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Muslim Rapes 4 Year Old Boy In German Toilet Stall

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - I cannot even understand why we put our young men and women in the military at risk by trying to bring some measure of true freedom and Western enlightenment to Afghanistan and Iraq.   Yes, I know we have made major mistakes there but the majority of these people are animals.

They follow the pedophile rapist, mass murderer Mohammed and the terror organization known as 'Islam' the letter. They are not worthy of our military and our youth losing their lives.  We are not fighting to free Christians from oppression.  We really need to get ALL Americans out of these countries and they, the Muslims, need to leave all Western countries at once.  If they do not want Taliban or ISIS they, themselves, should defend their own people.

The terror organization that is Islam teaches the art of rape and encourages sex with children.  It also teaches them to use boys for pleasure and girls and women for procreation. Rape is now accepted by these terrorists and if we continue to bring them into the US when they have more numbers they will rape our children women, men and elderly as they are doing in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

We do not want people who won't work, take many wives and take welfare for each of the wives and children.  They only seem to have energy for sex and for raping. These are not the immigrants that we want.  They are never going to assimilate into Western culture.

The German people are living a nightmare with millions of Islamic terrorists among them raping and destroying many of their children. It appears the savages they will rape anyone, in this case they raped one of their own, a boy of age 4.


Afghan asylum seeker, 22, 'rapes four-year-old boy in toilet cubicle at German migrant centre'

By Isabel Hunter For Mailonline

An Afghan asylum seeker is in the dock accused of sexually assaulting a four-year-old Iraqi refugee at a German asylum centre.

A court heard that the 22-year-old was discovered in the toilet cubicle by the child's father, after he spotted his son's shoes outside the door alongside an adult pair.

When he knocked on the door, his young son's pants were down, but the older man said he was just helping the boy go to the toilet - an account the relieved father initially believed, reported the Holsteinischer Courier.

It wasn't until later when the boy revealed to his suspicious mother that he had been forced to perform oral sex on the man, who is in court along side a 29-year-old alleged accomplice, who is accused of 'keeping watch'.

According to prosecutors, an analysis led by experts reportedly showed traces of the boy’s DNA had been found on the man’s private parts after a penile swab.

The incident is said to have happened in the town of Boostedt in the northern-most German state of Schleswig-Holstein, and is the latest in a series of reported sex attacks by asylum seekers that have shocked the country.

According to prosecutors, an analysis led by experts reportedly showed how traces of the boy’s DNA had been found on the man’s private parts after a penile swab.

The Afghan asylum seeker has denied the charges, saying that the young boy only asked him to open the toilet door for him, after which he simply left the loos and went away.

The 29-year-old Afghan who reportedly helped the 22-year-old alleged sex attacker has also been charged by the German prosecutor.

He has been accused of threatening the little boy’s eight-year-old brother with a knife.

The victim and his alleged aggressors have not been named due to German privacy laws.




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