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Morgellons Nanotechnology Now Inside Most Everyone

Sending-Receiving Nano Fibers And Nano Devices Inside Your Body
Psychotronic Mass Mind Control Via Cell Towers,
The New 5G, Smart Phones, Satellites, TVs And Chemtrails

By Jeff Rense
Exclusive To

Take a close look at the FOIA ‘leak' about mass mind control at the top of rense or click  Here .  It looks like someone with a conscience leaked it. 

This is s perfect match for the 30 years I've been watching and studying EMF and the psychotronic stealth move to TOTAL control. Here is your answer as to why Europe essentially laid down and allowed the arabs and black Africans to be forced on them. The controllers are also lacing foods, especially dairy products, with ‘feel good' warm and fuzzy oxytocin.  Search it on rense. 

From GWEN to satellites to ground stations, the entire cellular grid, and the ELECTRIC grid…all of these are platforms are and can be used NOW to emit control frequencies that interface with these 'Morgellons' nano-tech machines now in the human body. 

The controllers KNEW where this electronic mind control was going beginning with the work of Delgado in the 1950s. They knew that it would all be achievable via EMF delivery.  I suspect these self-replicating Morgellons nano machine technologies and devices they have put in perhaps 100% of all Western people may not necessarily be of human origin.  There may be some off-planet collusion. 

I've done over 50 programs on Morgellons usually with the heroic Morgellons sufferer and citizen scientist, Jan Smith.  We've presented and posted hundreds of photos (and videos) of nano fibers and other nano devices...most of which Jan extracted from lesions on her own body.   She became extremely proficient with her microscope and learned to photograph these nightmares under high resolution and then began making her own videos of them.  Her website, The House That Morgellons Built, has been inactive for years now and has been stripped of virtually every photograph and video that used to be there.  I have not been able to contact this extremely brave and fearless woman for a number of years now and I fear the worst has happened.  As it does to so many Morgellons sufferers over time.  

These extremely advanced and sophisticated nano devices, or ‘machines', are now very likely infecting (infesting) all humans and animals by now.  Means of dispersal into humans, and all living things, range from chemtrails, to drinking water to the air you breathe and by eating common food - which has been shown to be loaded with these microscopic nano fibers. The fibers have even been found in fast food 'chicken nuggets ' 

I know, personally, people who are infested.  I have seen the fibers moving with my own eyes. These nano ‘machines' take many forms and colors and somehow, we believe, connect and interact with human chromosomes and DNA. And the human brain. These devices receive and send information. The control of human kind is now essentially complete 

When the fibers - and other forms - get close to the surface of the skin, they cause agonizing itching and pain. More than a few Morgellons victims are said to have committed suicide over the grief. Furthermore, to this date, I know of not a SINGLE autopsy done on an advanced Morgellons victim. All the bodies are cremated, whether the family approves of not.

I am now going to show you some images, most of which came from the heroic work of my friend Jan Smith who spent years extracting, photographing and cataloging the bizarre devices she extracted from her beleaguered body.

The first photo is of a massive clump of nano fibers extracted from the one of the Morgellons lesions on Jan's body. This is not photoshop or a joke.  

This is a prime visual example of Morgellons fibers.  Remember, these fibers are ‘alive' in the sense that they MOVE and operate under intelligent control
of some kind.  I repeat, they are self-replicating, internal, nano-based, piezo-electric (?) control devices that receive and send information interfacing with one or more of the following platforms... satellites, cell towers, the electric wiring in your home, GWEN, the van parked down the block, and HAARP.   And then there is 5G…which will obviously be a primary means of interacting with Morgellons machines once deployed. 

Below is a typical new, ‘budding' skin lesion with nano fibers...

These fibers all MOVE in the bodies of those who are infested.  It is an agonizing situation to have to face…especially when doctors
tell the sufferers that they are suffering from Delusional Parasitosis.    

The following copyrighted images are of things Jan removed from her own body. She was completely penetrated by ‘machines' like these…she was almost a ‘factory' for them.   She had to have both knees replaced and in each case (months apart) the surgeons came to her afterward and asked her if she had any idea why the center of her knee joints were loaded with countless thousands of tiny colored fibers.  You can go back in our Program Archives and hear Jan talking about her battle with Morgellons and the shameful rejections she suffered by scientists and the medical community.

Yes, the following below items, also from Jan's body, are ILLUMINATED by some kind of nano tech piezo-electric interface likely using the human body's own electric energy to power these tiny devices.

Again, the following nano machines were all removed from Jan's skin lesions. Note the commonly found hexagonal shapes that are easily observable. 

And I repeat...they ARE illuminated and glowing with light...

This next one is amazing. A hexagonal nano machine FOLDED UP and then UNfolded on the far right to reveal a glowing golden surface...

This one below was also pulled out of an open skin lesion on her body. You can see some kind of an ID number that this mass grew on its own surface. 

These gray masses are often called ‘plaques' and are always found in Morgellons skin lesions. I believe these items can and are found throughout the bodies of all Morgellons victims 

It is also believed by many that these skin lesions (that do not scab over and heal) may be an effort by the body's immune system to expel the nano devices out through the skin. Notice the large number of fibers easily visible in this (and all) plaques.

Some typical skin lesions in advance Morgellons victims...

Fibers growing out of the skin on this person...

These fiber machines also take over hairs and begin growing in their place…all shown at the following site
http://www.morgellons- morgellonsinfection.htm
Since these fake ‘hairs' MOVE, they drive people up the walls with constant itching and the  sensation of the fibers moving in the scalp.  As I said earlier, there have been more than a few suicides from Morgellons infestations…
Do a Search for 'Jan Smith' and  ‘Morgellons' on for more...