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The Naked Players Behind the Curtain

By Jim Kirwan


With the exception of Trump, this entire campaign

is littered with criminals that are all beyond what used to be the laws:

Against running for president if you're guilty of High Treason.

This well rehearsed charade, both nationally and globally is now naked on the global stage, just in time for the collapse of everything they've supposedly been standing for, throughout 'The New Millennium'.

The 'KEY' to everything has been rusting in the slime, created from every decision that has brought us, and our failures, into every area of human existence. Every policy, every political decision has gone against every man, woman and child in this country and yet the public has remained steadfastly SILENT ­ No matter how huge each new failure turned out to be. Of course the MEDIA has been complicit throughout ­ but the public never demonstrated any displeasure ­ EVER ­ with the crimes of the global-media. Instead they listened to the television and to the massive lies of Hollywood and never even whimpered about the massive number of LIES that we have continued to accept as some kind of 'truth'.

Are the SECRETS of bribery & blackmail really worth the downfall of this nation & the world?

What is crystal-clear now is that the public can never depend on 'others' to solve our problems: 'People' have never actually NEEDED this government, because it creates NOTHING real or natural in anyone's future.

Anyone that believes in anything to do with the totally corrupted political system from the primaries through to the concluding BS, has become nothing more than another shill for the Snake-Oil salesmen of this broken place.

While most have been playing these games in this darkest of all fantasies, the natural world has become the target of mercenary-Oligarchs in their headlong interference with the natural order of Life.

Peters: Politicians 'Put Happiness of the Saudi Royal Family Above the Survivors of 9/11'

5min 08 sec VIDEO


Politically the genii behind 911 has left the bottle, and unless we make the hard decisions and force the revelations inside that crime against humanity ­ then the people of the planet will perish in the coming global war.

The Saudi's and their insane practices,need to get back on their camels and disappear into the wastes of the desert from whence they came.

Either the oil-states are doomed to 'the death' they so richly deserve, or they will jointly become just another ruin on the path to survival, for all the rest of us.

Meanwhile: The planet is being geographically altered by massive attacks on nature through HAARP and a whole panoply of programs designed to make the planet unlivable. Everything from the recent Yellowstone activity to the reactivation of the Ring of Fire is now on the line. Volcanoes are also being reactivated in tandem with Earthquakes. Then combine all that with the artificially induced power outages and 'KNOW' that none of this was ever in the purview of humanity to mess with in the first place.

2016 Is Strange Part 10 // April Q

West Coast Quake Danger Today

Meanwhile on the surface; the global-impossibility of dealing with the sub-human inanity of a population that refuses to admit what they've been doing right from the start: Has finally come to that moment when people must take responsibility or face a dead planet with no future anywhere, for anyone.

Those mesmerized with that long-dead system we call “politics” which created all these crimes, must finally take responsibility for all of it, in the clear knowledge that this system will never change: It must be ABOLISHED. And of course “people” will never admit their criminal-involvement in how all of this became reality, but that just means “that it's finally over” and that the “Road-Kill” which they have become, can just get on with their dying, which is so long overdue.


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