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Neocon McCain Urges
Escalated Terror War On Syria

By Stephen Lendman

Washington’s rape and destruction of Syria so far isn’t good enough for lunatics like McCain, an unapologetic imperial spear carrier - indifferent to human suffering and rule of law principles.

Wall Street Journal editors gave him feature op-ed space. “Stop Assad Now - Or Expect Years of War,” he headlined, blaming Syria’s democratically elected leader and Putin for Obama’s high crimes, failing to explain Syria was invaded by US-supported terrorists.

McCain repeated the same litany of Big Lies other US officials and media scoundrels proliferate, suppressing hard reality on the ground.

“(B)ad as this conflict is now, it can get much worse - and likely will,” he ranted, ignoring America’s responsibility for years of carnage, regime change its objective, wanting US hegemonic control replacing Syrian sovereign independence.

He’s right saying no Plan B exists, transforming Syria into another US vassal state is what Obama’s war is all about - imperial ruthlessness at its worst.

Lunatic ideas McCain proposes would assure escalated conflict if implemented, greater mass slaughter and destruction than already. His scheme goes something like this:

Circumvent Security Council authority. Ignore congressional involvement. Forget about rule of law principles. Implement a no-fly zone unilaterally or together with rogue partners.

Ground Syrian and Russian aircraft. Give American and “coalition” warplanes exclusive right to operate in Syrian airspace. Then unleash shock-and-awe viciousness - a repeat of how US-led NATO raped Libya.

Increase military and other aid for US-backed terrorists. Pretend they’re “moderates.” Who’ll know the difference. Americans are so out-of-touch and misinformed, they’ll believe anything repeated enough.

Obama’s “approach to Syria has failed miserably,” McCain claimed - not mean and nasty enough to suit him. “Now is the time for a new strategy,” he added - otherwise war on Syria “will continue to threaten the US and destabilize the world.”

McCain chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, a longtime unapologetic hawk. He supports resolving conflicts by escalating them, waging new ones, continuing perhaps until planet earth is entirely raped and destroyed.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at

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