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Muslim Roadblocks In Greece - Telling Europeans To 'Leave'

Dr Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - If the colored savages tried to stop me at an illegal roadblock, I would have run them down with my car.  How would I know they weren't going to rape, rob, kidnap or kill?  I would have said, 'Oops, I mistook my gas pedal for my break pedal.'  This is one of the good things about being almost 70.

Where the hell were the police and why isn't the government doing something to stop the savages?  The Greeks must be trying to appease them.  The truth is all of the European governments are scared stiff of these 'migrants'.  As for me? Again, I think people MUST protect themselves and if it requires running some of them down at an illegal 'checkpoint' like are appearing in Greece, so be it.   If they start getting run over and killed, maybe they will stop it, fast.

The reason there were successful Gaddafis and Saddam Husseins and other dictators was because the populations needed a dictator to keep the bums in line.  These leaders had to be strong.  They were not 'jihad' Muslims, either.  They were Muslim in name only and their regimes were secular.  We should have left them alone and let them live.  We had NO business interfering.  Now look what we are dealing with…the death of Europe and the planned similar death of the United States.

Gaddafi was NEVER a threat to the US.  In fact he was fabulous for Libya.  His people had free college and university educations, free health care and many other perks and privileges of being Libyan.  Shortly before he was murdered, Gaddafi was trying to install a unified monitary system similar to the US.   His system would have made a unified African currency..and would have been BACKED BY GOLD…not lies, debt and fantasy.

That is what the 'threat' to the US was.  It was all about the Fed and its fake money.  Libya would probably have had a stronger currency than the US.  Couldn't let that happen, could we...

It boggles the mind.  That Greek moron who came out to feed these creeps at the 'check point' is aiding and abetting his or her own destruction.  Unreal.  The refugees stop every truck and go through it.  Probably stealing merchandise or as they say "the merch".  Next they will rob the trucks and set up market places like in England. Row after row of tent stores with 'merch' hanging on racks.   

We knew the savages would not go back to Turkey, so Turkey sent the amount of colored 'migrants' they agreed upon. Unfortunately, Greece cannot send the savages agreed upon back as these people refuse to won't go.  Merkel never figured on them refusing to leave Greece.  So, they are taking over Greece.

Why would the Greeks even show these bums their ID?  Now these savages can go to the citizens' homes, use their IDs to set up fake IDs and bring more of their cohorts into the West.   Stupid Europeans.  Suicidal Europeans. Maybe the Greeks will leave Greece and run to Russia.  That is what I would do.  

I do not believe the savages will leave Europe now unless Europe starts to crack down on them and withdraw ALL monetary and entitlement benefits.  I would announce that anyone caught and convicted of harassing European citizens will lose all monetary benefits, food and shelter and then have to work for their living.  Maybe that will convince them to leave Europe.  No more free ride.

If they refuse to leave their dwellings, do what the Israelis do, demolish it.  One after the other after the other, demolish them.

Europe can make it so hot for them that they will leave and head back to Sub saharan Africa, north Africa and the Middle East.

I can just see spirits of Native Americans like Sitting Bull and others looking down at the planet and laughing at the dumb 'white eyes.'  We are getting ours now.  Another race of people will take over and replace the 'white eyes.'  Wisdom from 150 years ago.

The Europeans are their own worst enemy.  They are actually coming out and feeding the bums who are harassing the drivers.  These idiots are feeding their own executioners.  The savages are taking over and the Greeks are allowing it.  They are scared of the masses of rabble...and of Merkel. I do not understand Germany electing a Polish Jewess to lead it.  Poor Adolf Hitler must be looking on and saying 'I tried to warn you.'  Germany for Germans.

Terrible Tim thinks as I do.  There will likely be civil war this summer.  How do you deport 30 million bums?  Europe is finished...they might as well call it Eurabia.

I wonder if the average Englishman is aware of the doom that awaits them?  In England, are the citizens allowed to possess firearms?  How will they defend themselves? Just think, Obama will be in power this summer which means no help for us descendants of white Europeans.

Does Tim think the citizens will fight the savages or will they simply run out and give the invaders food?  

Jeff, in a previous email I suggested sterilization for savages after they have two children and also make polygamy illegal.  IF Europeans are to survive they will have to make these hard choices. It is obvious that the savages are refusing to leave Europe.  Now in Greece instead of leaving as they were told to do, they are stopping citizens and forcing them to show their ID.  Astonishing. These bums probably have a list of the ones who showed their ID and when the civil war invasion begins they will show up at these residences knowing which citizens are afraid of them.

I believe they will be eves strapping European citizens up with suicide bomber belts and sending them out to blow themselves up at designated sites around Europe.  They will do this by holding the Europeans' relatives hostage if they do not comply.  There is no end to what these savages will do.  

Islam is a often referred to as a 'death cult' and in many ways the definition fits.  I believe Islam should be banned in the West.  Radicalized Islam is NOT something Western culture can assimilate.

You want to live in the US or Europe?  You'll have to be Christian or atheist.  There will be no Mosques, all must close down,  and there will be no practicing of Islam in any way.  No more citizens paying for savage children to go to Islamic private schools.  No more Islamic schools.  Closed and illegal.  Sound harsh?  Our SURVIVAL is at stake…what would YOU do?

Anyone caught practicing Islam is arrested and sent back to country of origin.  There would  only be room in European universities for citizens.  For non European citizens not born in Europe no university.  At any price.  

Now it looks, more and more, like we are going to get Hillary.  The US is next.  There will be civil war in Europe by the Summer. I predicted it on the last program. It is starting. The savages are becoming more and more brazen, hostile and VIOLENT.  They are getting money, housing and even given businesses, free food, and free medical and the more they receive the more hostile they get.

So, Europe has to tell the savages that the countries are broke and can no longer support them with welfare medical care, housing, food, etc, etc. Also 'because of the harassment of the citizens' we are stopping all of the handouts mentioned above.  Then they need to give the same penalties to savages for crime that they give to legal citizens.  All of the European borders need to close.  Anyone sneaking in gets deported.  Then allow citizens without criminal records to have guns.  However, foreigners (muslim 'migrants') cannot own or possess firearms.  

Europe needs to round up all savages and their families and get them out..even if they have to be put on ships and sent across the pond to Lebanon.  Of course, the Jews won't like that but too bad.  Once they go ashore they can be sent to their individual countries. Most will be going back to Somalia, Libya and Syria…with a good amount going back to Ebola land.  The end of Eurabia.


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