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Muslim Birth Rate Is Destroying Europe

By Dr. Patricia Doyle

Jeff - You must watch this video at the bottom of this page.  Demographics and birth rates don't lie.  As the population shrinks, so does the culture.

These savages are reproducing at an alarming rate and will take over whites in no time at all. Already Belgium is 25% Muslim.  Twenty-Five Percent.

If Europe is encouraging this migration for population increase, why take such ignorant savages?  Why not try to improve the existing population?  Why breed with savages who want to destroy Western Civilization? They are of low intelligence…probably averaging under 70 IQ.  Why not take scientists and intelligent and civilized people from different cultures? Why take Africans and ignorant tribes people from the Middle East and North and Sub Saharan Africa? This makes no sense at all.

They are taking in people who will be unable to hold a job and who are welfare charity cases with 13 or more children with EACH wife. They will only breed ignorant retarded and brain-damaged children even when mixed with whites.  I have never seen such cultural suicidal insanity in my life.  

Notice how quickly Russia and the US grabbed up the German scientists after WW2.  They didn't go to Nigeria or Liberia and grab up those populations.

If you watch the video below, you will see the scope of the Muslim population.  They already outnumber white births in Europe.  They are reproducing at alarming rates. They all practice polygamy and each man gets paid fully for each family member from welfare of the suicidal country they have invaded.   By 2025, muslims will outnumber Europeans.  Already in Europe Islam mosques outnumber Christian churches.  Scary and true. Many churches now are converted to Mosques. They still do not see it over there and refuse to ban Islam and declare it not a religion.

Every week Muslims drive to Paris from all over France to pray in the street outside Notre Dame Cathedral and no one stops them.  Millions of these bums on rugs in the street and police do nothing. It is against French law to pray in the street but Muslims have special privileges.

The French want them to LIKE them. Europe does not realize they are dealing with a power mad cult that wants every non Muslim dead. They want and are coming for French daughters.  I saw a video that shows Japan has Muslim migrants, too, as do Australia and NZ.  They are taking over the world and no one but Trump noticed. Well, so do Jeff and Patty and Frosty and a few of your superb researchers.

They practice polygamy for the purpose of making more babies than whites and taking over. Simple as that.  They are so numerous in Europe, already 25% of the population of Belgium as I mentioned, and the stats for other countries are just as bad.  By 2025, they will have the European caliphate.  

Canada also has a huge population of Muslims.  There are more Muslims born in Canada then whites born in Canada. The US is next. Already I have seen that Muslims are living and converting South America, Central America and Mexico.   They are poised to hit the last refuge, the US.

Hillary will let them in. Then the world is done. Maybe China and Russia will hold out. The only part of Canada that might be free of Muslims is the Inuit Northern Territories and up around the Arctic. Greenland is also another place that might remain free of these savages.  It's bad…it is so bad most people just refuse to believe it.


The Most Disturbing Video Of The Islamic Invasion Of Europe You'll Ever See


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