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Muslim Gangs (Savages)
Plunder German Churches


From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - What do you think would happen if a mob of Europeans had plundered Mosques?  Those Europeans would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, that's what.

A double standard for Muslims.

I cannot believe these Dark Ages Muslims are getting away with this. The German people have to keep quiet about their lovely 'guests' and take this?   No way will we tolerate this in America.

Churches and schools may have to go the way the Chassidic community went, we will have to hire paid armed guards to protect Christians and churches.

I doubt there is one 'moderate Muslim' in the crowd of armed invaders of Europe and the West.  I would also think the majority of 'asylum' seekers are actually trained ISIS troops or, at the least, emotionally associated with and supportive of ISIS. They have organized gun smuggling into Europe and have set up as high level dope dealers across Europe.

Now what kind of a religion allows for murder, rape, drug dealing and storming  and desecration of churches and congregants? Also, what religion tolerates disrespect of women such as pulling a mature woman by the hair through a car window.

Every last one of the 'asylum' seekers should be sent back to their country of origin.  Many are from African countries like Eritrea, Somalia, and other African countries. They are ignorant and savage with room temp IQs (facts are facts) and know nothing about civilized society. Many from the middle east and north Africa are also ignorant creatures following their death cult 'religion', and their actions and behaviors support the assessment that they are ignorant and savage.


Muslim Gangs Plunders German Churches...Proceeds Bound For The Islamic State

Islamic gangs in Germany have broken into schools and churches and plundered collection boxes, crosses and other valuable and sacred objects used in church services, according to prosecutors.

slamic gangs in Germany have broken into schools and churches and plundered collection boxes, crosses and other valuable and sacred objects used in church services, according to prosecutors.

From the schools, the men stole laptops, money and a cash card, which they used to finance ISIS jihadist fighters seeking to topple the regime of Syrian president Bashur al-Assad, alleged chief prosecutor Nadja Gudermann.

The pilfered churches were in the area around Cologne, a city known for its many historic and beautiful churches including a soaring cathedral.

In all, the Muslim gangs are accused of stealing more than $21,000 worth of goods.

During the break-ins, which took place between 2011 and 2014, the men were said to have not only stolen thousands of dollars in items but often left major damage to the churches requiring costly repairs.

The central figure in the gang was a 26-year-old Moroccan, prosecutors say, who also uploaded a video to YouTube encouraging Muslims to enlist with the Islamic State and fight for jihad. He himself appears in the German section of the video.

Prosecutors allege the Moroccan Muslim traveled to Syria, where he received military training.

Christian brutally beaten by Muslim in Hamburg

In another case of assaults on Christians by Muslim migrants, in a refugee-camp in Hamburg, a 24-year-old Iranian convert to Christianity was brutally beaten by an Afghan man with a telescopic baton, reported the German newspaper Die Welt.

Although other refugees restrained the attacker, he managed to escape.

These are not the first instances of violence associated with the mass influx Muslim migrants into Europe, around 70 percent of whom are men between the ages of 18 and 45.

In late August, a riot broke out at a German refugee camp as a mob tried to lynch an Afghan man after he tore pages of the Quran, the BBC reported.

When police tried to intervene, they were attacked by Muslims throwing stones and concrete blocks.

There have also been widespread reports of rapes of women in refugee camps in Germany and France.

News blackout on German protests

While there has been zero coverage by the major media in the United States, thousands of Germans have taken to the streets to protest the more than 800,000 migrants who have been “welcomed” by their government. That, in turn, has brought out counter-protesters who support the government’s decision.

On Oct. 11, a group of Germans formed a human blockade against busloads of migrants being transported to their town of Freiburg. German police intervened against their own citizens, dousing them with pepper spray.

See video below of human blockade and police response:

"This is going on all over Europe. Average citizens without political affiliation, without organization are standing up against the invasion of Europe," wrote Pamela Geller on her blog "This is organic. And why it will come to civil war."

In another video, below, a government camera captures hundreds of migrants storming the Eurotunnel entrance as they attempt to move from the refugee camp at Calais, France, into Britain.

Watch video of migrants storming the tunnel:




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