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Mug Shot Journalism


By Jim Kirwan


Since the Bundy-Ranch-Faceoff in April of 2014,

in which the FEDS & Nevada lost that legal-confrontation with the ranchers

in Nevada and yet the Nevada Ranchers were not charged

with anything, because to do so would have

allowed in all the evidence about their right to use their land.

Then came Oregon and their mug-shot-journalism, to supposedly cover the arrival of some of the same ranchers who came to Oregon to teach the U.S. Constitution to those people of Burns, Oregon and elsewhere who might want to know more about the facts behind the attempted occupation of Bunkerville, Nevada.

Nearly two years later, the feds followed the patriots to Oregon, accompanied by heavy armor, intimidation, road-blocks, the closing of the school, intimidation of the public supposedly to protect 'people' from those who went to the Wildlife Refugee, as a place to meet and discus what the government was doing with the Harney County Wildlife Refuge, and with the lives of the people of Burns, Oregon. What no one knew at the time was that the government ordered the people who supposedly worked at the Refuge to go home and stay there, four days before 'the patriots' arrived.

This by the way makes the government's charges about interfering with government workers into the totally bogus bullshit that it always was.

The people who went to the Refuge center in January were surprised by the unkempt mess they found there, upon arrival. So they took video of the conditions and the problems, which they documented, along with the evidence which they collected of the crimes that were being committed from the Wildlife Refuge: Like the illegal payment of $91,000.00 to a supposed volunteer that 'worked' at the refuge. The conditions of the native-American artifacts, which they found and then tried to contact the Paiute Indian-tribe to tell them about the use and conditions of those artifacts.

What Happened to All that Evidence

and to all the video's taken by the 'occupiers'?

The occupier's were not criminals or feds, they did not

specialize in the destruction of life or property,

they specialized in fixing things and making things work.

What really happened to what they collected at the Wildlife Center

During the weeks that the FEDS had absolute control

over the Center, to plant whatever evidence they needed to

insure that everyone arrested would be convicted,

Of something!

Unknown to the 'patriots' the Paiute's were only interest in the 40 million dollars they had been negotiating with the government for, in order to get their own Casino—which they got, in exchange for lying about the conditions of their 'artifacts' at the Refuge. The stenographer's at the Oregonian neglected to report on these or any of the other facts concerned with the Ambush and Assassination that took place away from public view: Instead they chose to feature mug-shots of “the armed and dangerous criminals”, that had not yet been convicted of anything ­ but their mug-shots were there on the front pages of that rag that calls itself a newspaper. Yet each and every time another body gets added to the list of the dangerous and heavily-armed criminal-occupier's ­ their mug-shot makes it to the front page of the Oregonian?

The government knows who murdered LaVoy and who exactly attacked that convoy on that deserted highway, in a criminally conceived Ambush where they fired on innocent Americans wounded one and murdered one: Yet there were no mug-shots of the filthy and badge-less-bastards that gunned down LaVoy Finicum, or of any of the two or three dozen nameless, faceless heroes that recklessly shot at people, from the trees and from the roadway, that had done NOTHING wrong.

The Oregonian needs to have it explained to them, that to slander someone with mug-shot's because they have been detained, but not charged, is still an actionable offense: And if those arrested had real lawyers they would have seen to that detail, immediately! The local television channel might want to think about what they fail to do as well: As none of the “other-organs” in Oregon have so far stressed that the people “detained” have not been convicted of anything, yet.

Here's the whole story of who committed the real crimes

in Nevada, Oregon & the Entire Western USA

The story is quoted chapter & verse in

War on America

In fact the only ones that we know have committed crimes, in this entire affair have been Dave Ward, Judge Grasty, the filthy prosecutor the State's Attorney and the governor of Oregon ­ that all should have had their mug-shot's taken and prominently displayed on page one of the paper's and in the headlines on television ­ except that their illegal promotions were the point behind this whole exercise, so of course that will NEVER happen!

What you and I will be looking at in the next few years will be months of lies, desperation and deceptions on all fronts, until the senior member of the Hammond Family finally dies in prison, and the rest of those arrested have been allowed to molter into silence in solitary confinement while the world moves on, and the murderers go free, without ever-even having their so-called names smeared by that yellow-journalistic rag the Oregonian.

Of course the Oregonian ought to have it's license to publish REVOLKED for this obscenity! But then Obama and Clinton and all the rest of them ought to be awaiting their deaths, in “a secure-location” but as “Everybody Knows” no one who is properly-criminal, ever goes to jail in this rat-hole, much less will any real criminal ever have to pay with their lives for whatever they decide to do...


That you'll never see printed in Yellow-Amerikan Journalism

or on the lying boob-tube

Unless either Trump wins, or you grow a pair

and force everything to change.

I'm just waiting for the day when the thugs in uniforms

digest the facts below because they will absolutely freak out!


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