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The Naked Root Of All Evil

By Jim Kirwan


These roots were planted in 1973 and they went on to poison the world and the entire society today.


Homosexuality: The Mental Illness That Went Away”

By Phil Hickey October 8, 2011

Phil Hickey: “According to the American Psychiatric Association, until 1974 homosexuality was a mental illness. Freud had alluded to homosexuality numerous times in his writings, and had concluded that paranoia and homosexuality were inseparable. Other psychiatrists wrote copiously on the subject, and homosexuality was “treated” on a wide basis. There was little or no suggestion within the psychiatric community that homosexuality might be conceptualized as anything other than a mental illness that needed to be treated. And, of course, homosexuality was listed as a mental illness in DSM-II. (The DSM ­ Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ­ is the APA’s standard classification of their so-called mental disorders, and is used by many mental health workers in the USA and other countries.)

Then in 1970 gay activists protested against the APA convention in San Francisco. These scenes were repeated in 1971, and as people came out of the “closet” and felt empowered politically and socially, the APA directorate became increasingly uncomfortable with their stance. In 1973 the APA’s nomenclature task force recommended that homosexuality be declared normal. The trustees were not prepared to go that far, but they did vote to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses by a vote of 13 to 0, with 2 abstentions. This decision was confirmed by a vote of the APA membership, and homosexuality was no longer listed in the seventh edition of DSM-II, which was issued in 1974.”

k ­ When I was 35, this particular nightmare became part of my life, through my wife who was then working at a mental health facility in Santa Monica, California, with a mostly gay staff. I had just had my first paintings produced internationally, as posters, and when she told the staff, they wanted to see the work. That took place at a staff party, that we thought would be civilized. But the major changes in the gay-community in San Francisco had yet to reach common knowledge, and my wife and I were caught totally by surprise at their reactions to my work.

The Journey

The assembled staff exploded with anger and tried to brand the work and me as paranoid-schizophrenic. They tried to do that, because the work was emotionally disturbing to them, and it was basically riven with normal male-female human experience and children of the kind that we can now see, being used in sexual obscenities and murders the world over.

PH: “What’s noteworthy about this is that the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific breakthrough. There was no new fact or set of facts that stimulated this major change. Rather, it was the simple reality that gay people started to kick up a fuss. They gained a voice and began to make themselves heard. And the APA reacted with truly astonishing speed. And with good reason. They realized intuitively that a protracted battle would have drawn increasing attention to the spurious nature of their entire taxonomy. So they quickly “cut loose” the gay community and forestalled any radical scrutiny of the DSM system generally.

The APA claimed that they made the change because new research showed that most homosexual people were content with their sexual orientation, and that as a group, they appeared to be as well-adjusted as heterosexual people. I suggest, however, that these research findings were simply the APA’s face-saver. For centuries, perhaps millennia, homosexual people had clung to their sexual orientation despite the most severe persecution and vilification, including imprisonment and death. Wouldn’t this suggest that they were happy with their orientation? Do we need research to confirm this? And if we do, shouldn’t we also need research to confirm that heterosexual people are happy with their orientation? And if poor adjustment is critical to a diagnosis of mental illness, where was the evidence of this that justified making homosexuality a mental illness in the first place?”

k - Under the DSM system which is a totally made-up construct created to reinforce the APA's totally flawed ideas about human beings; especially anyone seeking treatment for any of the invented symptoms that they choose to find their patients' guilty of. The DSM itself is a monstrous document that describes every condition know to mankind—but the damning evidence of its falsity is that the only people that can just live their lives, according to their own rules - are shrinks.

Everyone else can be found guilty of anything no matter the angle from which any “problem” is approached. Homeland Security and the flourishing Police State have found this method of judgment to be very useful as well. It does not matter what people do or do not do in the ordinary course of their lives—it's a very lucrative business for shrinks.

Their 'rules' were also very helpful to the military-staff inside Gitmo in assessing individuals, helping with torture, in order to condemn prisoners in the negative, regardless of the facts. Then the same shrinks were used to keep the prisoner's in that unholy hell, just because they could.

When the government and the gay-community gave these special categories to the shrinks with no check or balance on their “work” - the doorway to hell was opened wide, to both very successful monetary outcomes along with being able to excuse themselves from any and all social crimes, including but not limited to pedophilia, sex with children, bestiality, pornography and the whole host of behaviors that ended up in the co-option of hundreds thousands of politicians, priests, and other officials of “import”, which has culminated in The Clinton Foundation's global political functionaries and Pizzagate, taking part and profiting from this sexual obscenity in the last thirty-five years.

It took them just eight years to overcome virtually all resistance from 1973 until mid-way into the Reagan Administration in 1982, when their obtuse guiding principles began to direct all political life in the United States, from Don't- Ask-Don't-Tell, to Gay-Marriage, to sexually blatant school polices for the very young who are now required to learn about masturbation at a very early age. In some schools ­ sex with adults is now considered to be permitted ­ along with sex between parents and their children.


k - The article by Phil Hickey above, is critically astute and should be required reading throughout the American Systems' of education and life, because as theses last 43 years have shown us all ­ these self-described homosexuals and all of the rest of the spin-offs that have arisen out of these misidentified practices have to be stopped dead in their tracks ­ unless it's already too late...

Just last year Tom Delay discovered this and spread the word which the Dead-Stream media still refuses to cover:

Tom DeLay Knows Of Secret DOJ Memo To Legalize ’12 New Perversions,’ Including Bestiality And Pedophilia

The “MEDIA” ought to have their licenses to Broadcast pulled because the airwaves are owned by the public ­ yet the big 6 refuse to publish the news which was the sole consideration that allows the damned media to use our airways ­ especially because they get to use all the airways FREE. Can you imagine how much they rake in every time there is an election, not to mention all the sports and on and on ­ but we cannot get the news on which our very lives depend on ­ the owners of the media must be arrested and tried along with all the pedophiles !



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