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Muslims Destroying Germany's
Entire Health Care System

From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff -
In another article I read that when Germans come down with imported diseases, the government blames it on Germans not being vaccinated and forces vaccine poison on the German citizens.   The government does not like to mention migrants and rare diseases so they turn it around on blaming Germans for not being vaccinated.

The over one and a half MILLION illegals that entered Germany in the last year is having a terrible crippling effect on the German health care system.

The open border policy of Germany and Europe has brought no benefit to Europe. It has stressed the economy, it has exposed Germans and Europeans to all sorts of rare diseases and it has brought a crime wave never seen before in Europe.  Let us not forget that the majority of illegals have HIV Aids, HCV and all sorts of STDs and that means for each child or adult gang raped it is likely the victims have  been given a death sentence.

The sad thing is Europe is afraid of 'offending' these sub-human savages and therefore all crimes, even child gang rapes and murders, go unpunished.  This only serves to ensure the criminal behavior continues.  HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?

Germans are now leaving Germany in droves.  1 million Germans have fled since the savages began entering Germany.  As the invaders continue to kick in doors and take over homes and chase the families out of their own homes, more and more Germans will leave.  France is in the same situation as are all of the European countries who have taken in millions of illegal savages.

Many countries across Europe, like England and France, now have no-go areas where police or white Europeans are not allowed entry. Those who were unfortunate to live in any of these areas have already had their doors kicked in and were moved out by the savages. I think we will see an all black and all Muslim Europe by 2025.   

If Donald Trump does not win the White House we will see the same thing happen in America.  Already Maine is one of the rape capitals of the US due to large influx of Somali red eyed devil savages. Another rape capital is Michigan..  Dearborn and Detroit are now Muslim.

The Muslims and black Africans do not belong in America or Europe.  They simply do not fit into the culture of Democratic countries. They refuse to assimilate and only seek to invade the west for Welfare, free Health care, food and housing.  They expect the Western people to convert to Islam or die.  

Because of their low IQs they will never be able to become vital working members of a democratic society.

A vote for Donal Trump is a vote for the survival of America...


Migrants Bringing Rare Diseases Strain Health Service

Incoming migrants are bringing long-eradicated diseases to Germany and are putting the medical system under extreme stress.

As well as bringing a rising tide of crime and attitudes towards women that many consider incompatible with modern European values, the over one and a half million migrants who flowed into Germany last year have also brought unheard-of and rare strains of diseases to the continent. The new arrivals and their illnesses are putting pressure on the German health care system, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

All migrants upon arrival in Germany are required to undergo medical screening.  German doctors have been struggling with the high number of post-traumatic stress disorder cases amongst migrants, but are also finding it increasingly difficult to diagnose diseases that have been wiped out in Germany but are still prevalent in the Middle East and Africa.

Gastrointestinal and liver diseases, scabies, and tuberculosis (TB) are common amongst migrants. Henning Mothes from the Jena University Hospital in Hamburg said that German doctors are struggling to diagnose TB as the symptoms that the migrants are displaying are not typical, and the disease often goes undiagnosed. Doctors are now advised that any migrant with abdominal pain now be tested for the disease.

Another illness common in the Arab world, but unheard of in Europe, is a parasite found in foxes and dogs that can be transmitted to humans. The parasite can cause severe damage to the liver, forming large cysts that are difficult to diagnose and only a skilled specialist is able to operate on them. If the parasite is allowed to spread further into the abdomen, the disease then becomes inoperable.

Many of the diseases that migrants carry are fortunately not contagious to the general population but there have been several cases in the past year of highly-contagious diseases being spread among the migrant population. One disease in particular, a flesh-eating tropical disease, has left many in Islamic State territory horribly disfigured.

In Austria, a deadly bacterial illness was found in an asylum home in an old converted hotel. The discovery of the disease raised alarm when it was reported that, if left unchecked, the bacteria could have a similar fatality rate as the Ebola virus.



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