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Mythology & The Chessboard

By Jim Kirwan


With origins shrouded in the mystery of ancient Indian history, Chaturanga or Shaturanga is one of the oldest versions of Chess that has ever been found. Indeed it is possible that Chaturanga is the original version of Chess and all the modern two player variants all derive from it - although older two player Chess games have been found.”

Originally there were four players with each controlling eight pieces. Traditionally this involved needing partnerships to win. As time passed the more traditional form became the norm, with sixteen pieces for each of the two players. But the chessboard has remained virtually unchanged since the 6th century.

From time immemorial, various “leaders” have thought of chess as the ultimate template for leadership and military policies, which is how “Brzezinski’s Chessboard” came to prominence. The problem is that chess bears no relationship to life or military policies because it is totally confined to an artificial playing field. Life on the other hand is not bound by artificial restraints of any kind.

So when the world speaks of ‘the politics of ‘the chessboard’ you know that what’s being referred to is usually just a medieval pipe-dream based on nothing but illusions that can have no real basis in fact. To counter that end I created a new variation on both the chessboard and the number of pieces. It’s called “Z” which stands of Zoi which means ‘life’.

Kirwan: All rights reserved

I expanded the original chess board adding 76 squares and 8 circles with an additional two pieces to the back row for each player. The new pieces begin from inside the circles. This game totally destroys the ability in the four player version, to pre-determine or to plan moves, because players not in direct opposition can play through the other players on the board. All players are subject to being taken by one of the other players at any time. The only way that anyone can ‘survive’ is by talking with the others and coming to understandings, just as in life to obtain the desired result. Four way chess continues until there is only one player standing.

In the game for two, on the same board, it’s possible to get behind the back rows of your opponent which completely changes the limitations invoked in traditional chess. It’s this ability of an opponent in life, to surround attackers, which is why formal chess is just a child’s game, in Brzezinski’s version, when compared with the reality of actual power and loss that’s possible: In the world today.

When reality enters the restricted world of chessboards, there’s an expansion of possibilities in “Z” over the totally artificial “war plans” that no longer work in today’s war zones. So, laying out any plan that employs “the Chessboard” is not only an out of date exercise, but its asinine in the extreme…

When in fact real plans are made for the types of war that will be fought between the mercenary Stazi-State against the people of the USA: What will be employed will be far more like Asymmetrical Warfare, than anything related to the long-dead Middle Ages.

In a 360 degree battle-zone, there is a whole lot more at risk than most people tend to remember. As this resistance progresses, those that will resist will become a new breed of individual and that is long overdue. The scavengers we’ll be opposing are not smart enough to fight against a determined people, especially when technically we have nothing left to lose!

For the last thirteen years we’ve tried to paint our capture as something that could have some possibly constructive aspects: It’s clear that we were wrong: As wrong as it is possible to sometimes be. It’s time to fight them to the end of it.

Once our fighters realize that this war must be fought from above and behind as well as from below and within; Then people might just begin to figure out how they can hurt these primitive barbarians of the old-world-order, masquerading as something new, when in reality they are no different than the Knight’s Templar or the modern variation of Genghis Kahn. They ride around now in brand-new vehicles pretending to be our ultimate predator-guards: Yet they’re nothing but hyenas on the prowl ­ and soon we’ll deal with that too!

Bear this in mind when reviewing the actualities on the ground today, all around the world, that’s in need of a total makeover now…

Chessboard & Lies


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