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The Myth Of American Exceptionalism

By Jim Kirwan


And to the Lies beneath the Exceptional Global Unicorn

That's still alive and well, since Harry Truman's Police Action against Korea in the 1950's that started this in the early 1950's.

The world knows that Unicorn's do not exist.

But what we must deal with is that there is no nation that's immune

from national or international laws, and never has been.

It appears that we've forgotten that?

CrossTalk: 07min 02sec: ...“It's always the same scenario since 1991' (GWH Bush) false concentration camps, false massacres, false news, some children dying and it's always the same.

If the United States is so apalled by chemical attacks why did it support Iraq in the '80's' when Iraq definitely used chemical weapons? You can go back even further when the US used Agent Orange in Viet Nam? The US is no stranger to using chemical weapons. They don't have any qualms about it. Reagan was not investigated (neither was Rumsfeld) for supporting Saddam Hussein against Iran and remember the other chemical attacks in 2013, why was there no investigation? When chemical weapons were used against the Kurds, in Iraq in the late '80's (not to mention the previous 8 years of open war by Iraq, for the USA against Iran) more or less we know who did it. It was this 'Chemical Ali' who finally had to pay a price for it. It's impossible to hide real chemical attacks. So if they don't want to “investigate” The West does not want to investigate ­ that means they want to hide something...” (08min 11sec).

8min 44sec: “...America pretends to be a country based upon the rule of law. America pretends to be a ­ legally governed state. And you see in all these discussions, no single word about international law...”

kirwan: No one was prosecuted for “Shekinaw” when Israel used us to attack Baghdad. Supposedly the reason for the creation of the UN and other lies like NATO, was to create international laws to control international outlaws like the US: Yet nothing at all has ever been done to curtail the global outlaws, since the UN was formed ­ and TRUMP is proof of the continuation of this global-charade, at the expense of the world.

You never ever come across the mainstream media, I mean the illegality of it. Now there's talk about putting 50,000 American troops ­ boots on the ground ­ against International law: Never once mentioned...” (09min 19sec)

But the first Gulf War in Afghanistan, all the US Wars of the Western World are not legal ­ since 1991. From the point of view of the International law. Everything is illegal, what they did in Yugoslavia, during what they did now is illegal.' (09min 47sec)

kirwan: The American-war on Afghanistan was not about 911, it was planned a year in advance to create a US oil pipeline through Afghanistan, as well as to control the Opium trade. The same thing is still true, again in Syria, it's another pipeline just like the one that was frustrated in Afghanistan, because all these middle-eastern wars were created to serve the DEMANDS of the Greater State of Israel ­ and that fact has never been clearer than it is today.

CrossTalk: “ Americans don't even want to hear: 'Who the hell gave you the right to start bombing a sovereign country?' Just to compare. Can you imagine (IF) the Army killed Ukrainian and Russian children in Dombass? (What) If Russia sent 60 Kaliber missiles, on the Ukraine?” ...So the US had the right but Russia of course, could not have such a right...(10min 22sec).

Crosstalk, RT


For an overview of how obscene the current situation has become

in Syria and Iraq today - Watch the first half of today's RT broadcast:

RT News - April 17, 2017 (12:00 MSK)


War, or the threat of war in so many countries in the world today,

and yet there still seems to be absolutely no interest

in reining in these warlords on any side of this.

Trump's colossal failure as a leader

is about the only clear fact.

Good Night and Good Luck to the World”

Because we're definitely going to need it!