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Miscommunications & Lies

By Jim Kirwan


When ‘Justice’ is ignored Tyranny thrives.


When the concepts behind the symbols of Justice are allowed to be held by only ‘The State’, then “justice” becomes “Just-Us” for the state. That’s what is happening inside the US, triggered by what began in Ferguson Missouri.

The State has decided that the only Just-Us that can be allowed to exist is whatever United States Incorporated says it is: Nothing else will be allowed to exist in this Police State that too many still believe is not a real fact.

Several have written about yesterday’s article and of course some were very angry.

Reader: “What a blind idiot you are. You do not care about the facts of what happened that day. Had the thug Mike Brown not strong armed the store owner and stolen the cigars to make blunts with, walked down the middle of a public street and decided to fight with a police officer and take his gun he would be alive today. That's right alive. This teenage thug went looking for a fight with a cop and lost and you can't see that.”

k: The report of the event in the store had not reached ‘the officer’ at the time of the shooting. The problem with this officer was that he was not acting as a private citizen. He had a taser and did not attempt to “stop” the situation from becoming deadly. But since the officer was not cross-examined about his actions that day, even though that was supposedly the point of the Grand Juries examinations, much of what actually happened we may never know.

R: Justice is not dead. In fact justice has been served. And all these morons who are out there burning, looting and destroying the property of others do not give a damn about Mike Brown. If they respected him at all they would not be behaving worse than animals. These welfare idiots have no respect for anyone and you must be the same way.

Thankfully opinions like yours are in the minority. You belong with the rest of the brain dead idiots that are out there.”

Sadly the reader watches way too many government generated lies which pass today for ‘the news’. He’s drunk the Kool-aide and bought the lies about welfare animals that can’t hold a candle to the Corporate Welfare that has already destroyed this nation. Corporate Welfare outweighs ordinary welfare by something like ten-thousand to one, yet this fact does not seem to ever enter into the racial incidents that continue to happen across the land.

What Really Happened that day in Ferguson ­ Will we ever know the whole story?

Everyone once had the right to their own opinion, back in the day when we still believed that we had a country, on whatever was going on in this place. But that time is dead and gone. Today there is only one opinion that’s allowed to survive and that is something that is and was contrived by the corporate mobsters who run USI.

People need to remember that the whole idea behind appointing the Grand Jury, in this case, was to examine all the facts: Including the surviving officer who pulled the trigger. Was that done?

The Grand Jury decided what it decided. What most people don’t know is that “Grand Juries” are a wholly owned body directed by the Prosecuting Attorney in the region where the incident happened. If the country was interested in making certain that their investigations were complete then a federal version could be launched: Except that the feds were and still are behind every official-decision which triggered yesterday’s riots in the first place.

The system is and has always been imperfect. However what transpired in this case was a travesty, because the event itself was never treated with dispatch by the government at every level. Taking three and half months to decide whether or not to have a trial at all is what infuriated the public, the country and the people most directly affected which is why riots broke out in over ninety cities around the nation.

Many wanted the ordinary people to behave as if they had not seen what apparently happened. But Ferguson, Missouri was not a courtroom, it was just another city where there were no rules to govern the behavior of their own cops. If that officer was so afraid for his life, then he was in the wrong profession. Darren Wilson forgot that he was there not to be judge, jury and executioner: He was then in uniform to protect the public from harm. To that end he should have used his taser and failing that he could have disabled Michael Brown, so that he would remain alive in order to stand trial for whatever he would have been charged with. Had that happened, no one would have died and all that damage done by throngs of angry people would most likely not have happened.

The badge, the taser and the gun bring with them much greater responsibility than most, or even many officers, ever consider to be present in every interaction with the general public.

But police departments all over this nation now practice total immunity for all their brain-dead enforcers, while they freely beat torture and murder many of those they decide to “arrest” ­ without any charges being made against the victims of police violence.

This was a core issue in this case, which is a major part of what fueled the fury across this country over this totally one sided “investigation” which apparently omitted a tough cross-examination of the officer who pulled the trigger: Or did they?

The issue at issue in Ferguson is whether or not every person in this country is bound by the same laws. Since 12-12-2000 and the appointment of George W. Bush—this has never been the case.


Police Brutality & the Militarization Protocol


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