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Mysteries & Illusions

By Jim Kirwan



What happened to the Billions that suddenly became Trillions And then Disappeared?

The costs of the USI war-machine have been nothing short of horrific, yet most of it has disappeared into the fog of so many wars without end. Why has the public never really questioned any of these bankrupting costs which we all pay for in the end?

Recently we learned about hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, purchased by various US government agencies. Then that number turned into billions of rounds of deadly ammunition to arm something as stupid and ill-trained as the Department of Homeland Insecurity, as if that rip-off could be a real military unit—as it has no experience and no combat experience whatsoever?

We have supposedly given tanks, rocket-launchers, drones and all kinds of specialized new weapons, from aircraft and helicopters to various and very expensive crowd control weaponry. All of this was done without explaining, just who exactly, the targets would be for all that firepower?

This nation has not been militarily attacked since the civil war.

What we already know is that this was done at least in part to terrify the public of the government. Apparently the unfortunate and the poor were convinced, even before the illegal gifts. Those that still have jobs and their employers have apparently not been convinced, because the whole idea is truly insane. But the insider’s and the unbelievers have still not been moved by the fact that perverted psychotic maniac’s are being “trained by the Mossad” as fake cops: Which hardly qualifies the pretenders to face 90 million weapons in the hands of millions of marksmen and women that will have “nothing left to lose” if WWIII breaks out!

On top of that, the government recently announced the “gift” at $500,000 a piece, of 13,000 MRAP vehicles to police agencies, cities, colleges and towns across the nation: Why was this done? Who is this government planning to fight ­ because we have no enemies capable of getting here in sufficient numbers to do anything to actually “takeover this nation” given our size and our totally armed citizens who will fight whatever finally does decide to attack them openly!

Much has been rumored about foreign-troops, supposedly already here—yet no proof of any of that has ever surfaced. I’ve been hearing about these “ghost-troops” for over ten years now, but no one has ever answered my questions with PROOF of any kind: So until someone does, I have to believe that’s just another illusion based on the fear of fear and nothing more!

On the international front USI has made colossal-mistakes and hundreds if not thousands of miscalculations that have cost them years, against their predetermined schedules, which they had planned to have in place, long before now.

Just look at the certifiable ruins of what they’ve done already from Iraq and Afghanistan, to Libya and Syria, yet on top of that they’ve set their crumbling sites on Ukraine along with Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen, to name but a few of their targets.

Look past the targeted nations, peoples and ideologies at the physical players on the ground, if you want to understand just how hopelessly screwed up our military-political-machine really is.

In Libya we used the UN, NATO, Israel, the EU and a number of other nations to turn Libya back into dust. Afterward the world discovered the depth of the degree of our duplicity in those who claimed victory over Libya, but who could not agree on anything beyond that point. Today there is nothing in Libya except ruins and failed revolutionaries that we continue to pay for.

That crowd, along with the government and CIA of Obamanation, arranged the murder of the US Ambassador. In that process they managed to tell the world about who they were paying to do that. This was treason, their treasons: And their crimes were not limited to murdering the US Ambassador to Libya.

Thereafter; inside Syria we could not help but watch as Obama agreed to supply and support the same creatures we are supposedly fighting in Pakistan and Iraq—yet we give them arms, money and military support inside Syria? These were the same creatures that just this last week created the overthrow of the democratically elected leader of Ukraine. Bragging now that it was some of their own Israeli-terrorists who led the overthrow and who created the violence in the streets that featured so prominently in the takedown of yet another nation in that region. (1)

This violent overthrow was stopped by Russian military movements on the ground before they could expand their nightmare further. The people that created the current problem are a group claiming to be the New Nazi’s. Ironically it was the old Nazi’s who fought the Russians of WWII to try and put an end to the Jewish takeover of Russia (and Germany) during the Bolshevik era that saw the Jews, posing as communists, killing Russians by the millions. Over 60 million were killed in the Gulags alone.

The ‘New Right’ in Ukraine claims to be pro-Nazi, pro-Jewish and anti-Russian which is a contradiction in terms. How can ‘the Right’ be for the Jews that have been murdering their way thru the world for thousands of years and have killed millions of people like the New-Right-rebels, all along their blood soaked path? How can they be pro-Nazi while they oppose the current people of Russia? Since the USSR fell, the resurgent Russia has done everything possible to resurrect Russia, Christianity and the respect for sovereignty of the East, in the East-West conflict, while at the same time restoring dignity to people around the planet. The “new-Right is just a flaccid and expendable arm in the Zionists grand-plan.

Like the current “settlers” in Israel: Both the Settlers and the New Right will be liquidated the moment they are no longer needed.

But the largest Illusion of all is the idea that our true enemies in this War upon the World are not totally controlled by fear: Because they fear for themselves. The higher-ups as well as the middle-men in all of this, wherever they are serving in their overthrow of Western Society, but especially those engaged in ending the United States. All of them have very much to be afraid of.

Every one of those creatures have very serious reasons to be very, very afraid, of almost everything that each of them does or is assigned to do. They know how temperamental and unyielding their masters are. They also know how much their personal-failures will cost each of them with virtually no margin for error in whatever they’ve been assigned to do. These Barbarians are not supermen or superwomen; they’re not even human-beings: They’re just appetites in search of their next illicit meal and they’re not particular about where that comes from…

So the next time you hear someone tell you about how futile everything is just remember that we are not the only ones that will soon lose everything ­ because that reference fully includes all our blood-enemies as well.

No one gets out of this world alive. But what’s important is how you chose to live, with the time you have left, while you’re still here. Outlaws tend not to believe in much of anything besides themselves. The rest of us need more than global-thievery and mass-murder to enjoy our lives. That’s a big part of what this fight has really been about. And this isn’t over yet—not by a long shot!

Listen to what’s said and demand proof before passing along information because wars and rumors of wars are heady subjects and rumors come in multitudes during every crisis. Shut off the Television news, just say NO to national publications and get your information from other nations and the web, if you really want to know what’s happening anywhere today or tomorrow. Do this and you’ll discover a whole new world out there!

  1. What Happens in Darkness, Comes to Light

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