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Nero’s New Millennium

By Jim Kirwan

Obamanation has claimed the title of Commander-in-Chief, left over from George AWOL Bush. The title is a lie. In order for that title to have any meaning it would have to have been given to any president by the U.S. Congress.

Commander-in-Chief” is only functional whenever any war has been declared valid by the Congress of the United States. That has not happened since World War Two. That was the last time that the US had a “Commander-in-Chief”. Therefore every “war” from WWII to the present moment has all been illegal.

In Obama’s case, his authority to hold that ‘position’ has been further weakened by his refusal to listen, in person, to his own daily intelligence briefings. Here’s his record on those briefings which probably interfered with his golf game…

An alarming report by the Governmental Accountability Institute (GAI) says that, in the 2,079 days (1/20/2009 thru’ 9/29/2014) since he became President and Commander-In-Chief, Barack Obama has attended a total of only 875 PDBs for an overall 42.09% attendance rate.

That means he missed 57.91% or 6 out of every 10 of his daily

Intelligence briefings. Even worse, his attendance rate has worsened in his second term (41.26% attendance rate) as president than in his first term (42.43% attendance rate).”

k) This by the way was the same daily intelligence brief which Bush disagreed with to the point that Cheney created a private separate agency which furnished the president his own “intelligence” which is how he got around the realities that would have kept the US out of War with Iraq. That is what makes all of this a ‘Big Deal’.

Obamanation was appointed to the office he occupies by the 250 year old alliance of Oligarch’s that own and run the world’s banks and the military and mercenary services which protect them all. Despite Barry’s apparent assent to the god-like position he believes is his: He personally is just a puppet in service to a much larger power.

That power decided that Obamanation will have total control over every life upon the planet. As if that is not enough “he” supposedly has total control over the national policies of every nation on the earth. Anything which disagrees with his determinations is therefore subject to either Regime Change, torture, mass arrests, mass murder, rape, beheadings or genocide: According to how he feels at any given moment: All of this is decided by those secret-owners that clearly control our very own “Nero”.

If the world seriously wanted to end any of the current wars, then we would have to go after that 250 year old cabal and wipe it off the earth: Which of course is not ever going to be an option.

In the meantime the world needs to begin to see all the events taking place around the planet for what they are: Blatant assaults by that ancient “association” to exterminate any bank that does not belong to the Rothschilds, or resistance to any force that was created to protect that global banking system.

This was the crime that caused the end of Iraq and Libya. It is also the cause beneath the on-going wars against Iran, Syria and Russia. It is still being debated as to whether or not new challenges will arise from nations in Central and South America, along with Africa, India, China and other nations that are challenging the petro-dollar and the global-banks that have kept this extortion in place for the last 250 years.

Global politics has been totally skewed by this not-so-secret global association which has now been exposed and Nero has only served as a minor part in their intended domination over the world. In fact Obamanation is only there because Americans have been too cowardly to physically throw him out of office.

Americans do not realize that Obamanation has taken charge of making every decision for every person living here: About everything from how you raise your family to whatever you might want to do in your private life: His excuse is that everything in every life is now a matter of “national security” which is why no one is allowed to do any thinking at all about anything that anyone might ever encounter.

Everything now requires governmental permission. If any of this government’s illegal decrees are violated; then penalties are immediate and severe. There is no longer any protection for any American from the U.S. Bill of Rights—that document is dead and buried, because all its provisions have been grossly violated, by the government, which makes this treason valid: Simply because the public refused to challenge the governments violations of every part of the U.S. Constitution.

There is an additional insult that adds to the crimes listed above. When Slavery was in full force: The way that slaves were treated, under the laws at that time, is exactly the way this government and the multinational corporations are treating us all today. Slaves were considered to be “property” and as such they had no rights because they were not human beings. In 2014, the exact same things are being practiced against Americans in every area of the society today.

Everything in this life directly depends upon whether or not anyone has any real freedom—because without freedom nothing else really matters!

The Rebirth of Responsible Freedom

At the moment the freedom of people to live as they chose is at stake not just in Scotland, but in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, and dozens of other nations that want to create self-responsible places where life can again have real meaning—because what they decide to do, over what the corporations are demanding of people all over the globe could become the new paradigm: If people the world over decided to OUTLAW the CORPORATIONS and the BANKS that serve them, then everything would be permanently altered.

Everything has always come down to personal freedom!

This is the way to end this criminal attempt to steal the entire planet—but only if individuals in each of these captured nations decide to take-back their freedom and keep it…

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12 Years a Slave



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