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NATO's Rapid Response Force To Counter Putin

By Jim Kirwan

NATO Unveils Rapid-Response Force to Counter Russian Troops in Ukraine
Rasmussen is the kafkaesque figure at the center of NATO's current obscenity which is seeking to weaponize the entire Southern Border of Russia, which, until last November was a peaceful boundry between peoples on both sides of the border.
Until this latest bit of terrorist activity conducted by USI, Israel & NATO, there was obvioulsy no need to weaponize the Russian border - until the US, via Kiev, chose to attack the people of Eastern Ukraine - as "terrorists in their own country. Porky's predessor opened fire, then failed to follow thru. A fake-election was held which was "won" by Porky with only 30% of the electorate. His first act was to announce the absolute extermination of the entire eastern region of Ukraine -  which was a blatant act of WAR.
After months of fighting Porky declared that he would wipe out all resistance within the week that ended last week. Porky failed. The Resistance forces kicked his mercenary forces out of the same areas they had promised to die to capture. The government in Kiev was handed a major defeat, and he agreed to meet with the resistance to discuss terms yesterday: Whereupon Porky announced to the world that Kiev had won the war, and that the resistance fighters would be punished accordingly, instead of being treated as the legitimate representatives of the Eastern Republics which they are.  
It is against this backdrop that Rasmussen the pathetic NATO puppet jumped into the scene and began to describe the way NATO would "deal" with the global-powerhouse of Russia which he is convinced can be dealt with by the cobbled together forces he discusses in the article  at the link:
This entire "story" could never be made into even this very bad movie; which it is because no audience could ever believe the script - primarially because it defies all logic. None of the supposed facts in evidence on the ground has been shown to exist. And this entier masquarade has been out there for 10 months now, with only failure after failure to show for all the money wasted in this farce.
None of the starring roles in this 'production' involve anyone that could ever be believed when they continue to mutter their obvious lies that the planet is being 'told' to believe: Just because it's the US Incorporated and Israel who have designed this entire charade, not to mention the tens of billions that NATO wants to spend to create MORE MILITARY BASES as if the 900 they already have are not enough. (That's necessary because of the multi-billions which the global war-machine will make to do the job)
NATO fails to notice the time it would take to build these unnecessary "NATO BASES" in the middle of Winter when there will be no heat, in the countries where the bases will supposedly be constructed - so the populations in those countries will be suffering cold and hunger from the illegal sanctions, yet they are expected to cheer the building of more unnessary bases to attack the one nation that could supply the heating oil and food to get them thru the winter?
There is nothing that could perhaps be further from the truth about what NATO Israel and USI are doing in Ukraine than the totally misdirected resources which NATO is demanding that Europe invest in, while the same people that are supposed to be protected will be starving or freezing to death in this kafkaesue play...


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