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Never Again
Will This World Look The Same

By Jim Kirwan

This image is well over 30 years old and of course no one can go back to looking the way any of us looked that long ago. The same thing has unfortunately become true about the world in which we are struggling to stay alive.

We shall never again see the sky, the earth the waters of the planet, as they look today because all of this is being murdered second by second, yet almost no one bothers to even look up.

Will the Sheep Ever Look UP?

I doubt it.

Not, that is, until there is no longer
any light in the skies above.

I had hoped that it would not come to this but it has. We have failed to notice what has been happening now for over sixty years. Sixty years is just five years shy of how long the Zionists have been pushing their outlaw state, Israel ­ to end the world!

What this means is that what you are able to eat, drink or enjoy in the future will continue to disappear at an astounding rate. Over 200 species of life are vanishing a day now. At this rate there will be very little left of what we call the natural world. Our forests are dying; our waters are dying along with most of the species that live in the oceans, the lakes, rivers and streams. The global-icecap of the world will only survive for perhaps another year maybe a bit longer.

The skies are already gone. They’ve been replaced by manufactured experiments in a global-laboratory that is designed to kill the entire planet. The weather world-wide is changing into something totally artificial and most of us have never even noticed the damage. Watch the video, and remember that the memories you have of days gone by have become museum pieces preserved only in the amber of your mind’s eye. Those days and all the richness of them are gone forever. The only chance we have is to ground the planes that are spraying the entire planet. We must also destroy all of the HARRP installations worldwide, to even begin to have any chance at all to survive.

The forests are dying around the planet. We have already burned most of the rain-forests, the lungs of the planet, now the trees are being starved of water and air, as well as being infected by the poisons we have sprayed over every inch of the planet. The weather has been radically altered, we’ve even changed the terminology in the way we now describe the sun. The jet stream’s paths have been manipulated along with the rains, the winds, the droughts and the lightning to create massive changes everywhere. Fires and floods abound and still the population refuses to notice. When the crops come in this fall there will be huge losses because of the weather, among other things:

Still the sheep will not look up!

Nothing about this earth will ever be the same again, in the lifetimes of anyone alive today. You need to watch this 46 minute video and note the changes they have documented so thoroughly. Then you need to demand changes in everything involved in this slaughter of the entire planet… (1)

And since we’re on the topic of things we can never go back to; there is a five part series called “Counter Intelligence” for anyone that cares to know how all this garbage came to be a controlling part of everything we do today. Part One is here. (2)

Why the US Rulers fear the American People

Today, the US has evolved into a dystopia, not a democracy, where obscene wealth and privilege stand in the face of massive poverty and misery. One indicator of this abysmal inequality is the fact that the 400 richest Americans have more material wealth than 155 million of their fellow citizens combined.

Another datum: some 50 million Americans - a sixth of the population - are surviving on food handouts. Unemployment, homelessness, suicide rates, prescription drug addiction, rampant gun crime all speak in different ways of social meltdown.

American society is collapsing from the sheer weight of its decrepit capitalist economy. The social system is unsustainable. It is like a distended rotten sack that is coming apart at the seams from inexorable burgeoning pressure. This is not unique to the US. All around the world, people are rebelling against the inequity of crony capitalism - there is only one form of capitalism - from Europe to the Arab Middle East, from Turkey to Brazil.”

But the US is a phenomenal case in point of collapsing capitalist society. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, within living memory; the US was regarded as the economic paradigm of the world. Now it more and more resembles a giant sprawling ghetto of unremitting poverty that is interspersed with a few gated rich communities, the latter populated by the top one percent of society.

Even if we accept this claim on face value, an alleged terror threat numbering 50, gleaned from billions of communication files, is a negligible ratio, akin to a needle in a haystack. That means two things. First, the statistical terror threat against US citizens is likewise negligible to the point of being virtually non-existent. As Snowden himself pointed out, the chances of Americans dying from slipping in their bathtub are far great than from terrorism. The second thing is that the official pretext for global, industrial-scale infringement of privacy - that is, national security of its citizens - is grotesquely disproportionate, and therefore unjustifiable.”

In the 1970s, US Senator Frank Church led a groundbreaking investigation into illicit American government covert operations. Church warned then that if the secret powers of the NSA were to ever become deployed against the American public - as opposed to “foreign enemies” - then that country’s democracy would be finished. That is precisely the present abysmal outcome of secret US state powers.

There are two corollaries of the imploding capitalist system, for which the US still remains the lynchpin for historical reasons. The first is the increasing militarism of the US and its Western allies to compensate for this economic demise. This militarism has evolved over the past decade since the purported 9/11 terror attacks on the US in 2001 to become a condition of “permanent war”. The present US-led covert war in Syria and underway against Iran are part of a continuum of imperialist war-making that connects Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, as well as Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Mali. This state of permanent war is needed by the waning capitalist powers to try to assert control of natural resources, markets, finance and investment against perceived rivals, such as Russia and China.

The other corollary of the historic failure of capitalism, and in particular in the US, is the imperative to assert control over social meltdown and rebellion. That is why the growth in militarism abroad has gone hand-in-glove with the intensification of surveillance powers and repression against citizens at home. American, and Western, democracy is, for all intents and purposes, a dead corpse. Only criminal wars and repression of its citizens are keeping the moribund system on a life-support system.

As Thomas Drake noted, “Since the [US] government unchained itself from the constitution after 9/11, it has been eating our democracy alive from the inside out.”

The rulers of America are despotic elites who are living in fear and trepidation of their own people and of people power around the world rising in rebellion against the misrule of capitalism.

Obama, without congressional counsel has decided now that he can simply order US forces to perform a preemptive-nuclear strike on any country he decides is ‘a potential-threat’ to this corporate-state. In light of how deeply threatened this place already is ­ that would be the beginning of WWIII ­ without question. But given what is contained in the first two reports in footnotes one and two below - this by itself is almost beside the point: Because no matter what happens next, or soon after that, there will not be much to live in when the Geoengineering and Counter-Intelligence are finished with their sadistic games ­ there will be nothing left to fight over!

It’s up to us to end the treasons and the lies. How this gets done is not as important as the fact that it must happen. If we have to drag the politicians and the so-called ruling elite out into the streets: IF we can finally summon the guts to take them down, face-to-face, stripped of all assets under the RICO act and end this nightmare ­ here & now ­ then we must do it!

1) The Geoengineering Conspiracy Explained - 46 min 03 sec VIDEO

2) Counter-Intelligence, Part One The Company 1 Hour 18 min Video

The other four parts of this are listed below the video

3) US Rulers Fear American People





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