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Netanyahu & Nero's Rule

By Jim Kirwan


Until today this egomaniacal-duo had only thought they ruled the world, but today Nero made it plain for the entire world to see. What happens next will determine whether or not this Declaration of Absolute Power has any real teeth or not.

There are a great many problems with this unbelievable power-grab and its’ not clear yet that the Drug-Dealer from Hawaii and his global-partner in Crime will get away with this Crime of the Century.

Here’s the wording.

US officials at the White House have said President Barack Obama will give a speech at the United Nations this week, in which he will call for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A White House spokesman has told reporters the Obama speech will lead with an insistence that Assad abdicates.

It will also call for tough measures if Syria does not turn over all its chemical weapons, including threats of force.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said the UN Security Council should be prepared to act on Syria's chemical weapons program by next week.” (1)

The fact that Nero started the war inside Syria against Assad, two and a half years ago, apparently matters not at all.

The fact that Nero’s government has been hiring the killers he’s using against Assad (unsuccessfully) - while our military is actually fighting the same Al Qaeda forces inside Afghanistan: And loosing there as well is not considered. The outlaw Al Qaeda forces are killing Americans in Afghanistan every day. This not seem to effect either of the co-leaders, who have decided that the elected leader of a sovereign nation which is not their own, must “abdicate” now.

Apparently it doesn’t matter that Syria has not attacked either the US or Israel, but is rather the victim of the Jewnited States & Israel, because Syria refuses to surrender to Israel. No doubt both Netanyahu & Nero are frustrated with the latest series of delays in their plans to add Syria to their list. This was made possible by John Kerry’s goof when he suggested that ‘If Assad were to surrender his chemical weapons then maybe force might not be necessary’?

The Russians & Assad proceeded to begin the surrender of the chemical weapons which then led to the total embarrassment of Nero and the absolute frustration of Netanyahu. Putin began to look to be the one global-leader with real statesmanship that raised the specter of a possible peace, as about the closet thing to any reality, throughout the long years of this Syrian war, that has gone nowhere—until Putin came aboard.

Ergo this is the tantrum of two adolescent school-yard bullies who were beaten at the table when their bluff was called. What’s at stake here is a global nuclear war! This is real and can’t be left in the care of children or adolescent frustrations lest WWIII becomes a reality - just because Netanyahu & Nero can’t wait to start their latest war, with nuclear force!

The little noticed future of Libya, that ruined place that used to be what Syria is today, has become “Amerika’s Hub for Israel” in laying waste to the rest of the countries in North Africa, which was always part of the Jewnited Plan we call AFRICOM. Mali has become engaged and Kenya just got added to the payroll for our death squads, in new attacks on the rest of Africa, as if any more wars were needed.

AFRICOM was modeled on the Nazi’s Africa Corp. The Third Reich lost that war, just as the Fourth Reich will lose this one ­ because in modern times every Empire that starts wars-for-empire has ended up losing the wars and their Empire as well. (2)

This new incursion was announced by Nero about a year ago when he casually mentioned that America was going to invade 32 or maybe only 23 countries in Africa. He didn’t actually say that he would invade them, but the meaning was deadly clear if you’ve been paying attention to what this traitor does routinely. Just look at the map of Africa, and imagine a set of arrows arching upward and outward in every direction from Libya, Then you can see why Libya had to be returned to the stone-age so that all the various factions would have some rubble to gather in, to plan their next assault, upon the whole human race.

The point beneath the takeover of the world

I know this sounds like a comic-book but the egomaniacs are serious—deadly serious. What the world failed to notice about Israel is that before that shitty little country began to insert herself into the supposedly civilized world, life was continuing without huge losses of life, whether that be human or otherwise.

Then Israel actually CREATED terrorism inside Palestine. They fought the Brits continuously, until the British passed them on to the west to deal with. After Dirty Harry introduced these not-yet-housebroken terrorists to parliamentarian ideas, they played ball until they managed to wrangle a seat in the UN.

Everything from there on was a micro-war of insults denials and outright refusals among the community of nations over the outrageous and outlaw behavior of Israel, the nation that stole Palestine to get somewhere to go, supposedly of their own, but then once installed this cancerous pustule began to spread her poisons throughout the middle east—and ever since 1948 these outlaws have brought only more hell to the rest of the planet.

War after War after War followed always by the US & Israel dripping in blood

If we were to remove Israel from the world, just as Netanyahu & Nero want to remove Syria from the planet, the rush of freedom and real security would gush in to fill the entire Middle East and the rest of the world with outrageous JOY!

Because almost every conflict has at it’s core either Israel or the Jewnited States as the agitator and the invading criminal armies that have come to rape, pillage and plunder until the original people of the area are scattered, if not permanently damaged or dead. Israel has attacked so often that it isn’t even news anymore. This time it ought to be Israel who gets attacked for cause, and that should not end until they disappear.

The planet must deal with this and with Nero, or we will all be sucked into this criminal slaying machine that knows only war, death and destruction forever and ever… without end!

Obama to insist Assad steps down

History is about to Repeat ­ 3 min VIDEO





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