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Regarding Islam And Muslim RAPE GANGS

By Patricia Doyle

Islam is a Death and Sex Cult that advocates the kidnapping of children for use as sex slaves, practices gang rapes of little girls and boys and is dedicated to killing ALL non-believers…especially Christians.  And that's just for openers.  Ban Islam now or the West will perish.  Sterilize its followers who invade the West and deport them back to their countries of origin.  Islam must be formally declared to be what it is - a Death and Sex Cult and not an orthodox, enlightened, kind religion which values the sanctity of human life.  

How can a belief system predicated on the mass genocidal butchery of all who refuses to join the 'club', on mass raping and pedophilia, on the complete degradation and mutilation of women and the execution of all who try to leave the 'club' be considered a 'religion'?  I haven't even mentioned Sharia Law and the fact that Islam instructs its followers to LIE at all times to hide, obfuscate, protect and promote this satanic believe system of death.

First order of business is to declare 'Islam' an illegal group of sexual pedophiles and killers.  Which it is.  It advocates horribly illegal activities and should be banned.  What if I started a group, called it a 'religion' and this 'religion' advocated bank robbery and murder?  It would be immediately banned for promoting illegal activity and murder.  

It is time to ban Islam in the West because it supports and demands inhuman and unlawful activities such as pedophilia, kidnapping underage children for use as sex slaves and the mass murder of Christians.  And MUCH more.  What will it take to get the West to wake up?  This 'religion' was started by a pedophile, rapist, genocidal murderer and confidence man hustler named Mohammed. This cult should not be granted religious status in the US or given ANY form of tax immunity.  It should be declared not a religion but a cult.

Anyone practicing Islam caught in any rape or pedophile crime should be castrated without anesthesia and immediately deported.  Some argue the women who choose to come here should be sterilized to prevent them from dropping 6-12 babies into our welfare system and onto taxpayers' backs.  They should all be barred from entry or deported because of the individual and collective danger they pose to the US.  Look at what is happening to Europe.   Sound too harsh?  Death, rape, child rape, wife beatings and 'honor killings' are pretty harsh, too, wouldn't you agree?

All Muslims voluntarily coming into the West should be sterilized in any case, as the West cannot afford to pay for the masses of children and families of people who not only can't work but whose avowed 'religion' absolutely forever rules out any form of honest Western cultural assimilation.

This is the only way to stop the flow of Third World criminals from Africa and the Middle East. Look what they did and are doing to their own countries...Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, all of Africa, etc, etc.   YES, the West is behind the genesis of much of the horror in the Mideast...and that MUST be stopped, too.  Westerners should stay out of muslim countries and vice versa.

Those who follow the cult of Islam do not know or want to how to exist under democracy, how to honor our way of life and cultural achievements and history, nor are they interested in American representative government…as dreadfully flawed as it is.  They know only conquest, murder, rape, gang rape, prostitution, sexual mutilation and honor killings and how not to work and live on welfare.  The don't even want to use toilets.  This is a 'religion'?  No, it is a dangerous murder sex cult and scam and it WILL destroy America if given the opportunity.  

Time for the Christians to stand up and declare Islam is NOT a RELIGION.  Ban it NOW.  Ban it before more Christians are beheaded, more young female children are kidnapped and gang raped and before more democracy and our Republic are annihilated…which IS their avowed goal.    

Will you wake up in time to stop it?


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