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Mocking The Truth


By Jim Kirwan


Hillary has always stood for critically-twisting the truth

Since she and Bill took center-stage in American politics decades ago.

This latest outrage surrounding the murder of four people in Libya, is just barely the tip of the politically pitch-black iceberg that’s been her farcical political life. She must be arrested and held for the missing evidence that has apparently disappeared: Concerning everything that happened during the events in Bengasi.

As far as who ought to “examine” the emails, that’ not a mystery either. That’s why the government created special prosecutors, Independent Inspector’s General that legally answer to congress and the public with their findings: Within the few days it will take to locate the many criminally missing days of email surrounding the events in Bengasi. That’s if those emails still supposedly exist.

Clinton’s accounts and holdings need to be frozen, both their passports taken and both Clinton’s need to be “officially held in prison” while everything to do with their illegalities are examined, along with the books of their ‘fake-foundation’ as well as their openly criminal activities that both Hillary and Bill have used their political offices repeatedly, to shield them both, from the open prosecutions they both deserve.


Crying Wolf to Justify Sanctions

Sanctions are the New Millennium’s real Vultures that continue to prey on any state that dares to defy total surrender to ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, anywhere on the planet. This continuing farce of “Crying Wolf” (the West has already done this over forty-times) in regard to “Russia’s supposed invasion of Ukraine” ­ none of which has included any evidence whatsoever: just like WMD obscenity in Iraq. But that hasn’t stopped the lies from coming just as “fast & furious” as have been the criminal activities throughout Israel and USI, who are becoming impatient with their own colossal missteps both military and political, of late.

The larger problems inherent in the universality of SANCTIONS is now turning whole nations into ‘fake-felon-states that can be accused of crimes, without ‘hearings’ before the clearly-biased eyes of our semi-comatose world.

Sanctions have become the weapon of choice now for several decades, because it’s cheaper than war and supposedly “ethical”, when the truth is that ‘sanctions’ are unethical and illegal according to the rules of war, which the USA was more than just instrumental in creating at Nuremberg.

In Iran for instance that country has not attacked another nation in over 300 years, yet USI and Israel have created a pile of lies-unending, which according to them, now see Iran as a bloodthirsty outlaw regime that can’t wait to start blowing up the planet with nuclear weapons: All the while refusing to acknowledge that Israel already has the nukes to do what they are accusing Iran of, and Israel has had that mindset in place since before Israel was ‘born’. Israel’s already targeted the world’s major cities with their nukes, and USI is fallen to the world’s second largest nuclear power, behind Russia.

This constant daily barrage of ‘crying wolf’ over and over and over again, with absolutely no proof whatsoever that anything that’s been said by the lunatic heading NATO, who ought to be confined to an asylum for the criminally insane, instead of being allowed to scream “THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING” to anyone he can force to listen to his irrational ramblings.



All this hysteria was designed to mask the real policies that were designed to seize whatever the outlaws want, without openly going to war to steal whatever they’ve targeted from the beginning of this farce.

USI and Israel have contributed bigtime by bringing UN and NATO in, to further destabilize the global situation by crying “WOLF” where no real danger exists: While totally ignoring every action which both Israel and USI continue to do while they lie about it all - in order to force the continuation of WWII and beyond…

Regarding this, here’s a FOX News story with no proof of anything that is alleged:

On Tuesday, Fox News Channel aired a segment featuring Robert H. Scales, a former United States Army major general, who shared his own plan to settle the Ukrainian crisis. The recipe is simple: kill the alleged Russian soldiers roaming eastern Ukraine. Scales acknowledged that an ongoing deployment of American troops to Eastern Europe is unlikely to change the situation and did not elaborate on who is supposed to eliminate the fabled Russian servicemen: Ukrainian troops or American GIs.

READ MORE: US, NATO say no evidence of new 'Russian invasion' of Ukraine

The interview ran as follows:

Fox News: 3,000 US troops deploying to Eastern Europe, some armor will be going with them, apparently. To what effect and what do you expect?

Robert H. Scales: I think to no effect. It’s game, set and match in Ukraine. The only way the United States can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is start killing Russians. Killing Russians by… Killing so many Russians that even Putin’s media can’t hide the fact that Russians are returning to their motherland in body bags. But given the amount of support we’ve given to the Ukrainians and given the ability of Ukrainians themselves to counterattack against 12,000 Russians camped in their country ­ sadly, that’s not likely to happen.

Read more US govt issues logistics support tender for 300 military personnel in Ukraine

America’s Fox News has been ranked the most trusted network in the US, according to a recent poll by Quinnipiac University.

In an op-ed for fellow News Corp. outlet the Wall Street Journal published on February 18, Scales called on to the Obama administration to begin sending the “lethal defensive weapons” Ukraine needs “to defend itself from further incursions by Russian troops and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.”

The US Army should also provide the Kiev authorities with American-made Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) and train Ukrainian troops to operate them to hunt down Russian “command-and-control facilities and armored vehicles.” BTW: this article came from RT: http://rt.com/usa/239633-scales-ukraine-kill-russians/ reporting on what FOX News is still putting out today…

k: What is clear from the above stunt is that it is impossible for the West to believe that the people in East Ukraine have kicked the ass of the American-affiliated criminals that are now running Kiev.

While it’s true that volunteers have come from many countries to fight against the Nazi’s, the Right-Sector, the Israeli’s and American’s as well as many volunteers from other nations, (the real reason for the face masks) ­ the problem for Ukraine is that they’ve lost twice: Now as they’re preparing to lose for the third and final time to the forces in the world that have had enough of everything that’s happened since we left the twentieth century behind us all. That’s the real reason for the rush that the West, the EU, NATO and the UN are so desperately trying to create, while they overlook every positive, in their fake tidal wave against Vladimir Putin.

Ironically the ‘west’ can’t admit the truth about the basic inferiority of their supposed invincibility that’s been shamed over and over and over again ­ by volunteers and not by some invisible Russian military.

Despite what Victoria Nuland and her traitors-in­waiting continue to say, the world is finally about to see that the only “force” that needs to be sanctioned and condemned by the rest of the planet belongs to her and all of her superiors.



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