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Name Just One Country


By Jim Kirwan


That has profited from any USI Invasion!

“On September 15, 2001, the Chief of CTC [CIA Counterterrorism Center] and I presented the President of the United States [George W. Bush] with a plan to attack al-Qaeda in its Afghanistan sanctuary and a worldwide plan that covered 92 countries. Our plan was adopted and were given significantly expanded authorities and additional resources by the President to fight the war on terror.”
US Planned War on 92 Countries Four Days After 9/11

Ask anyone you please, in government or outside the massive lie that pretends to run the old USA ­ to name just one of any of the now over one hundred countries that we are officially at war with:

“How exactly has life improved since America invaded any other nation?” The illegal-invaders always promise “Freedom & Democracy” ­ can anyone name any nation that now enjoys either ‘freedom’ or ‘democracy, because of any US or Israeli action’ since the New Millennium began?

First of all ‘democracy’ is a false-promise because it simply means “Mob-Rule” and in actuality ‘democracy’ brings nothing with it except mob-rule. If we were the Republic that we were, then under a Republic the minority opinion of others must be respected ­ which is why we never mention that fact.

“Democracy” is the contemporary version

Of yesterday’s Trojan Horse.

We’ve substituted “Democracy”, in the world over the “values” in a Republic because democracy, in this instance, is tantamount to slavery and is not the reality of the real freedoms that people living in a Republic actually have.

But this too is meaningless because we never brought either freedom or democracy to any other people on the planet, since the New Millennium began. In fact since this latest round in the now over 100 nations that we’re still making war on today: The policies that are being carried out now are being done to guarantee that no other nation, including the US, will ever have either personal Freedom or Democracy again. The proof of this lies in the fact that everything we’ve already done to the world has been to enslave every other nation that we’ve already invaded, including the continental United States—which will be finalized when Martial Law is finally acted on.

Since no one can name even one place that has been improved by our outrageously-illegal pre-emptive strikes which go against all the international laws of war: That policy must be ended and revoked and all funding for the US-Israel war machine must be terminated.

REGIME-CHANGE must be done in the United States,

As this is the solution du-jour for every situation

That presents any type of problem today.

Afterall we have declared “Regime-Change” routinely on nation after nation that has tried to resist us, regardless of their right to live and care for their own people in their own countries, in their own ways.

And since our policies of “WAR, WAR and Lots more WAR” have brought about nothing but scorched earth, viciously decimated peoples and ruined nations ­ it would seem to be way past time for the people of the world to demand that the United States undergo

the same Regime Change that USI has delegated to be used against everyone else in the world of today. But this can only work if enough of us are determined to ever have a world that anyone can ever live in again…

The Invisible Public

What has become clear to the world is that quite literally everything today is criminal, in every area of life on the planet, ever since USI decided to appoint itself to rule over the entire world…

Would that the public this time will finally understand the absolute
necessity to globally demand an end to Oligarch's and the global-banks.
Somewhere someone will find the right words to explain "Free the Planet". What is less clear is whether or not the global-population will grab the idea and ram the BANKS down the rabbit-hole, so that people can extract a global ending to the extortion and
intimidation world wide - by branding the bankers and their outlaw friends as the traitors they are, that must face the gallows while dumping their fake debt back into the dustbins in this return to medieval-history - a lot depends upon what happens later today, with the vote in Greece, especially since it will be so close and the entrenched criminals will definitely NOT go down without "fixing" the result - just to keep their private orgy of gorging themselves with other people ‘s money alive and safe, from the same people that they’re continuing to steal from with every breath they take.
What the slogan in Greece should have been was "Fuck the Banks" in every nation, in the EU and all of their internationally criminal co-conspirators: Israel, USI, NATO, UN, IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements and on and on." Because EVERYTHING  is now criminal in every area of life everywhere...
The time has come to smash our way out of this global-prison and arrest our jailers wherever they exist - along with their apologists that have become legion in the shadows, while so many claim to be critics of this hijacking, but who are in reality part of the intended and secret fifth column that has protected these global-thieves from the
blatant-revelations that could kill the Khazarian Supremacy and their mercenaries in very public ways—if only the world could see the truth behind the lies that have been strangling the world for the last five years in Europe…
Who knows if it is even possible to find the right words to
bring about the needed results - but then it's probably more about what the people on the ground around the world will finally decide to do about ending their own personal nightmares - but this time it could change, but only if and when people have finally had enough of naked terrorism to confront the lying thieves and pound them into the oblivion which they’ve been trying to put the whole world into for millennia.
But nothing can go forward until today's problematic vote begins to get counted in Greece, to be followed soon by the variation on the other quagmire coming up in just a few days in Iran, where the US Congress is set to derail that internationally agreed to agreement that’s about to be destroyed by the same criminals that have kept the bankers fat and filled with the unearned filthy-lucre stolen from the peoples’ of the world…

Looks the ancient Chinese were right ­ we are all definitely “living in interesting times”, if we can survive.




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