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Murdering the Justice System

By Jim Kirwan



Ammon Bundy and his brother are among 26 defendants charged in federal court with conspiring to impede federal employees at the eastern Oregon wildlife sanctuary through intimidation, threats or force. Eleven have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge. The Bundy brothers are among eight defendants set to go to trial Sept. 7. Seven others have a Feb. 14 trial date.”

Ammon Bundy appeals to higher court for pretrial release, 3 weeks before trial

Jury selection begins next Wednesday (September 7) for Ammon Bundy, brother Ryan Bundy and six co-defendants charged with conspiring to impede federal employees from carrying out their work at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge through intimidation, threats or force. The federal conspiracy case stems from the 41-day occupation of the federal bird sanctuary in Harney County.

Eleven other defendants have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge, and seven others have a Feb. 14 trial date.

In his motion, Knight had cited the Crime Victims' Rights Act as he urged the court to offer an alternative method of viewing the trial for the alleged victims in the case. Knight also said "safety concerns,'' the travel distance to Portland, the number of alleged victims and limited seating in the courtroom would impede their ability to attend the trial.

"Failing to provide an alternative means of viewing the trial will in effect exclude the crime victims from the trial in violation'' of the Crime Victims' Rights Act, Knight wrote.”

Prosecutors withdraw motion for live feed of Bundy trial for fed employees in Burns

What's Really At Issue:

k - Virtually everything that's happened in Oregon, surrounding the imprisonment and the charges against the people taken from the community and held in isolation, without charges ­ that have been illegally carried out, under the color of state & federal laws, has finally come up for trial. But this trial of 8 defendants will be held in secret, because this “trial judge” will not allow television-coverage of this supposed trial: Judge Anna J. Brown, is presiding.

Judge Anna J. Brown

This blatant act is in total violation of the National Victims Bill of Rights, to an open or fair proceeding. That's because this Judge knows that the charges are bogus, and the supposed victims of this “CRIME” are the same individuals who should be on trial for crimes against the United States Constitution and the people of the USA. Any form of an “open or public-trial”, would clearly expose the governments of Harney County, the State of Oregon and the Federal government to a public airing of what really happened in Harney County in January & February of 2016.


Occupied Oregon


Oregon is Gone

This supposed trial is nothing but a Secret Kangaroo Court, just like the millions of such trials that sent 30 million people to their deaths in the Gulags of the USSR ­ and now the same thing is being attempted, in Oregon, to cover-up the crimes of the current U.S. Incorporated, that cannot allow an open or fair trial to proceed.

One of the issues in Oregon is the privacy of the witnesses. The entire point of giving testimony in open court is that the witnesses testifying do so because crimes were committed, and the State needs to protect those witnesses from harm.

In this instance - this series of attacks have actually been going on since the government's attack on the Bundy-family two years before in Nevada.

What's at issue here is Hillary Clinton and the Clinton-Foundation's illegal sale of one fifth of the Uranium in the U.S. to Uranium One: Those Uranium mineral rights were illegally-sold to Russia and then covered up, until the events in Oregon begin to bring all of that back into the public arena ­ which is why this fake-trial cannot become a public affair.

The supposed “crimes” committed in Oregon were against the BLM, the ATF and the FBI none of whom had any legitimate interest in anything that happened in either Nevada or Oregon ­ but both of which involved continuing government attacks upon the Bundy Family who were defending their land from illegal government seizures ­ in order for this government to seize land that was never theirs, so 'feds' could sell the mineral rights, one fifth of America's Uranium rights ­ illegally, to a foreign-owned corporation.

In this process the county, the state and the feds sent in armed thugs to intimidate the citizenry, with guns, 24 hour patrols in Burns with no-fly-zones, and with intimidation. In this process the Oregon State Police and the FBI murdered an unarmed U.S. Citizen, Lavoy Finicum on an Oregon state highway where he and some others (who are on this trial now), were on their way to meet with the sheriff of a neighboring county to obtain protection from the federal attack upon their cause, from inside the criminally-run Harney County. Interestingly the murder of Lavoy Finicum is not part of this “trial”, because the feds and the state combined their forces to assassinate him. None of those who killed him have been officially identified, because they might be hunted down and shot, if their identities are not kept secret.

The reason this trial won't be broadcast for the world to see, is that those in government that created this series of crimes might face the same fate as the mercenaries that murdered Finicum, if their part in all of this becomes public in this supposed-trial.

With all of the above said: It's time to shut down this fake-trial and arrest everyone involved with this from Dave, the appointed-Sheriff of Burns, Grasty the fake Harney-County Judge, the DA & the Oregon Attorney General together with the appointed Governor of Oregon for their criminal parts' in this blatant attempt to keep the crimes of Harney County Oregon, and Bunkerville, Nevada - from ever being exposed to the light of day.

If on the other hand the state is going to go forward with this kangaroo court proceeding ­ then the trial of this century must be held in a place where every minute of the trial and all the proceedings can be televised and witnessed by the global-public: That would be CNN, RT, BBC, plus all the state and local television outlets, in addition to every other nation that will send reporters to cover “THIS GROUNDBREAKING EVENT”.


This totally false trial must get “The O.J. Simpson Treatment.

Because this is the hijacking and murder

of the entire U.S. Just-Us System,


In this technological age every word and every testimony of everyone in this trial must be broadcast and video-taped for the entire world to see and question ­ but instead, the filth that is this government are trying to keep everything secret from the general public ­ even though this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH NATIONAL SECURITY ­


It's all about actual Justice!




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