMD at Al Qagaa, Iraq, then suddenly “380 tons of explosives missing at Al Qaqaa”, the explosives suddenly wound up missing. If you missed this information, one place on the Internet still has my Demand #31 available.

The date is November 8, 2004, well after my book had come out earlier that year. I was already onto this ‘yet again another lie’ but did not have enough facts to put it in my book.

After the 1991 Desert Storm fiasco that Bush literally created to get rid of Saddam Hussein, there were No Fly Zones and strict sanctions. Even machines to grind wheat into flour were denied to Iraq under the pretense Saddam Hussein could use them for a non-existent WMD program. It was ludicrous for US bureaucrats to deny wheat grinding machines under such a false pretense, but the goal was regime change and DC did not care how much damage, hardship or death they caused to the Iraqi people.

The reason I had stayed focused on this one particular story about them finding and then losing the WMD was simple. The explosive RDX is used to detonate nuclear weapons. It is a very tightly controlled US invented explosive that was created by Eastman Chemical.

They did not even invent and patent RDX until well after the sanctions went into effect against Iraq after the 1991 war. They were not even awarded a patent on RDX until 1998.

About 1 year prior to Bush and Blair lying to make the case for war on the basis that Iraq was a threat due to a non-existent WMD program, that Iraq was involved in 9-11, and that Iraq had plans to attack the USA, UK, Israel, etc., Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell were quoted in Egypt that the Sanctions Program was working and Iraq had no WMD.

Then they come before Congress and the American people with their lies about why the US and UK needed to attack Iraq.

There was RDX in Iraq and it suddenly disappeared. That RDX was there after the 1991 sanctions were put into effect means that someone directly tied to the US government put them there.

If Saddam Hussein could not get machines to grind wheat into flour to make bread, he could not have obtained RDX either.

I think the folks in Slovakia, Czech Republic and France need to be on guard due to why air traffic control lost 13 jets on radar this week.


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