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The Mythical 2,000

By Jim Kirwan


Where did 'the Mythical 2,000' come from?

That number was devised by the government from the information

they have kept and monitored on every communication

written, spoken or discussed since even before

the BLM, FBI standoff in 2014.

In the video with Michele Fiore, on Oathkeepers' she advises people beginning @ 10min 22sec:

MF: “I advise everyone that's listening to this: If the FBI or the police want to question you ­ “absolutely not” without your attorney. A lot of us want to be friendly and we want to help because we don't have an issue with law enforcement, but their intention is to entrap and their intention is not pure. So I would suggest, no one speak with the FBI or the police without your attorney, because 'they do not have good intentions' at the moment.”

Oathkeepers: “Absolutely, and unfortunately that's a large group of people; there were hundreds if not thousands of people there during that standoff.”

MF: “There were like 2,000 American patriots that were there at one time.”

Ending at 11min 03 sec.

Lawyers, Trolls and Cows... An interview with Michele Fiore


The number 2,000 came from the confrontation at the Bundy Ranch in 2014, between the ranchers and their supporters vs. the government in the form of the BLM and the FBI. That number could be much higher.

The government was supposedly there to enforce 'the law' but the reality which has been clearly expressed in article after article is different: If you want more information:

Everything that the government has accused the Ranchers of, is a flat out LIE: The BLM is a totally illegal agency, that is flagrantly unconstitutional, and has no legal basis for existing. But the lawless government in D.C. insists otherwise; despite massive amounts of settled-law and public information that is available to the contrary.

The confrontation at the Bundy Ranch was ugly, but no one was shot or killed, on either side. After USIS realized that they were outgunned and hugely outnumbered, they dropped their gear the fled the scene. No charges were filed against anyone at the time for this supposedly huge crime of 'standing up for individual rights', that are clearly enumerated in the U.S. Constitution.

The reason that 'no charges were filed' in 2014, had to do with how much information USIS first wanted to access, in order to use that failed government-confrontation to point their accusatory finger of “massive criminal-activity” toward concerned Americans that came to Nevada to protect the lives and property that were at issue in the confrontation at Bundyville.

After that standoff ended peacefully, another series of events against a different rancher, Dwight Hammond and his family in their dispute over alleged arson charges and the back-burn in Oregon—for which he and his son had already served time and had paid a $400,000 fine. When the government decided to send the Hammond's back to jail, for additional time, and more fines: Some of the same people from Bundyville in 2014, went to Harney County in Oregon, to Burns: To try and assist in some way, with putting an end to the Double Jeopardy and the illegal continuing charges against the Hammond's and their ranch.

For the last few decades the broken United States has been trying to create a crime scene that they could use to show the dumbest public on the planet, “just exactly how armed and dangerous Americans are”: As well as just how out-of-control these “home-grown terrorists” really are—and have always been—according to 'Federal Government Agencies'.

When these agencies realized that they could use their secretly collected information from Utah, where every phone-call, cell-phone, e-mail and all the research on every American is being stockpiled: They realized that they had a treasure-trove of “secret information” which could be collated to discover each and every person that had ever mentioned “the Bundy Ranch, terrorism, militia's, or anything that could involve anyone in any tangential conversation which could, in any way, potentially implicate anyone they might want to include as part of this government-fantasy- army “OF THOUSANDS”. Then they could 'use the blindly gathered information' to show the public just how many armed and dangerous rebels are “OUT THERE” - who are willing and supposedly able to attack the government in Nevada and by association in Oregon as well.

Unfortunately the only violence that took place in either Nevada or Oregon in 2016, came from the heavily-armed government forces, most of whom were without badges or unit identifications.

These actively-armed and dangerous mercenaries, publicly Ambushed a civilian convoy of a dozen peaceful people on their way to meet with a country sheriff and about 400 interested private citizens. In that process the 'Government' shot up the convoy, wounded one man and Assassinated LaVoy Finicum.

The public must not allow USIS to get away with this obscenity.

Because what's at stake now is nothing less than an actual shutdown of the nation

based on contrived data and outright LIES.

The Four Horsemen have been used 'Again & Again'

to justify USIS and this lawless government's plans to seize

this country under totally false charges.

For those interested in knowing more about what's planned for millions of us you need to read “Only By Blood And Suffering ­ regaining Lost Freedoms: Written by LaVoy Finicum and available on Amazon for about $20 bucks if they still have it...


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