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The Mystical Untouchables

By Jim Kirwan


Whenever anyone thinks about the Criminal World that America has been, ever since the assassination of JFK: Few if any have ever chosen to see these untouchable-criminals in the same 'mystical way ' than many loyal Americans see themselves as they fight to take our nation back.

From Kennedy's very public murder all the way to Nixon's charges around Watergate, to that long criminal-stretch of so-called presidents that have never been charged with anything: Except maybe the pathetic sexual charges against Clinton. Everything else has just disappeared into the bottomless pits that no one seems even remotely interested in investigating.

In the latter Nixon years I was asked to submit political cartoons to the Washington Post, by their LA Office. I did that weekly for quite awhile, but Bradley vetoed everything I sent as “too strong”, until I decided to stop wasting everyone's time including my own.

Watergate collapsed because Nixon threatened to blow the whistle on Congress over their collaboration in everything that Nixon had been doing ­ which ended in allowing Nixon to simply resign rather than to undergo Impeachment. That was the last time that any shadow of anything was allowed to even come close to changing anything, over the entirely criminal nature of U.S. politics.

There was on and off again the national Scandal over Boys Town, which would have laid bare the national-pedophile crimes that involved so many congressmen, parts of the government as well as many prominent figures from across the spectrum ­ which ended when Hunter Thompson committed suicide, by shooting himself in the back of the head twice. That was the result of Hunter's claim to have pictures aboard the charted aircraft, showing the victims and those that were playing with prominent figures that could never have withstood that level of criminal publicity ­ if those images had ever reached the public.

One of the next targets that went nowhere was with George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan ­ over everything from Arms for Hostages, in Iran, to Drugs & Guns that surrounded the completely illegal “Freedom-Fighters”, which gave birth to America's illegal mercenary-armies (Col. Oliver North and his public stunts in front of congress): Something that morphed later on into private mercenary armies that were officially used, illegally, in the Middle East and elsewhere, throughout our continuing adventures in the “Regime-Change Wars” that had no basis for being, except to seize nations and rape them of their natural resources, as well as to totally destabilize so many of the world's nation-states. All of that died out when Ronnie contracted Altzheimers, and the courtroom proceedings were dropped.


Flash Forward to More Recent Times

I was thinking this morning just how many times in recent memory, anything or any real charges has ever been brought forward; despite the seriousness of the charges. In the most recent election process, the Clinton Crime Family & their “Foundation” were mentioned as needing to be immediately arrested as part of “CLEARING THE SWAMP”. Before Trump had been in office, for 48 hours, he dropped that as something that he had promised he would do by ARRESTING Hillary. Since his inauguration most of what he had campaigned on has been totally dismissed as being unnecessary. His current ratings reflect the facts

But the deeper and far more disturbing facts of this presidential disaster still remains: No one has even been charged with any crimes.

The presidency under Trump has become an international joke. Trump is running this nation like the owner of a Used-Car-Lot as he dictates policies by Tweets, or Twitter: Hardly any way to run the policies of the world's most dangerous military power—unless of course we have become just another vile Dictatorship that's not functioning on thought-out-policies but just on another knee-jerk series of spontaneous remarks based on nothing but whatever he might be feeling at any given moment.

In fact he is not acting like a president: Instead it appears that “Jerry” Kusner is the real president, and Trumps daughter, who as his assistant just happens to have converted to Judaism and who is answering only to Israel now, in support not of her father or the USA, but her Ashkenazi “husband” and Mossad.

In any year past this might have not have been nearly so disturbing, but we have entered the year of Worldwide-Nuclear-Threats, and that requires sober and balanced leadership that does not speak so lightly of Nuclear-War each and every day as the president's advisers do, about all the wars we are currently in and those that we are more than just being engaged in.

Trump is the first American president to use 59 missiles in an unprovoked attack on a nation that we are not at war with (Russia)­ followed by continued hostile actions against Iran, Iraq and Syria:

None of which have ever physically attacked America!

Meanwhile Saudi-Arabia has been supplying weapons and support to Israel, since before 911, and both these nations were directly involved in the attacks on 911. yet we're still supporting both these totally savage places, as if they were democratic nations. These actions were something that the voters in the last election, did want to see take place.

The UN and NATO were both supposed to have been stricken from the global record as part of the 2016 election - yet neither of these criminal organizations have done anything except to get bigger in the last six months. And in those nations where 'conditions' were trying to find solutions to many of their problems, back in late January 2017, have now had each of their own injections of new weapons, sanctions and more sanctions so that they've individually seen a huge increase of hostility in our relations with our childish-leader and his irresponsible temper-tantrums and now his deeply belligerent attitude that comes straight from the ancient and hostile pages of Netanyahu the Madman of the Middle East ­ who, by the way, is seeking to expand his reach to take over the PLANET with overwhelming American support ­ while real Americans are starving in the streets?

After the Second World War America designed the Nuremberg Trials in the Hague, but did not sign on to the international rules of War: Which is why USI cannot be arrested or tried under international rules of war.

In 1992 GWH Bush said:

if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us,”

Since those days, “they” the entire Bush Family included, have done far worse than anything they ever did by 1992 ­ It's way past time that we dragged them all out into the streets and lynched them, before time keeps that from happening.

Both Bushes, Obama, Cheney, both Clintons, McCain, and all previous Attorney's General, including the current one and on and on... If we could do that and sign the nation up to prosecute us for all the nation-states we've murdered, then maybe we'd stand a chance at staying alive again?

...Just some of the places we've attempted to annihilate beginning with Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Iran and Iraq (we attacked them both twice ­ and failed all four times) Libya, Syria (still on-going). Ukraine, is still ready to explode. If we had signed on to international law, just think of the bloodshed that could have been avoided!

When was the last time that you remember that anyone in this government was actually charged or went to jail for anything? We are the worlds' leading criminal nation, and yet we have not managed to arrest or try any of our own global-criminals for ANYTHING real ­




Time to ready the multiple Hangman's Noose's ­

it's time for a national neck-tie party