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The Muslim-Black African AIDS Attack On Europe

By Patricia Doyle PhD


Hello Jeff  - I found more information on the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever spreading in Africa.  I suspect this strain to be far more virulent then the ordinary strains that come out of Uganda.

This virus originated in Uganda, spread to South Sudan and then into Kenya and Ethiopia.   

I also found that HIV is spreading out of control in Europe and this is all recent, only after the massive influx of Muslim and Black rapists Merkel brought in.  She KNEWS what would happen.   Practically each and every gang rape ensures that innocent girls get AIDS and God only knows how many more diseases.   I suspect it was the zionist plan from the beginning and many of these savages may well be ISIS suicide bio-bombers.   Perhaps if Merkel were gang-raped and AIDS-infected, she would go against her zionist masters and oppose the invasion.   Ya think?
We have the CDC flying the huge Ebola plane N173PA back and forth to Kenya and Uganda.  So far this week - two trips.

We are importing a disease, Marburg, that is far more virulent than other Uganda strains.  Maybe tweaked, maybe not…but it is deadly in any case.

We spend a quarter million dollars for each savage we bring in and THEN we pay for all of their medical care.  Where the hell is Doctors without Borders?  Normally,  Marburg and Ebola are treated in field hospitals by MSF aka Doctors without borders in the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.

Why are we all of a sudden bringing these savages here?  We now have a plane sent to Iceland.   More savages on the way.

ProMed has been refusing to identify the virus and simply calls it 'viral hemorrhagic fever.'   It was that has finally come out with info on Marburg and the countries infected.  

Believe me, this strain of Marburg is being treated differently. As these savages see their relatives and towns infected they run!   And as they run, they bring this deadly form of Marburg with them.   Now it has gone from Uganda to S Sudan then to Kenya and Ethiopia.  It is right on the border with Ethiopia and Eritrea.  A stone's throw to Somalia.  Once in Somalia it will find its way to Minnesota then via contact and rapes, we could see a major spread of this in the US and Europe.

Egypt saw this virus for what it is, different and deadly and they, for the first time ever, have closed their borders to S Sudan and other Marburg infected countries.

Where the hell is Trump and why doesn't he implement the CDC laws and stop all travel and immigration from the infected countries?  

It will cost the taxpayers a fortune to treat these savages and will also put hospitalized patients and staff at risk for Marburg.  We Americans have NO immunity to Ebola or Marburg and this strain is even more virulent which translates to MORE AMERICAN or EUROPEAN DEATHS.

After we save these savages, does Trump think they will leave for home?  Hell, no.    Now we will be stuck paying for these illegal Marburg refugees forever.  Welfare, housing, food cars etc.  HOW CAN THIS BE?  How can this 'government' make Americans suffer and die without proper medical care, and yet we are giving hundreds of thousands of these Arab and Black African illegals free medical care for LIFE?   And then for all the baby savages born to this Third World trash.  There has to be a limit as to how much the American people will take.  This is wrong, so wrong.

Please post the info of the Marburg outbreak and the CDC planes working and flying feverishly bringing in as many Marburg infected black savages as they can without a thought for those of us who pay for this service.  Then, comes the taxpayer burden for lifetime care, and lifetime care for all of the baby savages that will be born to their posterity.  Generation after generation of savages who hate whites yet accept money from the whites they hate.  They have no pride.

We also have over 700,00 cases of sexually transmitted mycoplasma genitalium spreading in Australia.  Guess who is doing the spreading.  The Black and Arab rapists in Australia are spreading it, of course.  The purpose of these savages and so many rapes is to infect the innocent infidels.

We also have cases of that airborne Plague at well over 2,348.  No end in sight.

For the first time in history, Egypt closes its borders, its air, land and sea ports to S Sudan, as well as other Marburg infected countries  Think they know that this strain of Marburg is different?  Of course they do, and notice no other country is calling Egypt 'racist.'  They are protecting their people.  Too bad the West is ignoring its own.  The West, especially the US, is taking in the Marburg-infected savages.  Too bad we do not follow Egypt's lead.

BTW I suspect this Marburg may be a recombinant virus with Ebola.  There is not much written on the strain, yet.  We have had plenty of time to identify the virus (which they did but kept quiet) and plenty of time to understand the various composition of the virus.  Is this Marburg-LIKE or is it a recombinant with Ebola?  Why are we flying in planeloads of infected savages?  They are walking Bio-Weapons.  That is beyond dispute.