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Monolithic Barbarity
As Created by Global Zionism

By Jim Kiran


Slavery” has been with mankind for thousands of years and even long before Ancient Rome. But if you've been indoctrinated by Anti-fa, you might think that slavery was something that was created by White Supremacists in the United States to crush the Black population.

What many might not know is that the Slave trade in Africa had been well under way since even before Ancient Egypt. In The New World slave trafficking was spearheaded by the Zionists who owned the slave-ships that brought the slaves to the New-World. Some might also have missed the fact that the Zionists were also the driving force behind the Democratic-party hatred of the Blacks, while they were claiming to protect the Blacks from political repression along with the torture and hangings that accompanied their savagery, that marked the race-wars in the Deep South by the KKK and others. The obvious farce of this completely backward-stance is illustrated above.

Consequently to blame every white person in America for slavery is an obscenity, especially since Anti-fa has been well aware of the truth since the 1930's when they got their totally-twisted political start with the Franklin Institute in the soon to be Hitler's Germany.

The Zionist disease has been an apartheid-parasite that's ridden on the backs of so many of “the political-ism's “ all the way down through history, that their entire charade has become clear—is it not time to lay the blame where it belongs?

'Communism,Socialism, Marxist ideology, Bolshevism

and dozens of minor cults have all come down to Zionism'.

Try the points in this document.

Then ask yourself how many of these points were reached

and long since have been passed?


Beyond what we are all facing now are all the lies

that are the basis of virtually everything

that Soros & his Zionist-apartheid state are trying to create,

but there is one impediment that will stop them cold.


... The supreme law of the land is the Constitution, and it is clear:  no federal or state law, statute, code, or policy can exist that violates or undermines any part of the Constitution. Anything that does, is unlawful and has no authority over citizens.  The reason for America’s obscenely immoral Congress is because they have abandoned and hated the idea of truth animating all government laws and actions.  Let us always remember that truth is the union between a people and their government.  Truth is the life force behind all law, and the U.S. Constitution; it is the substance of contracts; it is the light guiding man’s righteous claim and defense of his inalienable rights; it is the spirit of a responsible and benevolent self-government. Truth is the soul of justice, the shape of love, and the sound of peace. But sadly the corruption of man, his lusts, and selfish pride reject this principle in exchange for the shifting sands of pleasure and popular opinion. 

The recent US-Russian sanctions bill is a prime example.  Currently the U.S. Congress is fast-tracking a Russian sanctions bill (S.341 - Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017 sponsored by Senator Lindsay Graham; and  H.R.3364 - Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act sponsored by Rep. Royce, Edward R. [R-CA-39]).   Besides being an act of war according to international law, this sanctions bill is in no way based on truth, facts, or accurate intelligence; nor is it supported by human intelligence reports, evidence, sworn testimony, or forensic investigations.  To the contrary, it is based entirely on false information, propaganda, and lies—and the Russians know this.  As a result, the Russian-American struggle has not only re-awakened, but is rallying the rest of the world against the United States foreign policy.  

By ignoring truth when making law, Congress destroys both.  Without truth, there is no semblance of government authority, there is only the tyranny of DEEP STATE bureaucrats who channel fear to continue their power.  One of the key elements is the UNCONSTITUTIONALITY of this law, which even President Trump tweeted about—and therefore has jeopardized himself because of his signing it. Technically speaking, now Trump  can be impeached for violating his oath to uphold the Constitution.  By signing this law, which he has admitted is unconstitutional, he has inadvertently undermined it—which is a crime for a politician. 

Yet inevitably, truth wins out in the end.  We now see in The Nation that the VIPS group (veteran intelligence professionals for sanity) comprised of Ray McGovern, Bill Binney, Thomas Drake, and others, have technically proven what sensible people have been saying for over a year:  That there was no external penetration or hack into the Democrat National Committee computer servers.  Instead there was an inside leak, and the data was downloaded from the computers by an external device like a thumb drive, disc, or backup drive.  It was not invaded by an electronic hacker operating from a distant foreign country, cackling from the locked basement of his parents’ house... “

THE RISE AND FALL OF GIANTS: US Russian VISA Suspension Begins the Next Cold War

If we look to ISIS, one of the other creations financed by US taxpayers, we can see the truth. What is totally astounding is the fact that Amerikans cannot seem to associate the destruction of antiquities throughout the world with the latest plague upon the statues throughout American history over the misplaced and misbegotten trip which Anti-fa is determined to lay on White males and the privileged few, regardless of the truth.

In Europe we will no doubt begin to see more attacks upon European culture like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Churches to make room for more mosques, and no doubt the Vatican: All of that is to go with the ever-growing destruction of thousands of small towns, across Europe and inside small-town America, with their idea of ending Western civilization.

This has become crystal clear with every color-revolution, paid for and promoted by Soros, that has done its best to lay waste to civilization, to languages, and civilized behavior wherever it is vulnerable and wherever they think might be the weakest points to begin their savage brutality compounded by rape and murder unending ­ and AMERIKAN'S can't make these blatant connections between ANITIFA and what's going on here and now in the US ­ which is trying to mask their filth under the guise of what they say is universal-slavery, coupled by “our' supposed hatred for every race that is not white—such childish crap, without a grain of truth!

If this filth has such a wonderful way of life, where are their accomplishments of any kind? What have any of them done for the rest of humanity, of any color, anywhere on earth? Creating baby-factories for dozens of babies that other people will have to pay for and raise, is not an industry, especially when they teach their toddlers how to kill, behead and deliver or use their suicide vests, as “the best way to live”?

Anyone can destroy anything that annoys them, if the people these statues and civilizations represent have no defenders ­ and that's always been true. I was watching a WWII film about the Allied invasion of Europe, and I wondered when will this fake-army of savages begin their attacks on the military graveyards scattered throughout Europe?

Neither Statues, gravestones or buildings can fight back, they represent
ideas, and ideas cannot be destroyed with bullets or sledgehammers

Something we'll need to reteach these barbarians...

If any of us want to survive!

At the same time I have to wonder when the people of Europe and the USA are going to finally arm themselves and take these bastards out, either by sending them back to where they came from or ending their obscenities of their lives, before they can do more damage to everything that they have not worked to create.