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A National Monument To High Treason
"Monument National Park"

By Jim Kirwan

This is the 500,000 acre ‘Monument National Park’

Which Obamanation just created

That permanently opens the Southern Border of the US to Mexico, which is now totally unguarded

With this act the resident traitor in the Oval Office has violated his obligation to faithfully enforce the laws of the United States, specially the laws regarding the protection of all US Borders.

Let’s take this recent land grab for instance. Despite vigorous opposition from local New Mexico residents, the New Mexico Sheriff’s and Southwest Border Sheriff’s association, retired border patrol agents, border security experts, and politicians, Obama is poised to plow past total opposition & sign SB-1805 on Wednesday May 21, 2014.”

Kirwan: Which he did!

There have been media blackouts, closed door congressional/Senate hearings which opponents were excluded from, and due to local New Mexico opposition from residents, Obama cronies bussed in protestors to demonstrate for the bill.

This land grab is blatantly lawless —- almost reaching a level of insanity when you consider the government’s tactics in getting it done despite extreme opposition.”

The entire point of the New Mexico land grab is to provide a 500,000 acre corridor on the border, opening a massive hole in the 100 mile constitution-free zone (That area where the constitution no longer applies in the United States).

If the government gets away with this the same excuse will then be used to open new holes in the border at any point where the land meets the ocean, so that additional illegal invasions can be facilitated from the sea into the continental United States. This act totally destroys the whole idea of America’s Borders or being able to defend the country from anything that our enemies decide that they can now use to invade the country!

Drugs, Guns and Troops can come and go unimpeded, thanks to the unindicted “resident” in the Oval Office.

This is what failing to act has brought this nation to, along with this illegal WAR upon every man woman and child in America!

The above article was written about 3 weeks ago,

That nightmare has come true. There are two videos at this link, to something that could have been much worse.

Another view of these events…

Attempted Bomb attack Nogales, AZ power station

Radioactive material stolen from lab in Mexico, 3 days ago

A device containing radioactive substances was stolen from a government research facility and authorities are working to track it down, Mexico's No. 2 official said.

"We have the report regarding the theft of this material and the alerts and protocol we follow in these cases have already been implemented," Government Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong told reporters after speaking at a conference of state law enforcement chiefs and attorneys general.

Exposure to the cesium-37 and americium-beryllium inside the stolen piece of equipment is not likely to cause permanent injury, the central government said in an alert distributed to authorities in Mexico City and the states of Mexico, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Guerrero, Michoacan, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and Veracruz.

A group of armed men grabbed the device Sunday night during an assault on a National Construction Laboratory warehouse in Tultitlan, Mexico state.

Handling the material without proper safeguards or spending an extended period in close proximity to the radioactive substances could result in temporary health problems, according to the bulletin.

Last December, armed robbers stole a truck transporting cobalt-60 from a hospital in the northwestern border city of Tijuana to a radioactive waste storage center.

Mexican authorities located the truck and the radioactive material days later and arrested six people in connection with the heist.

None the suspects suffered any effects of radiation exposure and officials found no trace of contamination at the site where the truck was recovered. EFE”

If we had a secure US Border with Mexico then maybe none of this could have happened. But thanks to the new “Monument National Park’ in New Mexico, the 500,000 acres of the park insures that the door to the interior of the United States has been permanently left unguarded and today it is wide open.

The unindicted traitor in the White House has been busy insuring that the US will be going back into Iraq for the third time: Which is probably why he decided to create this treason when he did, just three weeks ago so as not to interfere with his plans to wreck the Middle East.


First the 500,000 acre park was created. Second - The chemicals necessary for the creation of a dirty bomb were stolen from a technical lab in Mexico. The thieves are still at large. Third ­ There was an attempt to blow up a power sub-station in Nogales, AZ on the border with Mexico.

Had that attempt been successful it would have taken out all the electrical systems in the city and the surrounding region. This would have left the entire area unprotected. If this was a dirty bomb, it’s still unclear as to what would have happened to the 30,000 ­ to 34,000 people in and around Nogales. Traffic and monitoring of anyone in the area, including any police activity would have been compromised.

None of this needed to happen, but it did.

Do you think that the opening of The Monument National Park along the border shown on the map at the top of the page needed to happen? Oh and where did the money come from to create a 500,000 acre National Park in the middle of nowhere unless of course this plan is what makes possible the unobstructed invasion of the United States of America…

Terrorists after all will need to have facilities to serve them on their way west, north and east, to whichever destination they will be assigned to. Their phones might need to recharged, they need rest rooms, somewhere to have a comfortable meal while they change their license plates and the hook up with whichever gang will be taking them to their new lives in a now totally undefended America.

Oh yes! And all of this, including the creation of the open-door national-park, has happened within just the last thirty days—now THAT ladies and gentlemen is government efficiency at its very finest!


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