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The Neocons Have To Go


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


You will be a much wiser American if you read this article and my past two articles about getting rid of the Neocons. For peace and prosperity to reign they must be purged from the US political process and discussion.

You should also take the time to read the two article links I provide below as additional background.

It is utterly disgusting to watch Washington DC posturing and lies, and their Mynah Birds and ‘Talking Head Non-Experts” over in MSM just look the other way on one of the most important stories of this year. Actually two important stories, a speech given in the National Press Club by a former ambassador to the USSR, and one in Moscow given by President Vladimir Putin.

Those speeches were not covered and aired in the USA because they do not jive with the Official Propaganda emanating out of Washington DC. With the usual backwards spin DC and MSM have tried to label the Putin speech as one of not kneeling to DC.

The President of the Russia Federation, Vladimir Putin recently made a speech that framed out exactly what the foreign policy is of the Russia Federation. What he had to say runs contrary to what Washington DC and their pets in MSM are spewing out over the US and international air waves.

Europe is now realizing that Russia is a key part of their future whether that is energy supplies, jobs and exports and up to and including National Security. Almost across the board EU exports to USA keep dropping and had been increasing year-on-year until the US wanted to play this Ukraine ­ Hate Russia card.

Most Americans are not aware of the heated battle between Boeing and Airbus for commercial jets, or that most of the Airbus A320 models are FAL in Tianjin China and most of the Airbus A330, A340 and A350 models are FAL in RUSSIA, where ‘FAL’ stands for Final Assembly Line. That alone joins Germany based EADS ­ Airbus and Russia at the hip.

Nor are most Americans aware that the world’s top heavy airfreight jet is the Antonov An-124 and An-225 made in UKRAINE until Russia ordered 160 of them to take virtual dominant control of the heavy airfreight market globally. Russia has now restarted the Antonov production facility at Ulyanovsk Russia and moving right along in spite of the illegal regime change the US, EU and NATO wanted to see happen in Kiev via the Maidan protests and slaughter of protestors and police by snipers.

Their “Chatty Cathy dolls” over at the State Department, specifically Marie Harf and Jen Psaki, just keep spewing out the same press conference lies and drivel just like the doll. Pull on that cord 1,000 times and they only know 10 phrases that are nothing but contrived spin, propaganda and lies from DC.

Repeatedly the White House, certain diarrhea mouthed US Senators and Representatives and even MSM Mynah Birds keep airing the lie that Russia has invaded Ukraine and Russian aggression must be checked. They cannot provide any evidence to back up their propaganda because it does not exist. OSCE has been on the scene and reports no ‘Russian Invasion’ but that is not what Americans are being told on US MSM TeeVee.

I cannot say for Jen Psaki other than she is a diehard DNC liberal and Obama fan, but Marie Harf is formerly from that other Lie Factory we all know as the CIA.

It is important for Americans to grasp that the Neocons are now on both sides of the aisle in DC. That is why there is ‘No Change’ regardless of who is in the Oval Office or which party controls which house in the US Congress.

One of the best US Ambassadors ever to Russia is now 85 and his name is Jack Matlock. He was in almost all summit meetings between the US and USSR from 1972 to 1991, and was US Ambassador to Russia during the Reagan and George H W Bush Administrations from 1987 to 1991. He has recently come out about the insanity of the current US policies towards Russia and using Ukraine to implement a stupid plan and an idiotic idea, i.e. George W. Bush Cowboy-style adventurism with a made up Global War on Terror.

This is the link to an article (Russia covered it, not US media) and a quotation, and photograph of one of the best ambassadors the USA ever had to Russia.

At a gathering sponsored by the Committee for the Republic, which was formed by an elite group of former Washington officials in response to George W. Bush’s foreign policy adventurism, Jack Matlock spoke for nearly an hour at the National Press Club urging the assembled not to fall prey to the Manichaeistic view of the current crisis in relations between the United States and Russia.”


One comment Matlock made was 100% on target in that any nation with an arsenal of ICBM’s is not a ‘regional power’; (and an advanced air force, army and navy to deliver precision nuclear weapons globally). Russia could take out any nation, anywhere, any time if the “Russian aggression” propaganda had any merit at all but does not.

Matlock’s comments at the National Press Club are not in fashion in DC because his wisdom runs contrary to what the Neocons want. More is explained on that below because therein lies the rub between Vladimir Putin and the DC Neocons that think they know everything about everything better than anyone else.

Consider that in Afghanistan (a Neocon plan), and Iraq (a really stupid Neocon plan), Libya, Syria and Ukraine, the US has failed. Russia took out Georgia in a mere week in August 2008, slammed the door shut on US and Georgia aggression and moved on.

Think about that, and the fact that the Neocon’s plan in Afghanistan failed over 13 years and 11 years in Iraq. Libya is now a failed state and Syria now has US permission for ISIS to call in US airstrikes on the SYRIA ARMY.

