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Mysterious Monuments
Or Crimes Against Humanity?

By Jim Kiran


Georgia Guidestones

In June of 1979, a man going by the pseudonym of R.C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company with the task of building a monument. He said that no one was to ever know his true identity or that of the group that he was representing. He seemed to have an endless supply of money to fund the project and by the terms of the legal contract all plans had to be destroyed after completion and all information about him withheld from the public.

Apparently no one seems interested in seriously removing this obscenity, which begs the question - “Why Not?

Given that so much of the cultural heritage of America's literal history is now under siege?

And since so much of our history is under attack why are Americans not outraged about those who planned these current Global Wars that have descended on the planet, beginning with Albert Pike?

There are many statues of this traitor, yet none of them

have been targeted by the snowflakes

because Pike was the inspiration

behind Political Correctness in the 1930's!

At the core of all the hate that's on the rise internationally is the imposter-state of Israel, headed by their Criminally-Kazarian-leadership as they push the world toward “The Greater State of Israel”

That's been behind all the global crime,

since before World War One.

America has been under siege since Woodrow Wilson gave away the U.S. Treasury and created the League of Nations, to conquer the separate governments in the world ­ but that failed: Only to come back to life, as the UN thanks to Dirty Harry Truman, who gave Israel to the world via the Balfour agreement at the end of WWII. Truman also gave us the illegal CIA, - including the Korean-Police-Action that 's creating the continuing hell of yesterday and today.

Billions of people have died since US Inc took over the Disunited States, both before and after JFK, who paid with his life, for trying to stop the Treason that we live in today—worldwide. This latest farce was attested to yesterday in Trump's latest Israeli designed policy, supported by Saudi Arabia, and the ISIS forces that we created; which have now replaced Trump's campaign pledges with the current Clinton Cabinet, with everyone that is, except Hillary & Obama, that are both still freely prosecuting every man, woman and child in America—because no one's gone to jail, not to mention that no one's been charged with TREASON ­ and now according to Trump, no one will ever face any consequences for decades of treason: As Trump is only promising the world “war, war & lots more war” in the coming living hell that began with GWH Bush in 1991, in Iraq, which continues to this day.

Trump lied to the public about the depth of his connections to Israel, before during and after the selection of 2016 ­ and now just six months after his election he's made his continuing treason's clear to the entire war torn world.

No one is talking about how many people, the world over, have had their lives and nations destroyed by the U.S. in the now over 200 years of non-stop war, that we've inflicted upon the planet. Billions upon billions have been slaughtered, fire-bombed and nuked, the world over, and no one has dared to stand up in the face of this obscenity except the dead, that have mostly been forgotten.

Trump failed yesterday to correctly name Iraq as America's longest war that's lasted for over 26 years while Afghanistan, which he cited, has only lasted 17 years. The arrogant ignorance of Trump also re-endorsed all the worn out generals and the bankrupt war-hawks that have been failing this nation since the Korean War that represents nothing, but more and more unending wars across the planet...

Trump applauded “American troops”, while failing to mention the colossal number of displaced and slaughtered people who died in their own countries under American outlaws, that have been trying to bring “Regime Change” to hundreds of places that have never threatened the US in any way, except to dare to exist in their own nations, under their own laws, which we destroy by overpowering preemptive strikes—unless of course those targeted nations have arms and can actually defend themselves, because then we always back down.

In Afghanistan we want the Opium, the oil and the precious rare-earth-elements which that country is imbued with, which is why we will never leave Afghanistan, in our latest move we are planning to privatize the war to save the embarrassment of losing to that nation after 17 years of war.

In Iraq, we did not attack them until after we had destroyed their air-force and all their heavy weapons, whereas in Iran, Syria, Russia and China, we have yet to directly attack those nations, full-on, because the outcome is not completely certain... In the end America will have to pay for what we've done to the world for over 200 years, because life & death consequences are an integral part of life, regardless of who commits the crimes.

The slaughter of billions of victims cannot continue to be ignored.

If the snowflakes, the Traitors & the Communists decide to blow up or destroy the monument in the Black Hills, or the Lincoln Memorial, or any of the other bits of American History, which offend them, they should be aware that those who initiate these crimes will pay for what they've done, and not necessarily “in kind”. Once the dogs of war are loosed, it will be much harder to contain them, until 'that hatred 'has run its full & ugly course.

However the anonymous Georgia Guidestones is an entirely other matter.

The American public has been used & abused for all these Crimes Against Humanity. In America the public is finally angry, so the same-old-lies will no longer work—something which this fake-government is about to experience first hand, up close and personal: Quite possibly before the end of this year.