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Murdering The New Old-World Order


By Jim Kirwan


When the Old World of Europe and the Middle East first discovered the Three America's of the New World, along with all the many native-island nations ­ the “Old -World” created their own Plunder-Game: To rape, pillage and plunder.

That global-piracy began in the 1400's or thereabouts and has been going on right up until ten years ago. In The U.S. there was a 400 year long war that was fought against the native-population. The Catholic Church sent their missionaries, with foreign troops, to enslave the natives and steal their gold. From Tierra Del Fuego, all the way up through Canada that was the path of their conquest. Millions of native peoples and many thousands of entire native-nations - simply disappeared.

The clear victor of that time was the Marauding-Colonialist-Powers - which were mostly white and were what we call 'Western society” today. “Western Civilization” has undergone some serious revisions from our most-primitive and savage beginnings, but the fact remains that along the way we have become mortally-hated by at least a third, or more, of the existing populations on the planet. This is why the current global-Jihad has been declared against Western civilization and the white race,

The hard truth and the results of the war are already known,

Which are clearly shown below in the demographics

The numbers are especially true for people with little or no education,

And no knowledge about how the modern world works today.

The Most Disturbing Video on the Islamic Invasion of Europe

You'll Ever See

It's taken over 700 years but it looks like the Pirates and Outlaws from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries are about to finally be overthrown with a vengeance and a brutal violence, seldom seen in recent history.

A Forgotten History



As the natives always knew Nature would eventually turn the wheel of life again. Now it's “Western society” that must pay for the billions of people that were so casually slaughtered so very long ago...

FULL CIRCLE - graphics

Just as the Native Americans on both continents found that they could not stop the white hoards and their weaponry from killing them: The Rabid-Jihadists now - clearly know that we can't stop them from taking over our 'nations' because we simply cannot keep up with their illegal and unstoppable immigration wars - on all the rest of us. See the 1st video above.

The only difference now is that the West has massive weapons that could stop this; but if we're dumb enough to use those weapons, then there will be no life after the bloodbath...

In the simplest of terms the savages that are invading Europe and soon are coming to America, are demanding total monetary and material support from the countries they are over-running.

Meanwhile too many of the rabid savages haven't the mental capacity to be able to 'work' at even the most menial tasks. Too many have to be trained even to work on simple assembly-lines ­ but that's a moot point as they have no interest in working, they're simply coming for the sex and the money, along with the comfort they “believe they need” without having to pay for cars, health care or anything else ­ all should be furnished to them because “they deserve it all”.

The Radical-Muslims that are coming here for what they see as “PAYBACK” don't yet know where all those Western-golden-eggs actually came from ­ nor do they know that what they want to steal is already gone forever.

They should read their own figures on the increases of their population explosion, that's already sweeping away the resources of the natural world. This condition will degrade into wars over whatever remains of the ever-shrinking-spoils until the planet will look like it had been destroyed by nuclear weapons, even if they're never used.

The Toyota Trucks will be left wherever they run out of gas.

Food & water will increasingly become major problems, but since the availability of the necessities is not sexy but is NECESSARY ­ the 'GOOD-TIME'S won't last very long at all.

The same thing is true of the oil supplies and everything that requires any maintenance. On top of that farms and ranches must be maintained, not just be the source of “stuff” that you can steal. The electric plants have to be maintained, the damns can only function if they are taken care of, but then most of you don't have electricity and apparently don't know much about anything after the candles and kerosene era, except maybe weapons ­ but no one can eat bullets.

The huge numbers of bodies you plan to use to steal Europe from the Europeans will almost immediately become the biggest problem you'll ever have: Because people in normal societies have jobs that assist the society to remain functional. When the population only consumes what they can steal, and contributes' nothing to the nation, except armies of idiot children ­ then that “nation” becomes a fourth world sewer, very rapidly.

After a couple of rounds of that, there won't be anything left to fight over, and that will be the end of life as humans tend to think about it now.

So after all the hundreds and hundreds of years and all the tortures, the rapes and murders worldwide: Is this what your Rabid-Jihad comes down to? Technically you might “win” this war only to discover that you've probably murdered the very people that could have changed your lives for the better ­ forever ­ but that was never part of anything you ever wanted to do ­ so just get on with it !


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