Egypt attacks ISIS in Libya and out comes the Pentagon not supporting any Egypt air force actions against ISIS.

If that does not tell you who is backing ISIS you need to WAKE UP.

That the Neocon track record has been an endless line of failures and enough debt to sink 10 nations proves they do not deserve even one second of air time from now into the future.

The part of Putin’s speech they do not like is that Vladimir Putin sees exactly what his nation is, a valuable and powerful player on the world stage and a true counterbalance to US hegemony, domination, and empire building.

China sees itself the same way and both are completely correct in what their role is now and in the future all over this world. That too runs contrary to the PNAC Neocon agenda of USA total control and domination of this world.

The Neocons think their ideas and the USA is so ‘star spangled awesome’ that the rest of the world wants to kneel to them and be mere slaves and vassals to the DC agenda. The Neocons refuse to accept the notion that the BRIC, China, Russia, South America or even the EU are competent enough to lead this world or even their own nations.

Such hubris and arrogance is exactly what the Neocons are.

What is truly laughable is that Washington DC cannot lead DC or the USA, much less any other nation.

Their arrogance is beyond laughable since the USA is imploding from within and more and more of this world is moving on without the USA agenda as their agenda.

China is not buying it, Russia is not buying it, the BRIC are not buying it and most of the rest of the world is now clearly seeing that the biggest threat to global peace and prosperity are these idiots in Washington DC that are Neocons and are very out of touch with the realities of this world.

The endless waste and corruption of Washington DC is not a model that any nation on this Earth wants to adopt. I am not aware of a single nation that ‘holds upon high’ the democracy model DC thinks the rest of the world needs to adopt willingly or by force.

They expect, and demand, that Russia accept the role of being a subservient vassal to Washington DC but that is never going to happen.

These Neocons refuse to accept that EU, Russia and China are just as powerful as the USA, and they are.

Even while they were playing their PNAC Global War on Terror games and blew trillions of US dollars on no success whatsoever, the US spent $5.1 billion lining up the next illegal regime in Ukraine.

Washington DC has gone out of its way to try to paint the picture of “Russian Aggression” for the past two presidential administrations. That started under the Bush Administration and their failed escapade in South Ossetia when Georgia attacked during the middle of the night an area that voted in 1991 to remain aligned with Russia.

With all of their Big Neocon Talk about self-determination, when the chessboard is not going their way they have proven they are willing to promote war, illegal regime change, murder in any nation to get the Neocon Way installed. The mere concept of self-determination means nothing to the Neocons if that gets in the way of their agenda of Global USA Empire.

The “Bush Brain Fart” was based in the simple reality that South Ossetia is a mere 25 kilometers from pipelines out of the Caspian Basin region through Georgia. Russia is now permanently parked 25km from those pipelines and after the Georgia ­ Russia fiasco that was started by Georgia, US, Ukraine and certain factions in the EU, Russia put in a buffer zone to protect South Ossetia from further aggression towards the Russian citizens of that area.


Most of my friends in Ukraine are more leaning towards Russia than this illegal moronic regime that Washington DC and EU wanted installed in Kiev. Most of those same friends know that if push came to shove Russia could take all of Ukraine so fast that the EU and USA would not know what hit them and their agenda of trying to force NATO to the borders of Russia.

Russia is many things but subservient to the DC Neocons, that will never happen.

In Putin’s speech given February 13, 2015 in Moscow, he hit the nail square on the head on what the problem is:

Underpinning everything is a belief in the need for an orderly system preserved by a balance of power.  For Putin, the USSR’s greatest contribution was precisely in that by providing a counter weight to the US it secured international stability.  Much of the speech is a lament for the loss of the counterweight provided by the USSR.

The part of the speech that criticizes US foreign policy draws on these assumptions: the US became intoxicated by the unexpected position it achieved as a result of the USSR’s collapse and rather than acting to preserve the stability of the international system went instead on a rampage through a sequence of violent unilateral actions designed to reshape the world according to its image and interests and in order to perpetuate its dominance.” 

Vladimir Putin sees the USA much more clearly than DC can see, hear or think.

Since I was inside of RNC when they planned the move from the “USSR boogeyman” to the “Islamic terrorist boogeyman” I have had plenty of time to watch and think about what the plans were and why they have failed.

After the fall of the USSR in September 1991 the only nation that went the wrong way was the United States of America. Who is to blame for that are the Neocons.

The Neocons expect and demand that every nation on this Earth kneel to them and be mere vassals of their Lunatic Neocon Business Plan.

I have watched this fiasco in the making from 1992-1996 and then watched as they have tried to play out their Grand Chessboard scheme and it has utterly failed.

America will get well fast as soon as Americans wake up and purge the US political process of each and every one of the Neocons.


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